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Adding lots of files to playlist at once (Very slow)

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  • Adding lots of files to playlist at once (Very slow)

    What's up with file adding in WA5 ?
    I added a little over 10,000 files and it took some 5 minutes to load 'em all
    WA2 did that in less than a minute

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    It's because WA5 is reading all the metadata (tags) from the files as you add them. You can fiddle with various options relating to this in Prefs > General > Titles, and also Prefs > General > Media Library.


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      But I had Winamp 2 (.81) reading them too


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        I experienced the exact same problem myself. I have around 1300 songs, and WA5 RC8 crashed if I tried to add them all at once. It would sit forever, then go to not responding. I was forced to add about 200 at a time, which was a major annoyance. I too had no problems with Winamp 2.91 which I was using previously.

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          i dont have problems with it, it works fine for me ... but it's a little slower, that's true.


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            The best thing to do is to have all the songs in the Media Library and add them to the playlist from there. That way you just have to load the metadata once.
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              System specs? Windows OS?
              Concurrently running apps?

              Where are you adding them?
              In the playlist or library?
              Can't reproduce the problem in either btw...

              Does it happen in both classic & modern skin mode?

              Might also need to examine new default settings in Prefs -> Library
              (assuming you installed it?)

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