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  • Winamp5 Forums README (short!)

    Winamp5 is better than Winamp 2 and Winamp3. Winamp 5 is an update of Winamp2 (Winamp 2+Winamp3=Winamp5). If you want Winamp 2, download Winamp5 and don't install all the new stuff, or use Classic Skin. It will have the same CPU usage and memory footprint. For all old Winamp versions (1,2,3,and 5), visit this site.

    New in 5:
    Modern Skin Support
    Global Hotkey Support
    Signal Processor Studio
    Sonic Ripping/Burning Support
    AAC Encoding
    MP3 Encoding (Pro only)

    Cool plugins can be found here <-- 1337 SITE

    Want a feature? Check the preferences first to make sure it's not there. Also look at your DirectSound preferences (Plugins> Output> DirectSound output> Configure). This applies to all plugins (especially DrO's plugins).

    Winamp3 and WAC components are no longer supported. Winamp3 has become Wasabi.Player. For Winamp3 plugins, contact the component author and ask them to port it. Do NOT contact Nullsoft.

    Winamp3 stuff for 5: Queueing, Sidecar (not done), Autoplay

    Winamp 2.xx plugins are supported.
    Winamp 2.xx skins are supported.
    Winamp3 skins are supported (in theory, some are glitchy, you guessed it - author).

    Winamp Pro costs money because to pay for the licensing costs of LAME MP3 encoder and the CD ripping. If you don't want it, don't buy it, and don't complain. Thank you.

    Old Winamp shareware payments are no longer accepted because Winamp5 Pro is not an update of Winamp. This is the closest thing to an official reply from Nullsoft.

    Winamp5 is only available for Windows systems (Linux and Macintosh not supported).

    The best skin is MMD3 (more skins here, here (WA2), and here (WA3) Google Directory!).

    If your answer isn't here, try searching.
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    Very good A couple comments:

    ~You might want to be more clear in the Winamp3 stuff for 5 section. Reading that almost made me think that the features you listed are a part of Winamp 5. (Yes I know, they're links, but we need to make this as newbie friendly as possible )Maybe put "Plug-ins" in parenthesis, just to clarify it a bit.

    ~Even though it IS almost a universal opinion now, it still is a little square to say that MMD3 is the best Winamp Modern skin. Maybe say "a very good skin" instead, but that's not a biggie.

    ~And at that section, instead of putting (WA2) and (WA3) in parenthesis, how-a-bout putting (Winamp Classic) and (Winamp Modern) respectively. Again, just to prevent confusion.


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      btw, why isn't this pinned?


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        he's not a mod
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          I knew that.

          The smiley isn't there just to take up space you know.


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            Oh, well, I tried. Guess we'll be answering those same questions over and over...


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              very good Edge!
              and I agree. I think a mod should improve this (if neccecery(sp??)) and then pin it. might stop some ppl from asking..

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                Nice compilation of answers.
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                  the winamp2 and winmp3 skins links are down...


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                    Yes, they moved the sites to /waclassic and /wamodern. I'll contact the admin, and ask about getting it stickied.