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Winamp 5.01 is good.

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  • Winamp 5.01 is good.

    I read about certain people having problems with Winamp v5.01 on modern day systems. What is the deal with this? Winamp 5 runs just as fast as v2 did on my system, if not faster. Plays the music perfectly, and streams audio/video perfectly as well. Not one single crash on this end and I have been using it constantly for weeks. I would say that the folks that are having skipping problems on their 3ghz machines should really look into a format and reload as something other than Winamp is causing their problems.

    On a side note, I did notice one small installation problem with v5.01. That px.dll error that people have been having in the past half way through the install. I had MS Digital Photo Studio installed and this program was causing the problem with the Winamp install. Just a heads up to someone out there that may be having the same problem.

    My specs:

    P3 1Ghz
    Nvidia TNT2 32MB
    80MB HD
    ASUS CUV4X Mainboard
    SB Live! Value

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    I guess some people just don't know how to use a computer that well and do silly things like install their apps when other apps are open etc.

    I also have a 1GHz system (Athlon tbird however) under Win2000 Server. 5.01 installed perfectly and runs great.


    asus a7v133
    1ghz athlon tbird
    512 mb ram
    geforce mx


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      Have winamp3 running on my 500MhZ, TNT2, 128meg system running (well, now 1300MhZ, but it's virtually the same performance), it runs perfect.

      Now I'm running Winamp5 on ma 2.7GhZ, 512-444meg, and it doesn"'t skip anything, even if my memory is full.


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        PIII 533Mgz
        256MB RAM
        64MB video

        WA 5.01 runs just perfect! :P


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          My computer sucks ass and I'm having no problems at all. I mean, come on, I have a freakin Voodoo 3 and an AMD Duron. You just don't get any shittier than that.


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            thumbs up from me as well....... I've had 5.01 running continuously on two different machines for two weeks and neither has crashed once (or had any other problems)