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  • ml_www

    Does anybody herr knows where it is?
    It seams has it didn't make it out in 5.02.

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    you know, someone _could_ code their own now the ml sdk is out there.


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      Dextro: DJ Egg dropped the news a while ago

      CraigF: If I knew diddly squat about programming, I probably would have been working on it all weekend. I'd love to see that thing out there and working, from what I've heard. I hope someone picks it up and does something great with it.
      eric is awesome


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        i just think its a little overhyped. there is lots of room for additional development, and what is there is pretty much just a basis to add onto anyway. however, since its not actively developed, its pretty much easier to say someone else should just write something similar.


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          I knew DJ Egg gave us that news inthegray but this things tend to get out someway

          CraigF, hope someone ears you m8, I'm looking foward to this plugin.


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            i'll put out my customizable ml_www if i get permission :P
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              *drum roll*

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                  kick ass.

                  problems, though, or maybe just things that i don't understand how to do:

                  1) is there a way for me to require authentication for remote control mode / administrator mode without having to get people who just want to stream to enter a password?

                  2) i could have sworn that i heard that we'd be able to transfer files with this too, not just stream. how do we do that?

                  3) is it compatible with itunes library sharing?

                  4) should other libraries on the lan that are sharing via ml_www be showing up in the media library? i know the hydra plugin does this...

                  5) how do i log out?

                  6) no way to enqueue a specific song? it's always gotta be either "enqueue album" or "enqueue artist?"

                  7) remote control mode has no controls for playback? play, pause, next, previous, etc.

                  8) then of course, the obvious issue -- i can't ever seem to actually play the streams. i keep getting a 404 error. is this because i'm trying to stream to and from the same pc? i don't get it.


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                    1) checkmark stream with blank name and pw

                    2) [download] link next to each song.

                    3) doubtful.

                    4) no. maybe someone can make a mod to do that though.

                    5) close your browser, or leave the page.

                    6) you can. look next to each song in remote control mode. [enqueue] link

                    7) unfortunately no... i found this lacking aswell. again, someone could mod it.
                    [edit] actually, i found that admin can do this from the playlist pane. [/edit]

                    8) dunno. haven't had that problem myself. i can stream to myself with no problem.
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                      about to try it out right now!
                      eric is awesome


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                        There actually is 'playback' controls (and then some) in the
                        'remote control' mode > left pane, at the bottom
                        (requires 'admin control' in ml_www config).
                        But the refresh rate is currently coded to 5 secs,
                        so it makes it awkward to use.

                        The source code is included, so (thanks craig)
                        "in ml_www.cpp search for 'refresh', change the value, recompile"

                        There might be a sourceforge project in the pipeline soon, but for now, I suggest that people upload any modded versions (with source) to the sticky thread

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                          still no controls for me

                          "enqueue" from remote control mode actually clears the playlist and starts playback instead of just enqueueueueueing


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                            so.. am i an idiot for not knowing how to work it.. or even find the readme...

                            i got up to configuring the plug-in, but that's about it...
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                              nvm. i have l33t h4x0r3d it into doing my bidding.
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