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ml_www v0.4 released

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  • ml_www v0.4 released

    Here it is (finally ) :

    Full source code included. It's also a good sample for how to query the media library from a plugin.

    And as the readme.txt says, Justin deserves all credits for this code, I just barely packaged it



    See here for update | and here for custom build.

    Go here for latest updates.
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    *w00t* it rocks your socks!
    mmm... music sharing fun. | Wasabi Wiki | wasabi.player 499g (patch)


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      awesome! thanks


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        So, is it time for feature requests yet?

        Here goes...

        A pane in the library to see who's streaming/downloading from you.

        Let the requesting frenzy begin...

        <afterthought> Oh, and great job Justin </afterthought>


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          well... if you didn't notice, the source is in the installer... so... do it yourself!!

          j/k, but someone could attempt to take that on if they wanted. i may look at it sometime myself.
 | Wasabi Wiki | wasabi.player 499g (patch)


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            OMG 2 733t

            I'm using gUSB to upload from playlist to my muvo .. now that I got ml_www installed the muvo is still showing up in the ML but I lost the send-to-device-from-playlist functionality ..

            any others that will work right with ml_www installed?

            <edit>it never quit working ..instead of using the "manage playlist" button all you have to do is right click in the PL itself ..oh well's working just fine</edit>
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              Here is an updated version that allows you to customize the looks of the interface, kinda. If anyone is really into CSS layouts and wants to make a good default, be my guest.

              Also includes the mo gay version of GayString.

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                hmm.. if no one picks it up, i could try my hand on ths CSS... i'm not too bad with that stuff...

                after that, themes would be easy...
                eric is awesome


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                  well, the system is in place, i just need someone to make a nice looking default theme
                  For a good time: shup | stashbox | my homepage


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                    alright.. i'll try to edit it later.

                    i've got the main css file. are the pagegen files the only files needed that serve/build the page on-the-fly?
                    eric is awesome


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                      here's a quick test. i tried sampling the blue hues off the default modern skin color theme. i've added nothing too fancy. i cleaned a little of the css code, and centered the whole thing. i think overall, it looks a little better.

                      though i've edited the stylesheet, i also need to rearrange some of the code in the body. i need to look at the page generator and make the appropriate changes. once i get home from work today, i'll be able to test if it all works right, and in browsers other than IE 6.
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                      eric is awesome


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                        no readme


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                          whats to readme? its clear as mud as it is.


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                            not really. i had no idea what this plugin was or how it works until i searched the forums.

                            although i am not anywhere close to being a noob, some of us still don't know what some of these plugins are, hence questions like this will come up, especially when christophe says
                            "And as the readme.txt says..." and there is no readme with the installer.


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                              well, if you don't mind reading my overly-verbose BS, i kind of wrote up a short description.
                              eric is awesome