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"Single tray icon" plugin released

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    yes winampa.exe is running... the problem is that the winampa's icon doesn't disable/enable with the winamp option in preferences... then i think there is a bug :X
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      PS: now work

      after a close/start the plugin works right!!!

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        Really good work. thanks you!
        Now go help Dro with Extended Playlist plugin


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          muharr, morr glaubts kaum, einer vom rosenkeller hier, geilgeil!! \m/

          sorry for writing german...



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            Single Tray Icon works by modifying winamp.ini. Here's the section in it:

            is_intray=0 <--- Here it is

            By setting is_intray to "0" and then informing Winamp Agent about this change (Sending a WM_USER+1 message) Single Tray Icon effectively disables Winamp Agent Icon (not the Agent itself) using the very same method as Winamp itself (when you click the checkbox in preferences). Awesome...

            And Winamp's tray icon is much better than Winamp Agent's tray icon because it let's my plugin "NxS Balloon Tip" subclass it. And I can't subclass Agent's icon since it is located in it's own process ("winampa.exe").


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              It is possible your coding (anyone) the differentiate icons winamp... let considered try first, using this icons inspired from foobar2k icon (not exactly, just a concept!)
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                Broken linky!!!


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                  @ chris_31...

                  Job well done, sir! You get 3 thumbs up from me
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                    sorry saivert, the new policy yahoo folder now pulblic acces files.... (only premium can do that!)

                    this new one... (see attachment below)

                    (Hope this works!)
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                      Hi folks,

                      I know this is a thread from the stone age, and that this request may seem sort of awkward. I'm still getting a lot of hits on the download location, but I have accidentally trashed the entire folder some time ago (and my 2006 development computer is gone as well...)

                      As a courtesy to the people who still want to download it -- whether it makes sense or not; I honestly don't know, haven't been using Windows nor Winamp for 5 years -- does anyone here still have a copy (preferrably the latest version) that I could re-upload?

                      If so, please let me know by PM or mail -- thanks!
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