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    This installer contains InterVideo QuickTime Source DirectShow Filter, and makes actions for it registration (call of regsvr32.exe) and changes in registry "HKCR\Media Type\Extensions\.amr" for associating of this filter with AMR-files. For working it needs installed QuickTime (or QuickTime Alternative).

    Using of this DirectShow filter may be illegal (because it contain file from InterVideo WinDVD package) so use it on your own risk.

    Delete this post if it is illegal to give such links.


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      Yay! Excellent work BugMaster

      Yup, after installing that DS Filter, AMR now plays fine via in_dshow.

      Delete it? Nah, here's a mirror :-)

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        another solution (completely legal and freeware):

        - install SPOTxde Player (freeware)
        - add ;AMR to Extension list for Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder in Winamp Preferences -> Plugins -> Input
        - now Winamp is able to play .amr files (AMR-NB & AMR-WB)

        PS: this program steals some extensions (like .amr and .mp4), so it's better to restore the file associatons to Winamp


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          2DJ Egg:

          Thanks for posting about our product.

          I have a few comments though.

          1) Our Flash DirectShow Source Filter still remains in beta. Due to the restrictions of the Flash ActiveX API, we haven't been able to take this product to a release state yet. Sorry about that. We are working on it and doing our best.

          2) The QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter does require QuickTime Player to be installed - but you don't need to run it.

          3) The latest version is free for WMP and Winamp. I will provide an update with a download link soon.


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            An updated version of QuickTime Source is available. It now supports Winamp. You can download it from the URL below:


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              And how to add it to input plugins ?

              Thanks !


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                Originally Posted by voodoop View Post
                And how to add it to input plugins ?

                Thanks !
                It's a DirectShow filter. After installation, run Winamp > Preferences > Plugins > Input > Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder > add ;AMR to the extension list.
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                  Thank you very much !


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                    Thanks, everyone, for this thread. I'd like to add another solution for those who want to simply convert an .AMR file to mp3 and be done with it.

                    PLEASE NOTE, I am giving a link for some freeware I found via a Google search, but I can only say it worked for me to convert one small (~200k) .AMR file once. Since I don't always trust sites that peddle freeware, trying to profit from SEO or whathaveyou, I *ALWAYS* run this software in a VM or sandbox (this one worked good for me under Sandboxie), to avoid risk of malware infections and whatnot.

                    Again, this worked great for me, but try at your own risk, and I strongly recommend you always use a sandbox for these kind of activities.

                    Have fun


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                      Originally Posted by d3x7r0 View Post
                      is there anyway to use Winamp to listen to files in AMR format?
                      Here you are.
                      in_amr Winamp2 plugin v0.1
                      It would be wonderful if someone will give me a sample of multichannel AMR track.
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                        Winamp2/5 AMR plugin

                        Updated version with some minor improvements
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                          а то и хули) свабода, братцы)


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                            Works like a charm for me, thank you.


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                              Originally Posted by dieaus View Post
                              Updated version with some minor improvements
                              Thank you bro! Works fine!


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                                You are welcome men!