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  • best MP3 player?

    i was looking at getting a new mp3 player. i was looking at the creative zen, ipod, and i-river. im not afraid to spend a bit more on a player if it is that much better. if there is an mp3 player with a video screen that plays visualizations, i will buy it in a heartbeat (obviously will need to be able to turn off the screen and still play). otherwise, what are people oppinions regarding some of these players?
    When you take a hand and chop the fingers off... what do u get?

    That would be the knub.

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    Try the new IPod photo


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      dont the 4gs and ipod photo have an audio defect?

      and i dont think the ipod photo has visulations... though im not sure
      There is no reset button on life... but the graphics kick ass


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        Nevermind. I need to learn to read.


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          First off, even though standard iPods have all dropped in price $100, they are still overpriced, and their size and relative neatness are not enough to justify that price.

          I have a Creative Nomad Zen's broken. I haven't owned it for more then a year, and it broke. Every time one of my or my friends' many Creative products break, i tell myself "Never again..." I fail to remember, but i hope you don't make the same mistake.

          As of right now i'm too poor to buy a new one, but at least i can tell you what not to buy.


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            The new Sony HD NW1 is the best on the market. It has a 20GB hard drive, and has a better battery life than the iPod. It is a lot smaller and lighter than the iPod, and can hold upto 13,000 tracks (Albeit at a slightly reduced unnoticeable bit rate)

            And being Sony, it is a quality made product. It's only draw back is that it uses Atrac3 and not native MP3's, but it only takes 5 seconds to convert from MP3 to Atrac3, and the sound difference is not noticable.


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              the more i think, visualizations are not as required but are nice. a lot of people have recommended some of the video capable ones but i will only get one if it has vis's 'cause otherwise it is a waste. as far as players i am looking at:
              lyra 2780
              iriver pmp-120/140
              anything in the iriver h lineup

              as far as these two video capable players, i am not sure if they have vis's or not, but sure are hot.

              i have looked at the neuros as well as the creatives, but they just don't do it for me for some reason.

              the ipod photo is nice, but i don't want to spend the extra money just to see a slideshow of my pictures. just doesn't make much sense.
              When you take a hand and chop the fingers off... what do u get?

              That would be the knub.


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                the ipod photo can set pix to scrool like visualizations