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playing audio and video simotaneously for parties

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  • playing audio and video simotaneously for parties

    At parties I like to play a lot of non-audio video clips on my projector with really cool and loud music playing along but not as part of the video files.

    I want to find an easier way of doing this with Winamp.

    Is there a way to play audio and video simotaneously using only one instance of Winamp?

    I know using multiple instances would work but I'd rather not do that so I don't get a shitload of instances going at the same time.

    If that's the only way, is there a plugin or something that allows for a max of two instances, one for audio and one for video?


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    You could always just use some other software for the video and thus you would only keep two programs open. You could use windows media player in fullscreen and then you wouldn't be able to see the ugly interface.