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Winamp 5.08e released

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    Originally posted by Kanpai
    Any kind of DRM update is a pretty clear reminder of how awesome 5.08D is. I'll hold off on updating, i think.
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      well all i have to say is that i think winamp is top quality beats any other player i have ever used and its free with no advertisments

      hardly anyone i have shown winamp to has ever gone back to windows media player

      and who in the hell uses windows media player to rip music anyway thats just asking for trouble cd ex for me and if i was going to download music it would have to be raw mp3 or i wouldnt bother i dont want to have to keep worrying about being able to play my files mp3 can be played by anything thats supposed to play mp3 and i can copy it to whereever i want

      i hope this protection stuff falls on its ass!


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        Just a question. Can you still use the disk writer plugin to convert the wma to a wav and then convert the wav back to an mp3 with lame?
        Or do you suffer huge quality loss then? Or can't it be done at all?


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          you can't play wma with anything other than out_ds selected

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            wma with drm that is? I don't have any protected ones, but I do have a few normal wma's and I can convert them to wav without any problems and I do have 5.08. (the letter I'm not sure of, it just says:
            Winamp 5.08:
            * Created new eMusic bundles
            in the update log, it's not "e", that I'm sure of.

            Am I missing the point here?

            BTW I never saved any dlls, if I update I do a clean install.


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              Nope... All wma files will only work with DirectSound output selected, unless you have the same system setup as Nunzio ().

              You probably have an earlier 5.08 version. The changes to in_wma were done in 5.08e. If you want the old in_wma plugin back (from 5.08d) after you have installed 5.08e, you can get it here:
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              With that version of the WMA input plugin you will be able to convert to other file formats using the Disk Writer plugin except for DRM-protected files (which won't play at all).
              Or just copy the files that DrO mentioned in the first post of this thread before you upgrade. Or upgrade to Winamp 5.08d instead (only difference between d and e is this WMA shit).
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                Oh ok well I'll keep my 5.08 version then, I don't have any drm files and will not have in the future either I think.
                Thanks for clearing things up.


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                  Ok, could someone help me with this... I have NO CLUE how to do the DirectSound thing so I can play WMA's. I use them because the are smaller in size than mp3's, and converted them all myself using a converter. I just downloaded the update not realizing it would make me unable to listen to ANY of the music I have on my computer. I always thought updates made a program better... (Yes I understand the liscencing trouble though). So can someone please tell me, pretty much step-by-step, HOW to fix this? Thanks.


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                    Open preferences (Ctrl+P) > go to Plug-ins: Output > select (i.e. click on) 'DirectSound output'
                    That's all... If it still doesn't work, please define where you get stuck and what happens exactly.

                    If you want to use another output plugin while playing WMA files and you do not have DRM-protected WMA's, install Winamp 5.08d.

                    @DrO: good idea!
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                      to make things easier for people, i'll be putting up an installer for the older in_wm bits and that so that still the new(est) Winamp version can be installed then back-graded for the wma handling. should be done later today/tonight

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                        Hmmm... says I only have waveOut output v2.02a [OUT_WAVE.DLL] If I click configure on that I can select device: Microsoft Sound Manager and Crystal SoundFusion (tm). Maybe that's where my problem is...


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                          Run the installer again and be sure DirectSound output support is checked:

                          If that doesn't help, post in the Technical Support forum and we will try to help you there. Include a reference to this thread.
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                            Ok, that worked! Thanks. I thought that the extra output meant if I wanted to broadcast or share my music or something like that.


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                              Re: Winamp 5.08e released

                              Originally posted by DrO
                              So in summary, if DirectSound Output is NOT selected then you can't play Window Media files. That's the effect of the 5.08e changes in those dlls. To play them you need to be using DirectSound Output (thank the idiots for this)

                              I'm a little dumb all over, so help me out. What is the problem with DirectSound Output? Are there other output plug-ins that have features/advantages that it doesn't? If it works, then why would someone need another one?
                              Winamp 5.5


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                                You won't be able to output WMA files to other file formats, because you can't use Nullsoft Disk Writer or MP3 output plugins. Also, some people like to use a crossfading plugin, for example the SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Plugin.

                                See here for more output plugins you cannot use with WMA files in Winamp 5.08e:
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