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Winamp 5.1 Surround Edition Ready for Download

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    Originally posted by billyvnilly


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      alright. winamp 5.1
      evrything is great until now.

      i just noticed a very small thing (i think an easter egg): when you Alt -ctrl + double click on the lama in the about box, you get the liscence plate of 5.09.
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        but when you Shift + double click on the lama in the about box, you get: cracked by r0n


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          that's been in for ages (well since 5.09 was released)

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            Anyone else having problems shutting their PC down while 5.1 is running?

            At home on a SP2 XP install with all the latest patches and so on, I run a registered copy of Pro, everything installed by default.

            I have the player, not playing any music, just sitting idle, classic skin mode, if I then shut down the PC or reboot it while winamp is still open I get a pop up about some .exe or other not responding or initialising (hard to say exactly what it's saying really as it pops up so quick and then the pc shuts down anyhow)

            I thought it might have been my laptop at home so tried it on my 2000 machine at work, running SP4, again same scenario, registered copy of pro, all features installed, classic skin mode.

            Shut down on 2000 with winamp still active I get a winamp is not responding dialogue with a end now/cancel option, followed swiftly by a 'instruction cannot be read in 0x0282ed87' error message, again I can't screen grab any of this as the pc is in the middle of shutting down at this point..

            Anyone else?


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              got the update online media stuff checked? since i bet with the new activity the server(s) it connects to is taking a bit longer and so Windows will time out the program and make it go boom

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                Hmmm, probably, let me uncheck those and see...
                Pretty sure the install at home hasn't , but won't be able to confirm that 'till later, but for now, lets try it under 2000....


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                  Could not reproduce.

                  If it is not the online media check issue, Winamp not closing properly and/or the "instruction cannot be read" error message are classic signs of dodgy third party plug-ins.
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                    Wow, this release is pretty amazing.

                    Although I didnt like the playlist erazing, I was quite awed by the cool surround-sound features of Winamp 5.1, even though I have a 4.1 setup.

                    Nice to know that Winamp isnt dead


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                      Originally posted by DrO
                      got the update online media stuff checked? since i bet with the new activity the server(s) it connects to is taking a bit longer and so Windows will time out the program and make it go boom

                      Didn't make any difference..

                      Turned those off, restarted winamp, shut down, same 'winamp is not resonding' followed by 'application error'

                      Uninstalled, removed directory, reg cleaned, reinstalled fresh 5.1, unchecked media checks again, rebooted, same thing.

                      No third parties installed, so I'm at a loss to explain, will look again at home tonight on the XP machine see if I can grab details of whatever this '.exe' is that isn't firing, can't be arsed to reboot this machine again, takes so bloody long


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                        the only other thing i can think of is if a modern skin is being used or there's something else on a delay close that might be going on to cause it, dunno

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                          Nope, classic skin only, the machine looks like it's doing it's regular shut down, you here the drive go 'bzzz', task bar and icons vanish off screen leaving just winamp on screen then bang, the error comes up.

                          Now, what's even odder, I'v just tried this again, and instead of clicking ok on the not responding dialogue, I click cancel, it pops up another window telling me that qnc.exe failed to initialise.

                          Now, qnc.exe as far as I recall is a lotus notes plugin, I use notes on this machine at work and qnc is in my notes program directory, but.. systray tells me that qnc.exe isn't running in the background, hijack this also tells me the same thing, so I'm buggered if I know what it's trying to do with this exe on shutdown, I wonder if this is the same message I'm getting at home, however no lotus notes on that system.



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                            Just want to say winamp rules. I got the 5.1 and having problems with acc file it sounds like a helicpoter has landed in my winamp. I have done what the forums suggest to fix but still have the problems. I am attaching a list of my plugins maybe that is the problem who know.
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                              I declare my booting probs down to SHOUTcastwire....

                              Lemme explain...

                              Unistalled my copy of pro, installed a copy of lite
                              Rebooted, no problems at all, therefore I think it's something in the pro install that's causing me probs.

                              Uninstall lite, reinstall pro, however, uncheck every install option, I'm planning on adding them one at a time to find which part of it causes me issues.

                              Install 1, only option checked is 'agent', reboot after install, no prob, reboot, uninstall.

                              Install 2, options checked, agent, winamp library, under that the only sub option checked is winamp media library, reboot after install, no probs, reboot , uninstall

                              Install 3, options checked, agent, winamp library, sub options checked winamp media library, shoutcast wire, reboot after install BANG, same old error messages, eventually reboots, uninstall.

                              Install 4 , options checked, agent, winamp library, sub options winamp media library, predixis musicmagic, NO shoutcast wire, reboot on install, no problem.

                              Now this makes me think it's Shoutcast wire, do yet another install, this time adding back in wire, and bingo, same failures on reboot.

                              I'll try this when I get home on the xp machine, however I'll simply remove the ml_wire.dll and see if that resolves the probs I have at home.

                              Most wierd....


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                                what abuot predixis? that does some scanning shiz in the background.