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How to disable the browser pop-up's ?

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  • How to disable the browser pop-up's ?

    Hey all ,
    This anoy me very much ,every time now when i chose new stream in the radio , the browser pops with info that i don't need ...
    very annoying , how can i disable it ?

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    I agree completely, this is REALLY annoying. It just started coming up today - please, get rid of that popup.


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      The AOL Radio? You can't disable that.
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        ShoutCast radio. It just started happening tonight and is not due to a new version of software.


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          Nah, it's also doing it for SHOUTcast streams now, heh, as from today.

          [Edit]Yup, it's nothing to do with new versions of software (ie. winamp.exe / 5.1), it's all controlled serverside via the dynamic online media stuff :/ [/Edit]

          DrO's already made a gen_diebrowserdie.dll, coming your way very soon (I named it, btw, lol).

          Until then, if it bugs you that much, then for now, just tune in via instead of the media library.

          There may even be an option in 5.11 to enable/disable it. Not sure yet though, heh.

          Sorry, dudes

          ps. btw, I'm moving this from Tech Support to Discussion forum, where hopefully more people will see it, including those responsible ;-)

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            Thanks, Egg. I'll wait for the aptly-named .dll. I knew this wasn't a WinAmp issue and I figured it was on the ShoutCast side. Hopefully there will be an option in 5.11 if they plan on making that feature permanent.


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              Luckily, reverting back to 5.093 from 5.1 resolves the "Media Library Browser Popup Whenever I Choose A Shoutcast Bookmark" annoyance.
              I'll stay on 5.093 until the annoyance has been removed (or at least an option that allows disablement is provided)


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                Workaround: park the Shoutcast browser window just off-screen but docked with another window. Mine's currently behind the taskbar. Seems to keep the pesky thing at bay.


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                  why do that when you can have...



                  [edit]hi ujay [/edit]
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                    Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

                    [edit] Late again, I was distracted by the idiot antics of David Beckham this time [/edit]

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                      Yey , DBD rules !


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                        WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog


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                          can anyone produce a bug with dbd and either Dynamic Library (latest) OR Album List(latest)? (seems im the only one)

                          xp pro sp1
                          winamp 5.1

                          to reproduce (do pretty much anything), try to move any window, or open up preferences and try to do something...


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                            what is so convient about this?


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                              for people that dont like browser to pop up.... ???