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A little help with the graphic equalizer?

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  • A little help with the graphic equalizer?

    Am i right in saying that bass is done on the left of the equalizer, voice in the middle and treble on the right? (ish)

    I am getting very tinny sounds out of Winamp so i wanted to get a better sound but i have no idea. I have played around with it for so long but its still tinny on a few systems.

    Also, just left of the graphic equalizer is another slider on its own. What does that do? Does it just pull ALL the sliders down together in one go?

    Any one got any tips or a good site to goto?

    Thanks all.

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    Yes, usually as you go from left to right, something increases. On the modern skin it has the frequency of the audio band you are adjusting. See the image I made.

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      Thanks for that.

      What is pre-amp? When i lower it te sound seems to get softer until it starts to sound muffled.


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        The preamp is sort-of like a general volume control for the EQ. J_Darnley's screenshot is a nice little guide. For more info on using the Winamp EQ, from TSGH...
        Equalizer Q&A Guide

        As for the tinny sound...

        Winamp produces very good sound. Even on my old computer with cheap speakers, I was very satisifed with the sound from Winamp. Try the DirectSound config tweaks. Close & restart Winamp after making the DS tweaks.

        Do you have any DSP/Effect plug-ins?
        Make sure any DSP plug-ins are disabled. Winamp > Ctrl+P (for preferences) > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect select (none)

        Otherwise, please provide system specs.

        In case you are interested, I have included some "Tin Correction" presets in the attachment. Unzip the file. They are EQF (individual preset) files, to use them in Winamp...
        Presets button > Load > Load from EQF > go to the directory you unzipped them to > select & load

        Presets are very subjective, so they may not work for you as far as the tin correction.
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          Thank you very much for your help. Those configs have helped. I have lots of reading to do!

          Last few questions (cheeky)!

          I have a Creative Audigy 1 Player card (latest drivers) and a Creative P580inspire sub and satalite speakers i know not great). I only have 2 plugged in for front. Windows is set to desktop speakers. The Creative software is set to 2 speakers also. I do not have any DSP plugins at all in use.

          I have noticed there is a volume and bass control attached on the sub like a wired remote.

          Where would be best to put these on? They are just wheels you turn. My friend said the volume should be on half with this and the bass should be off completely (?). He said i should let Windows handle the bass. Is that right?

          The further i turn either up they get bassier/louder respectively. Any ideas on this for quality?

          Also what settings in volume control (windows, bottom right icon) is best? I know it depends on each system i was just curious. Should i just leave it half way and just configure the bass and treble elsewhere?

          Thanks again. You have been a great help. Reading now!...


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            You're Welcome

            The "volume and bass on the sub" is specific to your card and I don't have a Creative card. So I can't give you any advice there. Sorry.

            I keep the Windows volume (speaker icon in task tray) at half. That volume control also controls the system event sounds (error messages, beeps, etc). Perhaps a good "rule of thumb" is to set it at comfortable level for event sounds and use Winamp's volume for the playback of music.
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              Yes i have my volume on about 25% but what do you have the bass and treble on in the volume control icon?

              By default its 50% for each. But im wondering if their was a rule of thumb (as you put it) for this to?



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                My card does not have bass and treble on the Windows control.
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                  Guys, althought the hepl provided was very good i did not find anywhere what the random button and the number button (The one below the balance bar) are for and how do u work them... any help appriciated..


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                    The two buttons below the balance bar are used to control crossfading. More crossfading options can be found here:
                    Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Output > double-click DirectSound output > Fading tab

                    The left button is used to enable/disable the 'on end of song' fade, the number at the right is the number of seconds songs will fade on the end of the song.

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                    Not sure what you mean by the random button.
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                      ah... all is clear now thanks