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Meda library plug-in for new sony walkman

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    Hum very nice link indeed,
    from there I went to waiber's website, which contains a lot of code for the walkman,
    any sony walkman version "should" use the same mp3 format...
    (artist link appart)
    I don't have much time to work on this so I have been making very little progress,
    But if the library's waiber wrote work correctly, I will make an effort to port them to winamp.
    Will keep everyone updated


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      Hello everyone,
      Here is an update on the current development,
      I have coded a plugin that :
      - can detect several sony player
      - add them to the winamp device list
      - you can browse the content in artist/album view
      - you can play the files from the device (only tested with mp3 sent from sonicstage, it probably wont work with atrac files)

      Bugs :
      - will probably not work for atrac files (please test if you can)
      - will probably get strange problems if using atrac & mp3 files on the same device(please test if you can)
      - will not detect the players if they are plugged in and winamp is already running
      - Year information is not available yet
      - length information is sometime bugged (getting the wrong length)

      As foreseen, I don't have enough information about the format to send files to the device.
      For what I know no one as successfully sent any files to their device without using connect player or sonic stage.
      The library coded by waider is using the old format, so I was not able to use it.

      The source code is not ready to be released yet.
      The current plugin version is in attachement
      unzip it in your "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins" directory

      This is an alpha version so DO NOT try it if you are unsure of what you are doing, you have been warnned I won't be held responsible for any data you may loose in the process (nothing to report so far )

      I am also looking for a nice name for this...
      Please post comments, bug report, propositions, only on this thread
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        ok i will test it. what do you think of "ml_sony" or "ml_walkman"


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          ok i tested with a Sony NW E407 (1GB)

          The device is reconized, media library is seen but....lot of bugs ( of course its a 0.1 version )

          when you clic on read or enqueue, nothing happening "E:\OMGAUDIO\10F00\10000004.OMA" not read not enqueue MP3 or attrac, nothing
          >download is not available
          >send to..not implemented huhuhu

          when you clic on configuration it crash !

          the first step of reconition and database is done. great, congratulation. Now we are such unpatient to see all!
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            Hopefully at some point in the future, you will be able to make a pmp_walkman.dll plugin, to integrate it into winamp 5.2 and better directly.

            The pmp API makes developing a portable device plugin really simple - i did the creative neo jukebox pmp plugin in less than 2 days.

            Hopefully soon.


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              For configuration it doesn't crash,
              there is just no configuration available yet
              just press enter and the window should get away (should have put an ok button :P )

              For the name I was thinking too about ml_sony, let's see if we have any other propositions.

              Strange for me it works when I press enqueue or play the file gets in the playlist and winamp read it.
              can you do a simple test for me, go to the "E:\OMGAUDIO\10F00\10000004.OMA" directory and try to play one of the file with winamp (if you could post one in here I could test it too )

              well the pmp_plugin is the goal, but for now I need to take a closer look to the header file to understand what needs to be done. Is the creative neo jukebox format open?

              Please keep me updated with bugs and everything, this is very helpfull


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                will > wooo yeehaa so great amazing news !!!

                2 questions :
                -does support the api a direct read/enqueue/download from pmp function ? (in other words would it be possible to do that ?)
                -are the videos including in all ml_pmp plugins ? (zen vision:m , ipod video, iriver ...)


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                  gonna test tonight on a nw-e307 (1 gig flash)

                  congrats on getting this far guys...


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                    Tested on NW-HD5

                    OK. Tried this plugin last night.

                    I can see the media library ok, but the files don't play...

                    Any other tests you want me to do, let me know.



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                      I think this is a great idea you guys got here. I have a sony mz-dh710 hi-md player, which supports native mp3 playback. What are the chances of this plugin working for such a device ?


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                        This is a superb piece of work, well done. Best of luck fleshing it out.


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                          It is strange that playing from the device works for me, after a bit of searching I found out that indeed the headers of the .mp3 are different from the .oma files. That would explain why some of you can't play the tracks. So I am guessing that the transfert method is the key point here.
                          Could some of you who can't read from their player post one of their oma files? so that I can check if it works for me.
                          Please specify with what program/settings you sent your mp3 to the device.

                          Concerning the sony mz-dh710 hi-md player I have absolutly no idea what format it's using. If it is using v2 then there should not be any problem, but it's probably using v1.
                          You can find more info on the format at :

                          Since v1 is almost completely decoded It "should" be easy to make a plugin using the new pmp device plugin.
                          Since I don't own a hi-md player I am not planning on working on it right now :-( .


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                            OMA file


                            Please find attached the smallest OMA file I could find on my device!

                            Xispe's GYM player over on played files on my NW-HD5 no decoding them first into a temp folder.

                            All the files on my device are obfuscated mp3s, transfered via Sony's mp3manager tool. I don't touch Sonicstage. It is pure evil.

                            Anything else I can do, let me know.
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                              Thank You for the file,
                              Indeed I can not read it directly,
                              I am wondering why I can read my files from the device...
                              Anyway I am waiting for the new version of sonicstage that should support my NA1000, so that I get a definitive format


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                                sonicstage 3.4 just came out. is that the version you're looking for?