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Meda library plug-in for new sony walkman

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    This one does not support artist link and my NA 1000
    I am waiting the next one


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      Hi, great start on the plugin otiasj.
      The tracks from my HD5 show up correctly appart from the track # column shows wrong info. Track length seems to be correct.

      Tracks don't play for me, I think it is due to each walkman having an unique ID number which is used when the tracks are encoded. There was thread on Atrac Life describing a method to decrypt/encrypt the tracks using this number (found in dvID.dat when you install MP3FM) but I think it has been deleted, luckilly I copied the post and Ive emailed it to you to have a look at.

      Keep up the good work..


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        Indeed I received your mail,
        Thank you for the info. The strange thing is that I can play the mp3 files directly from my device (NA 1000). So I am guessing that sonicstage is doing some weird stuff :-)
        But I think that indeed decoding of the track is needed, I am going through the code right now.


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          I just installed the in_Atrac3 plugin from here and I can now play the tracks from my HD5! (MP3s sent with Sonicstage). So it wasnt anything to do with the player ID, just lack of an input plugin. Im guessing you already had this installed otiasj?


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            No I don't think I manually installed it,
            perhaps it has something to do with winamp version?
            I am using 5.13
            (I think there are some new codec integrated with this version)

            But hey, if it means I don't have to decode each track manually just to play them it's fine with me

            Anyway I am trying to bring the grab feature to the plugin (it might take some time since I am very busy at work)


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              Doesn't work

              Tried that dll - Winamp now crashes when I try and play a file on my HD5

              If you need more details, let me know,


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                Hello everyone,
                Are you all using the latest version of winamp?
                Please let me know :-)


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                  Winamp Version

                  I'm using Winamp version 5.1

                  I tried playing files at work - Windows 2000 - and at home - Windows XP Pro SP2.


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                    Hi there everyone - especially otiasj, kmw and sc_bond.

                    I've stumbled over this thread in frustration from not being able to find an alternative to using SonicStage with my Sony NW-HD3. In my search for alternatives I've discovered that there's quite a lot of people looking for an alternative and I was beginning to think that I had to start from scratch with my own application - but then I found you guys

                    I can't figure out for sure, if you guys are collaborating or you guys are working on individual projects - but I would think a collaboration would be ideal, therefore I'm offering you guys my time and help on this brilliant project that will, for sure, make many people thrilled.
                    My primary programmring experience, lies with web-applications but I also have experience (even though it'a a few semesters ago here at University ) with hardware programming in C and communication with USB devices in JAVA. Furthermore, if it comes to an collaboration, I can provide a CVS server in order to make it easier to share the code and basicly any other server fascility that could be needed.

                    Just an offer, for you to accept or decline.
                    Anyways, keep up the good work guys.

                    Yours sincerely
                    Christian Rasmussen, Denmark.


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                      Hi Christian, its great that you want to help out.
                      There's only one plugin getting made. otiasj is the person you need to talk to, he's the one working on the plugin at the moment.

                      How's the development going otiasj? Any news on encoding/decoding tracks?


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                        Hello everyone,
                        Currently I am involved in several projects at the same time,
                        and unfortunately this plugin is at the bottom of the stack

                        I haven't done much progress I have corrected a few bugs in my library, I can get the playlists from the device (although I don't know what I will do with them atm)... Right now there is just too many holes in the headers. I know how to get the general data but some fields are fill with info I don't understand. they probably are used by the players. I am working on this at this time

                        The next step will be encoding/decoding the mp3/ogm.
                        For this I will need to create a few mp3 with dummy info in it to recognize what is being change in the conversion to ogm. (one filled with zeros, another with increasing values etc...)
                        So if any of you guys know the mp3 format well enough to create those (different bitrate, stereo mono etc...)
                        It would help a lot. My knowledge of the mp3 headers is very basic right know I need to read more documentation on it, but I just can't find the time

                        To tell the truth I reinstalled windows 2 weeks ago and I did not reinstall sonic stage or connect Player yet, so my Nw A1000 & NW 505 are staying home everyday.
                        sad DRM world...


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                          Do you know Grab Your Music (GYM) ? I think the source code can help you, look there:


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                            Yes of course I know about Gym I started by looking through their code.
                            But thank you anyway for the info


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                              Originally posted by otiasj
                              Yes of course I know about Gym I started by looking through their code.
                              But thank you anyway for the info
                              ok, i just say that cause you want to find the way to encode-decode mp3-ogm files and Gym can already decode the files... for encoding it's not done yet but it would be faster to work together than working alone...


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                                Yes decoding is already done, but right now I did not start working on it.
                                Right now I am working on the database format that says to the player where are the files and describes the playlist etc...

                                I ll get on encoding/Decoding once that I manage to create a correct db on the player.
                                And at that time I will need the dummy mp3... Anyone up for the task?