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5.2 shoutcast browser poll

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    Originally posted by Koopatrooper
    There is a catch in it. You'll loose all other fixes and improvements from the newer build and will get no tech support for the old .dll.
    Is that so?
    Question to the devs: Do we still suffer from the security issues from pre 5.2 builds when we use the new 5.2 Winamp with the old ML?


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      One of the main reasons I like(d?) the station list in its old format is that I get to what I want to listen quickly and simply, which the new layout definitely does NOT achieve. I even could "listen on a whim" choosing from what i saw in the list, instead of digging through the classification. I didn't mind to wait a little while for the list to load, and, maybe even this could be solved with caching and doing an incremental update to the cache? (just an idea)

      Thankfully, it can (and already is) uninstalled. Goin' back 2 the basics! (which is, overall, one of the concepts that really has given Winamp a competitive advantage over cumbersome, "gnarled interface" players (read WMP & similar))


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        I just downloaded and installed this version and i realy dont like the browser . I realy would like to have the old shoutcast browser back in future versions of winamp. Maybe they could make an option to chose wich view you want to see.

        I want the old shoutcast browser. (With the security updates if any.)


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          Hate It...

          I just downloaded 5.2 today, and after spending like 10 minutes to find "Music One" in the new shoutcast page, where normally I could find it within 10 seconds.... I came here to post my frustration.

          I appreciate that Winamp is continuing to evolve, but the change to shoutcast looks like a piece of floofy fluff to me.

          Edit: Found that the "search" works to find my usuals, but have not figured out how to order by popularity (# users) to find the best current streams.
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            I have a sight impairement and find it extreamly hard to read the rows using the current row highlighting. They also need to be spaced further apart in my opinion. It was much better as it was.



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              Thanks to everyone for your noted comments & criticisms

              The following changes are now top priority and imminent:
              (or have already been applied - see Key below)

              -Shoutcast TV List will load with the full list of available streams again *

              -Alternating color scheme is going (going, gone) *

              -Increase default font size to Winamp default *

              -Make font size follow global Playlist/Media Library setting *

              -Listener counts return, with option to Sort by: Listeners *

              -A 'Top 500' option along the top bar & in Quick Genre drop-down *

              -Fix the Search field bugs (Select/Delete text, currently only Backspace works) *
              (Hi-lite/Select Text = Fixed, Delete key fix requires clientside update)

              -Columnize the listings again *

              -Lists sortable by clicking column headers again
              ie. Name | Now Playing | Type | Bitrate | Listeners *

              -Make the columns resizable *

              -Tooltips to show full entry when column size isn't wide enough (new feature!) *

              -Single-click to hi-lite, double-click to play *

              -Hi-lite + Enter = play / Hi-lite + Shift + Enter = Enqueue *

              -Change the hand cursor in the rt-click context menu back to the normal pointer *

              -Fix support for Text Reader apps for the visually impaired *

              -Bandwidth Filter returns *

              -Configurable options to eg. change rt-click to keep existing play/enqueue menu or just make rt-click = enqueue, etc. *

              -Remember most recent genre selection/search when switching ml views (option) *

              -Add 'bookmark' back to rt-click context menu * **

              -Compression methods for speeding up list load on slower/busy connections * **

              -Shift+click for selecting multiple entries to enqueue *
              ..(note that the ML is currently eating the Ctrl key, the same as Del key)

              -Fix it so Ctrl+Click works (re: above bug) **

              -Speed up the re-rendering on eg. 'sort by' and column resize *

              -Refresh button in SC-TV / Radio *

              -Return of 'Search As You Type'
              ..(May be included for active (onscreen) views but not viable to be server side)

              -Extra Station Name A-Z bar along the top, under Genre Selection

              -Remember search filter in SC-TV (option)

              -Remember 'sort by' column selection (option)

              -Sort music artists by first name []yes []no (config option)

              -Reimplement "Send To > ML Playlist" rt-click feature

              -Remove dependency for IE microsoft.xmldom ActiveX **
              ..(note that IE7 won't use ActiveX for AJAX)

              -Use ListView control instead of xmldom, and include it with the Winamp distro. This will make the listings look a lot more like the old ones, and will also eliminate the security issues/script errors/etc. **

              These will be the initial changes made, though there WILL be more to come.

              We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

              Note: most of the above changes can all be applied serverside,
              ie. without any clientside updates being required.

              * = already applied
              ** = requires clientside update (eg. for 5.22 or later)
              ** = implemented in internal beta (not public)

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                I knew that you guys would get to it. Since jumping on the Winamp bandwagon with WA2, I've always found the development team to be incredibly responsive. Although I had never felt compelled to join as a Winamp member until the current imbroglio.

                BTW, I love serverside apps! It can be a controversial subject, but thin clients are the way to go. You're going in the right direction.


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                  Perhaps we should have a poll to find out how many people registered on the forums purely to comment about 5.2?

                  Would give the Dev team some stats to work with then, maybe?


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                    And maybe we should have another poll after the above changes have been applied.

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                    • does not work ....

                      on w2k/sp4 IE5.5/sp2
                      does online sevice not work :\

                      error msg:
                      Sorry, Online Service could not load. Please post an angry message in the forums.

                      when switch to online service and select one of the services
                      pops up a script error :\

                      ps: set the server side limit up to 3000 plz (4 old ML)


                      • [EDIT] SORRY!! Didn't read the post by DjEgg before i posted [/EDIT]

                        Just upgraded to version 5.2

                        like many others, i am very disapointed by the look and feel of the new shoutcast browser. The thing i mostly used winamp for was tuning in to shoutcast stations.

                        The old interface was clean, slick, easy-to-use, fast-to-use and it was easy to have a total overwiew of what was going on. To me this new one is pretty obfuscated. To turn the interface into a website-ish interface really isn't the way to go, in my oppinion. Even the web (!!) interface at is more comfortable to navigate through now.

                        I've had a short look at the rest of the media-library, and it looks like more of it has been changed in much the same way

                        I hope the ruling winamp-team will remove all the website-ish elements from it's user interface, because it really doesn't fit into winamp really well imo. The cool thing with winamp was to me that it's small and has a very organized and clean user-interface.

                        I'll try that patch someone suggested or reinstall the old version of winamp (and hopefully not loose my settings )

                        anyway, just my two cents.
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                        • Ok, I just upgraded to Winamp 5.2 (I know I'm late) and I have a problem with it as many others do as well.

                          I don't really mind the new look of the Online Media section, I think it's alright, but I just prefer the old look, so that's not the problem. The problem is that the Online Media section in the Media Library uses IE to connect to the Internet, so it runs through IE.

                          I hate that because IE is not secure, so as a result I disabled my IE browser from making and receiving internet connections by running it through a dummy proxy on port 80 so it can't connect to the internet.

                          And there's the problem: I can't connect to Winamp's Online Media because IE is disabled. So the simple solution would be to enable IE once again, but I don't want to do that because I don't like or use IE (obviously I'm a Firefox user).

                          My qusetion is why all of a sudden does Winamp run through IE to connect to the Online Media, why can't it just directly connect to the Online Media all by itself just like it did in v5.13?

                          Because of this problem, I have did what someone suggested in the forums and replaced the gen_ml.dll and gen_ml.ini in Winamp 5.2 with the old gen_ml.dll and gen_ml.ini in Winamp 5.13 which brings back the old media library that connects directly and not through IE.

                          I love Winamp, I have been using I for awhile now,and have had no problems with it until now, so I'm pleading to the developers to please return Winamp to it's former glory!


                          • Originally posted by drewbar

                            I assume you all know what to do with it (and it beats installing, copying and uninstalling).
                            thanx dude!! Now winamp is da #1 once again!


                            • the web browser control (aka the IE embedded thing you're all moaning about) is used because it's guaranteed to be on systems (apart from obviously if you've done whatever OS hacking to remove it, etc). funnily enough when you're developing for the Windows OS you tend to use the api it provides and in this case to maximise the machines it will work on it makes sense to use something which is available natively. using the mozilla/firefox equivalent involves more changes, extra code size and whatever else to verify and ensure that it all works correctly with either setup.

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                              • Originally posted by DJ Egg
                                So you want to go back to being limited to a list of the top 1000 streams only?
                                I know for sure that I don't :/

                                There's over 13,000 sc radio streams available to you in the new browser.

                                And it's not slow or unresponsive for me, so maybe there's a problem with your Internet Explorer or something? All results appear almost instantly for me, even the larger Quick Genres.

                                However, I do kinda agree about the sc-tv listing. Seeing as there's only 300 or so tv streams, I guess it would be nice to be able to see a full list, or at least maybe the full list split over eg. 3 pages (<< 1 | 2 | 3 >>), heh.

                                But hey, as it's all controlled serverside, and is still a work in progress, subject to change at any time, then who knows what is possible or what will happen...

                                For example, Listener Count was actually still in/displayed in the earlier betas, but was removed. I guess it would be quite easy to add it back in (though we're not gonna make it so it sorts by 'popularity' by default), and I guess it would be quite easy to add "Bookmark" to the rt-click context menu for Shoutcast Radio & TV, etc etc.
                                And all this can be done serverside, with no client updates required.

                                [edit] re: posts below: how many of you are actually trying to broadcast a shoutcast station and get some listeners? My guess is none of you ;-) [/edit]

                                Or you could just edit ml_online.ini and add a link to
                                its nice and all but it is hard to read now, you should think about the functionality and simplicity and now too much features.
                                I am a php developer, i failed a few times because my users did not understand it much or was too complicated, but now i feel them when i see the winamp interface to display the lists.

                                [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                                Please don't quote my posts from a few days ago. If you're going to quote anything, then please quote this post from a few hours ago. Thanks :-)
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