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winamp v5.2: No entry point - DRMClien.dll

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  • winamp v5.2: No entry point - DRMClien.dll

    winamp says some-long-name entry point ?QueryXferToJD@CDRMLiteCryto@@QAEJPBDPAEK1@Z was not found in DRMClien.dll ... A fresh copy of DRMClien.dll didn't help. I have two new plug-ins: modern skin and autostart. Maybe it involves a library search problem that appeared in the 5.2 beta.

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    Now that the problem has been later identified/resolved,
    please ignore this post and see further down for the solution and/or fixed pmp_p4s.dll

    When does the error message appear exactly?

    Are there any drm-protected wma files in your library?

    If so, do said files play ok in Windows Media Player?

    What version of WMP is installed?

    This error message usually suggests that there's a problem (corruption?) with your Windows DRM installation:
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    See my main post further down for the solution (re: disabling pmp_p4s.dll).
    Or see Will's post even further down for a fixed pmp_p4s.dll (if you require P4S device support). Note that this issue is fixed in newer versions of Winamp & pmp_p4s.dll, so make sure you've got the latest version first.

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      MP10 crashes yesterday.
      MP9 reinstalled and seems to work.
      Library is mostly mp3pro & mp3surround
      from thompson convertion.
      These players are not working right either.
      I'll try the DRM clean up soon.


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        Entry point problem appears each time I start winamp full
        Win DRM review per above link was not a success...
        no DRM folder in either docs or registry
        winamp problem mentioned in registry
        no know DRM permissions in first place
        been testing:
        not working quite right with MP3pro support...
        MP3pro, MP3surround, winamp full
        working just fine without MP3pro support...
        working just fine with MP3pro support...
        winamp lite
        MP10 and winamp v5.2 beta was stuck in some library search


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          working just fine without MP3pro support...
          I guess a lot of problems are related to the Thompson MP3Pro decoder for Winamp, wich is simply bullshit.

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          Sure is
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            you're not alone pal

            I can use winamp w/out any probs, but when starting winamp i get this annoying msg.


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              Ok.. let's see if we can find out what's causing it.

              Did you all install support for Portable Media Players (ml_pmp)?
              (Installer Options > Screen 2 > Components > Winamp Library > Portables)
              If so, did you also install support for MS Plays for Sure Devices (pmp_p4s.dll)?

              Do you actually have any Portable Media Players, and if so, are they P4S Devices?

              Try disabling pmp_p4s.dll (Winamp\Plugins folder), eg. by closing Winamp
              and then either moving that file somewhere else or renaming it to

              Let us know if the error message still occurs, and we'll take things from there.


              [Edit] The rest of my post can now be ignored [/Edit]

              Please also include your Windows OS , including Service Pack (eg. WinXP sp2),
              and your Windows Media Player version in any reply.

              afaik, P4S support will only load under WinXP, and probably requires a minimum of sp1.

              If you do have a P4S player and you need support for it,
              then you can try updating the Windows Media DRM package from here:

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                My HP Pavilion PC has a fresh install of WinXP-SP2 without portable devices. The problem occured the day I tried MP3-Surround and upgraded from Winamp Lite to Winamp Full. Toay I followed your advice... renaming the file to pmp_p4s.dll.old... and the problem disappeared. I wonder what happened otherwise. Thank you. My humble library sounds decent and works pretty good.


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                  Originally posted by Metafox
                  you're not alone pal

                  I can use winamp w/out any probs, but when starting winamp i get this annoying msg.
                  I've been getting that error every time I open the media library. Later I will try messing with portable support. (I don't own any portables so I don't care about ml_pmp)


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                    Originally posted by Rellik
                    I've been getting that error every time I open the media library. Later I will try messing with portable support. (I don't own any portables so I don't care about ml_pmp)
                    Ok, I just removed pmp_p4s.dll and the error went away.


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                      Thanks, DJ Egg. Renaming pmp_p4s.dll works.


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                        Yup, it works.Deleting pmp_p4s.dll or renaming it.
                        Do we get to lose anything by deleting/renaming it?


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                          You lose support for Microsoft Plays For Sure compatible portable media players.
                          But I assume none of you have got one of those devices anyway,
                          and probably should've unchecked that option in the installer.

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                            thanks for the info - mine was doing the same thing - renaming the file - fixed it up good.


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                              Thanks folks... I was just about to uninstall the whole darned thing permenently and go on to something else. Not being a geek and understanding the wherewithalls, if it don't work right... it's gone