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  • Winamp Portable Media Player Support

    If you currently have a media player that is either a Creative Nomad, an iPod, or a PlayForSure device, and you have tried it in Winamp 5.2 with the new ml_pmp plugin, could you please post the outcome below.

    I would like to collect a list of known working devices, and known problem devices in an effort to better advise people when they come with support issues, and potentially identify problems that can be fixed.

    Please post in the format:

    Device Manufacturer + Model Number
    Firmware Version (if known)
    Link To Product Website (preferably in english with available technical specs)
    Working/Not Working
    Plus, any additional comments.

    In an effort to make it easy to parse through this thread, please keep it brief.
    Any other PMP issues etc can be posted in this thread instead.



    Creative Muvos are not supported currently. This IS NOT A BUG. Update: this is now being worked on by Nullsofts newest intern.

    For information regarding making your own pmp plugins which use the ml_pmp GUI, refer to this thread.



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    Creative Zen Micro 5GB
    Firmware: 1.11.01
    Using pmp_njb.dll interface
    Windows OS: WinXP sp2
    Working OK





    If posting about any iPod, then please first make sure that the old 3rd-party ml_ipod.dll plugin is NOT present. There will certainly be a conflict if both ml_ipod and pmp_ipod.dll are concurrently active.

    And as Will said in the edit above, Creative Muvos are NOT currently supported by pmp_njb.dll, ie. we know about this, so there is no need for anyone to post about it here.

    Please do not post about ANY devices which are not covered by the currently supported pmp plugins. If the 3rd-party gUSB plugin recognizes your device as a drive, but pmp_p4s doesn't, then even if your device says it's playsforsure compatible on the manufacturer's website but not on the model itself, then this means that you probably need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version first. Be warned that a firmware upgarde will reformat the device, so be sure to have all your files backed up first. Also note that p4s only works on Windows XP or higher (so remember to include Windows OS and firmware version in your post).

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      Apple iPod Black 60GB (MA147LLA)
      Firmware: 1.1
      Interface: pmp_ipod.dll

      Working: OK

      Comments about the plugin (iPod):
      I would to suggest, if possible, to support MPEG-4 video identification not just by extension... the .mp4 and m4v files are recognized like audio, this doesn't makes possible to sync the major part of videos supported by iPod Video 5G (this is a deeper problem, that is up to the media library)

      I appreciated the transfer speed rate in the old ml_ipod plugin, i think it would be very nice to se it again in the new one.

      It would be great to see also the actual used size in the portables view, and number of files too.

      by now i think it's ok, waiting for all the features that are promised!

      EDIT: OOPS, i forgot... YOU RULE!


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        Sony Walkman NW-A1000 6GB even if I know that's it's not in your ask list...
        Firmware: 2.01
        Appears like a HDD un a section called "devices" under "portables", can read files on it, but no informations (Tags)
        Using gUSB v1 build 005 plug-in
        Hope you could make it working with winamp, their software sucks!!


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          @smallseb, apologies, this thread is specifically for devices that Winamp should already support.

          Sony devices are currently unsupported.

          Please people, dont post a bunch of wishes. What we want to see here is just that the device works, or does not work, and if certain functionality is not working for whatever reason (e.g. device recognized but capacity reported wrong, device recognized, but attempts to transfer fail) please post a quick summary.

          Many thanks.


          • #6
            Creative Zen Sleek 20GB
            Firmware 1.00.05
            Working Great!

            and im pleasantly surprised as i thought only apple ipod would get support

            It Really Whips

            Nullsoft Rock on!


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              Apple iPod Shuffle 512MB
              Not Working

              The device show up in the ML but there is no description and any attempts to use it cause Winamp to crash. Thereafter Winamp crashes on load until I disconnect the shuffle.


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                Apple iPod 4G 40GB
                Firmware Version 3.1.1
                of course,
                Working (Superbly, I might add)

                Excellent job on this, will + others who worked on it. I am thoroughly impressed. Thanks!
                Jack Nagel


                • #9
                  Creative Labs Nomad Muvo Micro N200
                  Firmware - 1.16.02
                  Not working, It doesn't show up in the list.

                  Creative Labs Nomad Muvo
                  Firmware - 1.40.12
                  Not working, It doesn't show up in the list.


                  • #10
                    Creative Muvo V200 1GB
                    Firmware : 1.05.02

                    NOT WORKING


                    • #11
                      Creative Zen Nano Plus 512 MB

                      Doesn't show in the list, not working.


                      • #12
                        Apple iPod Photo 30GB
                        Firmware: 1.2.1 (Latest)

                        It works...however, after multiple syncs, there are multiple copies of songs in the iPod, such that I have 200 more songs on the iPod than I do in the Media Library.


                        • #13
                          HP iPAQ rx3715 Mobile Media Companion series
                          Windows Mobile 2003 SE + Windows Media Player 10 for Mobile
                          Firmware 1.01.11 (8 Mar 05)

                          Not working, does not show up in Winamp. Should be playforsure compatible
                          HP will be offering an upgrade to Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for
                          the HP iPAQ RX3000 Series Mobile Media Companions in select languages.
                          Starting in mid-November, devices can, with this upgrade, become PlaysForSure-
                          compatible with music services.


                          • #14
                            Rave-MP 256 Sport with external 256 memory

                            Firmware 002.511.100

                            Does not connect with 5.2 Winamp Portables
                            (both showed up in windows media player and ml_gusb_us.dll)


                            • #15
                              SanDisk Sansa m230

                              Firmware 1.3.0A
                              Microsoft Plays for Sure-compatible

                              Sync and AutoFill work fine
                              Remove from Device fine

                              Cannot play from device as PFS devices are not currently supported for that feature

                              Jay Bader
                              Orlando, FL