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  • hiss reduction plugin

    i am looking for a plugin that reduces hiss/noise from sound. mainly for videos. you know how you get that background hiss from old tapes and records and things?

    i know theres programs out there that can do this but i want to do this live while watching stuff to save me the trouble.

    is there such thing?

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    Maybe the JackAMP plug-in.

    Otherwise, I have included a couple White Noise Correction (hiss reduction) equalizer presets in the attachment. Unzip the file. They are EQF (individual EQ preset) files, to use them in Winamp...
    Presets button > Load > Load from EQF > go to the directory you unzipped them to > select & load
    EQ presets are very subjective actual results will vary with the listener's ear and the audio system on the their computer.
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