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  • vocal eq preset

    Does anyone have one of these...or know where i can get one? I've googled and searched these forums but no go

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    EQ presets are very subjective. What "Mr. Xyx" has for a vocal preset may not be to your liking. Vocals are typically midrange, so by increasing the middle of the EQ you are giving the vocals a boot. Essentially a vocal preset, that is if boosting the vocals is what you are looking for. Enclosed are several vocal presets.

    Download and unzip the file. They are EQF (individual preset) files. To use them in Winamp...
    1. Click the Presets button
    2. Load > Load from EQF
    3. go to the directory you unzipped them to > select & load
    If you want you can add the presets to Winamp's defaults presets.
    1. Click the Presets button
    2. Save > Preset...
    3. type a respective name and save
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      heh ya i understand what yout sayin, but my knowledge for eq's is next to 0 so someone else's eqf would be infinitely better then mine

      thanks again!


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        best presets ever the 3rd one in the archive improved my sound quality better then any plugins ever have

        thanks for the awesome presets i cant imagine useing winamp without them now


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          thanks. seems like equalizing technology is unexplored!