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If I take a paid version of Winamp

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  • If I take a paid version of Winamp

    I have just done a great deal of work getting Winamp configured the way I want it, e.g., color, panels for my mp3 library, and saving a ton of bookmarks for radio, from National Public Radio, Shoutcast, and Live365.

    My question is, if I now took a paid version, would the installation leave all of my hard won "stuff as it is, or would I need to do some of it over.

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    Nope. You don't even have to install another version. You can unlock the full version with the activation key and it will become the Pro version. The additional features just are unlocked.

    The only difference between full and pro is the installer. The pro installer asks you there to enter the activation code, the full installer doesn't (but let's you still do it within winamp).

    So you can stick with the full donwloads forever.

    EDIT: To answer a bit more. After upgrading to a new Winamp version (full/pro) all your settings should be kept. Currently some plugins are re-installed that you had chosen to remove (eg. out_wave and the new split up ML plugins), but I hope that this will be solved, too, in future.
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