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How do you make Winamp handle .flv files?

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    THANK YOU anunea!

    I´ve even try the line in the plugin>input>in_dhow.dll and the confusing configuration about the reg32it didn´t work and the T.V.C. was the solution, T.V.C. kicks ASS!!!!!!


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      My solution is better :-p

      If you don't understand it, just ask, and I'll type it out in a simple step-by-step format.

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        DJ Egg - your solutio worked great when I installed last night, but this morning I restarted my laptop and can't play flv via winamp at all. reinstalled everything, still dead - any hints?


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          I use K-Lite Codec Pack which does not allow me to edit the ffdshow configuration settings. So I cannot add the proper elements to the config. Is there a way around that?


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            Well, I got it to work without messing with the ffdshow configuration. Maybe when I ran the little code statement it automatically changed it. As a matter of fact, the FLV1 does appear in the configuration window. But there is a little green line at the bottom of the video playback window. Is this normal?



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              I installed TVC and Winamp started working again... weird, but as long as it works I'll take it


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                DJ Egg - just had to register and say thanks. Your solution works like a charm for me!


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                  well I have the videos playing but I seem to be getting all audio playing in mono. I'm not sure how to upmix or adjust the config to fix it I just know that mono music videos give me a head ach...


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                    Most FLVs are of shockingly poor quality. The file probably only has mono audio. You could look at the audio description in Winamp or FFDShow (if you use it).

                    YouTube certainly reencodes everything it gets sent using VP6 at whatever bitrate they use, I think it's 200 kbit/s, and mono MP3 at 64 kbit/s.
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                      I didn't really know what I was doing so I just blindly, but strictly, followed the above instructions.
                      - and I too suffered failure!
                      But not because of the of the instructions.

                      It appears that there are two versions of the FLV Splitter; one for Windows 98, (me), and one for Windows XP.

                      Both versions are available from:

                      Zoom Player, The most powerful, flexible and customizable Media Center for the windows pc

                      I can now play FLV files in Winamp!

                      (Along the way I also discovered several free FLV converters at download. com along the way.)


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                        The instruction worked fine for WinXP. No such luck with Vista32. One difference was that I installed the Vista Codec pack on the Vista machine, and the K-lite codec pack on the WinXP machine.


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                          I failed to install the in vista. Found this solution (by gooogling a lot)

                          Start menu -> Acessories -> Command prompt -> Right click, run as administrator

                          Write: "C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\"

                          (withot qoute-marks)

                          Worked for me =)


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                            Thanks its working for me

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                              Originally posted by DJ Egg
                              How to play YouTube/Google Flash Videos (FLV) in Winamp:

                              1) Download the FLV Splitter (required to demux the FLV container)

                              Win2k/XP/Vista | Win9x

                              To install the FLV Splitter, extract from the .7z archive

                              Note: you might need to install 7Zip to extract from .7z

                              and save to your %system% dir

                              %system% refers to wherever the system dir is for your Windows OS, eg.
                              for WinXP it's "C:\Windows\System32"
                              for Win2k it's "C:\WinNT\System32"
                              for Win9x it's "C:\Windows\System"

                              Then go to: Start > Run
                              Type: regsvr32
                              Hit Enter

                              This will register the FLVSplitter on your system

                              2) If you don't already have it installed, install FFDShow to decode FLV content.

                              Make sure 'FLV1' is set to 'libavcodec' in:
                              Start > Programs > ffdshow > Video decoder config > Codecs page.

                              If it says 'disabled' next to FLV1, click on it and change it from 'disabled' to 'libavcodec' via the drop-down menu.

                              3) Add ;FLV to the Extension List in:

                              Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Input > DirectShow (in_dshow.dll) > config

                              so it now looks something like:


                              You will now have playback support for FLV in Winamp.

                              More in-depth instructions/info here


                              ps. for GVI (google video) just use GVI2AVI (more info) to automatically strip the "goog" info out of the headers and change the extension to .avi (note, requires .NET Framework 2.x to be installed).

                              PLEASE ADVISE


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                                In the DirectShow config, have you tried to select "Vertically flip Windows Media Videos"? If it was already selected, deselect it. In either case, try playing the video again.
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