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Winamp 5.3 Released

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  • Winamp 5.3 Released

    Winamp 5.3
    Winamp 5.3 Full emusic plus
    Winamp 5.3 Pro (asks for key during install)
    Winamp 5.3 Full emusic/bundle (includes 'Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before' mp3)
    Winamp 5.3 Lite

    Originally, we called this release 5.25 and let you guys beta test it. But we packed it so full of features we felt it deserved a bigger number, and so we're releasing Winamp 5.3


    * New portable device features - transcoding, new sync options, USB thumbdrive player support, video sync, direct-from-device playback
    * Faster ripping
    * Improved AAC and aacPlus encoding
    * Unicode metadata, filename, and title support
    * iTunes-compatible gapless playback (MP3/M4A) and encoding (M4A)
    * Optional 24bit playback
    * ReplayGain support

    Winamp 5.3
    * New: Unicode filename and title support
    * New: M3U8 (Unicode) playlist support
    * New: optional 24bit playback for many codecs (turn it on in Preferences->Playback)
    * New: Replaygain support for MP3, AAC, Vorbis, M4A and WMA
    * New: added ml views & playlists to Play-> submenu of right click popup menu
    * New: added interface/x-winamp3-skin mimetype for WAL skins
    * New: [ml_dash] Personalized content portal
    * New: [ml_disc] optional replaygain scanning after rip (turn it on in cd ripping prefs)
    * New: [ml_pmp] Transcoding. Converts incompatible files on-the-fly for your portable device.
    * New: [ml_pmp] Playback now works for playsForSure and Creative NJB devices
    * New: [ml_pmp] "Copy to Library" - transfer songs from any device to your local library (uses CD rip settings)
    * New: [ml_pmp] Video sync support for portables
    * New: [ml_rg] replaygain scanner (access via Send To menu)
    * New: [pmp_ipod] gapless playback support on newer models
    * New: [pmp_usb] USB drive support. Now all those thumbdrive MP3 players work with Winamp.
    * Improved: fullscreen video seekbar
    * Improved: ATF updates
    * Improved: DC filter on spectral visualization, to remove bass bias
    * Improved: preference cleanups
    * Improved: faster PLS writing
    * Improved: 24bit EQ support
    * Improved: "Close Winamp" option after installation (after clicking 'Send')
    * Improved: [enc_aacplus] Improved AAC and aacPlus encoding!
    * Improved: [enc_aacplus] saves itunes/ipod-compatible gapless information
    * Improved: [enc_lame] added preset medium and fast medium
    * Improved: [enc_wma] VBR and lossless modes
    * Improved: [gen_ff] better sample rate display
    * Improved: [in_cdda] faster ripping speeds through improved buffering and multithreading
    * Improved: [in_dshow] AVI metadata reading
    * Improved: [in_dshow] better WAV support
    * Improved: [in_mp3] 24bit MP3 playback, 64bit internal precision
    * Improved: [in_mp3] streaming id3v2 support
    * Improved: [in_mp3] replaygain support for MP3 playback
    * Improved: [in_mp3/in_mp4] 24bit AAC playback
    * Improved: [in_mp3/in_mp4] itunes-compatible gapless playback
    * Improved: [in_mp3/in_mp4] mp3-in-mp4 container support
    * Improved: [in_mp4] FAAC-compatible (mostly) gapless playback
    * Improved: [in_wave] better outputs bits-per-sample choosing
    * Improved: [ml_playlists] added missing entries from pledit context menus
    * Improved: [ml_playlists] option to not show playlists in send-to menu
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] Only relevant columns shown in song views
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] "Getting Metadata" now much faster
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] devices can now be renamed
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] added progress to portables tree item (no more switching views)
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] metadata guessing based on filename
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] improved GUI performance
    * Improved: [pmp_ipod] support for iTunesLock
    * Fixed: Burning files that require resampling
    * Fixed: multiple copies of Winamp when opening too many files/folders from explorer
    * Fixed: freeze when exiting Winamp while minimized
    * Fixed: Delay/hang when loading dead stream url's
    * Fixed: crash when directdraw fails to create primary surface
    * Fixed: 4x burn speed limit with Pro
    * Fixed: registry handling when disassociating filetypes
    * Fixed: better detection of video input plugins
    * Fixed: [dsp_sps] 24 bit fix
    * Fixed: [enc_aacplus] more compatible HE AAC MP4 file creation
    * Fixed: [enc_lame] broken vbr presets
    * Fixed: [enc_lame] 24bit input support
    * Fixed: [enc_lame] bitrate lower bound on alt-presets
    * Fixed: [in_cdda] CDDB lookups clearing the ENTIRE playlist cache
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] layerfx not being redrawn on colortheme change
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] gradient drawing glitch and crash
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] custom color themes bug
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] hang when suspending or hibernating
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] tree icon fixup (divide by zero crash in ICM32.dll)
    * Fixed: [in_cdda] cutoff of last few sectors
    * Fixed: [in_dshow] crash when using DSP/EQ on anything bigger than 16bit stereo
    * Fixed: [in_dshow] seek to key frame
    * Fixed: [in_midi] truncated playback of some MIDI files
    * Fixed: [in_mod] title display bug for module streams with no title
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] crash when editing ID3 tags
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] ID3v2 and ID3v1 Comment & Genre tags shared
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] Inaccurate Time Remaining display for AAC files
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] do Viz after DSP
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] Icecast stream title UTF-8 support
    * Fixed: [in_mp4] detection of HE AAC in file info box (Alt+3)
    * Fixed: [in_wm] DRM Video playback on certain hardware
    * Fixed: [in_wm] freezeup when seeking a paused wma
    * Fixed: [in_wm] Hang with dead WMV link in pledit in Repeat mode
    * Fixed: [in_wm] freeze when stopping streams that have rebuffered
    * Fixed: [in_wm] small memory leak on each track play
    * Fixed: [in_wm] Windows Media Screen Codec not playing properly
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] CD ripping / playlist generation bug
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] CD Ripping view showing up when clicking on other ml views
    * Fixed: [ml_history] Ctrl+H shortcut
    * Fixed: [ml_local] fixed crash when trying to create a new view before mldb has loaded
    * Fixed: [ml_local] background scan crash when media library DB isn't loaded
    * Fixed: [ml_local] scheduled background scan always starting at startup
    * Fixed: [ml_online] Online Media bugfix (don't try to play NULL streams)
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] losing stream titles
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] sort by title
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] Send To from local media to ml playlist replaces instead of enqueues
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] Enqueue as default broken in left pane
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] Playlist title > rt-click > New Playlist = broken
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] tracklength bug
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] playlist paths issue
    * Fixed: [ml_pmp] Transfers stalling after encountering a dupe
    * Fixed: [out_ds] volume not hitting 0dB when using log or hybrid volume control
    * Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Artist list on iPod not sorting "The" correctly
    * Updated: Coding Technology aacPlus Encoder 8.0.0
    * Updated: [gen_ff] Freetype 2.2.1
    * Updated: [gen_ff] libpng 1.2.12
    * Updated: [gen_jumpex] Jump-to-File 0.97.7
    * Updated: [in_wave] libsndfile 1.0.16
    * Updated: [libmp4v2] MPEG4IP mp4v2 1.5
    * Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.97 Final
    * Updated: Sonic Engine (requires reboot)



    21st October

    Updated in_mp3.dll available | Info | Download


    10th October

    There is now an update pack installer available which contains updated versions of:
    in_mp3.dll, ml_local.dll, ml_playlists.dll, and the missing filereader.w5s.

    Note that the versions of in_mp3 and ml_local in the Update Pack are newer than the versions which were available separately earlier. The in_mp3 version should be v4.01 and ml_local should be v1.03

    Download Winamp 5.3 Update Pack


    Further Details:

    New in_mp3.dll available (30th Sep) which fixes a 64bit internal precision / sound quality bug, a vbr seek/buffer issue, and a lame enc gapless playback issue.
    More Info | Info 2 | Info 3
    (please use the updated in_mp3 from 21st October instead)

    The version of in_mp3 in the Update Pack also addresses the following issues:
    Incorrect track length reported on concatenated MP3 files.
    Maximum # of redirects raised to 3 to allow playback on podcasts with crazy php scripts.
    Support for reading ID3v2.4 per-frame unsynchronization.
    Another potential random crash when writing ID3v2 tags.

    New ml_local.dll fixes a few bugs:
    More Info

    Filereader.w5s is missing from the installer (should be in the Winamp\System folder).
    If you were wondering why the Thinger was broken in your old WA3 skins, then this is why.
    Info | Info 2

    The updated ml_playlists.dll in the Update Pack above fixes a memory leak when switching between two or more large playlists in the Media Library.



    The Media Library (Local Media section) still doesn't support unicode, so either don't add files with non-latin characters to the ml, or uncheck "use library title info for playlist item formatting" in Prefs > Media Library > Local Media (to make titles display correctly in the playlist window - requires updated ml_local.dll from above). If you still see incorrect characters in the playlist window then select a more appropriate font in Prefs > Playlist (eg. Arial Unicode MS).
    Unicode support for the ML is planned for the next major release.
    The same applies to the Taskbar icon, where you'll probably just see ****** instead.
    Note that both of these two issues require a MAJOR fix before they can be implemented.

    Note the new "Playback" section in the Preferences.

    "Allow 24bit" is unchecked by default (for sound cards/chips which don't support it).
    With it unchecked, playback will still be 16bit, as in all previous versions.
    With it checked, playback will be 24bit instead of 16, or 32/64bit depending on the file being played (eg. 32bit float-point WAVs will be played at 32bit).
    "Allow surround sound" is checked by default, and is now required for files encoded with multiple channels (5.1).
    You can see the current Output Format via the Status tab in out_ds config,
    eg. for this file you should see "48000 Hz, 24bits per sample, 6 channels".
    "Force mono" is unchecked by default, but can now be used globally if needs be.
    At this time, these settings effect in_mp3, in_mp4, in_mod, in_wave, in_wm and in_vorbis.
    Also note that 3rd-party input plugins will currently not use these shared settings, though the 5.25 SDK should provide developers with all the necessary info.

    Winamp 5.3 now optionally utilizes global ReplayGain, currently supported by in_mp3, in_mp4, in_vorbis, in_wm. Note that when RG is enabled in Prefs > Playback, the default preamp for non-replaygained files is -6dB, so you might want to increase this value if you find that some files are playing too quietly (0dB is equivalent to normal playback).
    To scan/apply replaygain to mp3, wma, ogg, m4a, aac, flac files, right-click the selection in the ml or playlist and then select: Send To > Calculate Replay Gain.
    The filenames for the RG Scanner are ml_rg.dll & ReplayGainAnalysis.dll (Winamp\Plugins)
    Further config options can be found via: Prefs > Plugins > Media Library > ml_rg > config,
    ie. options to not show the results window after each album, or to scan in silent mode.
    Note the default mode for silent mode is Album Gain.
    Applying Album Gain also applies Track Gain, but not vice-versa.

    Be warned that calculating ReplayGain uses high amounts of cpu (no matter what program you use to do it with), so we advise that you only scan large amounts of files overnight whilst you sleep (disable any scheduled av scans first). Scanning single tracks/albums should be ok to do at any time, though make sure no other cpu-intensive process is running concurrently.

    The RG values are stored in the tags (eg. id3v2 tags for mp3, special fields of vorbis comments for .ogg, etc), and can be viewed for individual files via File Info (Alt+3). An RG column for the ML Local Media views is planned for a forthcoming release.

    To show RG values in the playlist, Prefs > Playlist > ATF now supports the following strings:


    eg. [ '( Gain:' %replaygain_track_gain% ')']

    Note: %gain% currently only works for mp3

    Other ATF updates include:
    &publisher% (ie. Record Label)
    %tool% (TENC - ie. ripper, eg. Winamp 5.3)
    %encoder% (TSSE - eg. LAME 3.97)

    Alas, the new native FLAC Decoder v1.1.2b (in_flac) didn't make it in time for 5.3, but will hopefully be included in 5.31. Thankfully it is available in the Winamp Essentials pack (see post below).
    The Nullsoft in_flac shares the global settings in Prefs > Playback (for 24bit/ReplayGain/Surround/etc), is multi-user friendly, supports unicode tags (and attempts to support unicode filenames by using the 8.3 dos equivalents, heh), provides metadata to the media library database, and also supports transcoding (Transcoder is also included in the Essentials pack). Nullsoft in_flac is based on the LGPL Reference FLAC Decoder, but with the above enhancements and a new internal dither routine (default one is GPL and therefore couldn't be included).

    Alas #2, the Predixis MusicMagic plugin (ml_xpdxs) is still bundled.
    There's an option to auto remove it included in the Winamp Essential pack below.

    If kept checkmarked in the installer options, the new Dashboard will become the default homepage at the top of the Media Library. Note that's there's also been a few serverside enhancements made to the Online Services section. If you've personalised your Online Services content by manually editing ml_online.ini then we suggest that you backup the file first, because it's likely that sections of it will be overwritten.

    Q: Why am I prompted to reboot after installation?
    A: You will need to reboot if you kept "Sonic Burning/Ripping Support" checkmarked under the "Audio Support" section of the Installer Options. This is because this release includes an update to the Sonic Engine and therefore a reboot is required for the new Sonic drivers to be registered. You will still be able to use Winamp if you don't reboot, but burning & ripping with the Sonic Engine will not work until after a reboot (though ripping with ASPI will work ok).

    Known Issues

    -Audigy 2 ZS EAX effects alternating on & off in 24bit mode
    (note, this is a hardware limitation, not a winamp bug/issue)
    Solution: disable 'fade on seek' in out_ds config > fading.

    -Prefs > Shoutcast Wire > Subscription Updates: Update Every[*] setting resets to Never on Winamp Restart (note, we can't reproduce this on clean installs and aren't yet sure what the cause of it is on upgrades).

    -ML > Online Services > Shoutcast Radio > config > 'remember last view' setting is inverted. Select 'No' for now if you want it to remember the current view (when it stops working you'll know that it's been fixed serverside, so then you can select 'yes' again).

    Old Winamp 5.25 Beta thread
    Old Winamp 5.24 Released thread
    Old Winamp 5.23 Beta thread
    Old Winamp 5.22 Released thread
    Old Winamp 5.21 Released thread
    Old Winamp 5.2 Released thread
    Last edited by Benski; 26 September 2006, 15:10.

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    Winamp Essentials Plug-in Pack

    With each release benski, dro and I are putting out a pack of plug-ins that either didn't make it into the official release or that we can't live without. This is not an official Nullsoft thing, but something we winamp developers do in our free time.

    Included in Winamp Essentials 5.3:
    * FLAC Decoder
    * FLAC Encoder
    * Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder
    * Transcoder
    * Lite-n Winamp Preferences
    * ML Lite-n
    * Skins in submenu
    * Playlist Undo
    * Find file on disk
    * Predixis Removal tool

    All this in a 150KB!

    Download Winamp Essentials | mirror


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      Are there any changes between 868 and Final?
      Great work guys.


      • #4
        All i shall say is Winamp Essentials is <3

        Also i'm sure the dev team will agree with this but a big thanks to all of those who helped out in finding some of the weird and wonderful bugs during the steps upto this 5.3 release (not ofcourse forgetting all of the hours DJ Egg has put in!)

        Onward and upwards and all that

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          Originally posted by YtseJam
          Are there any changes between 868 and Final?
          ReplayGain config in prefs > plugins > media library > ml_rg > config
          (options to not prompt after each album or to hide results window completely)
          ReplayGain now works for wma (including mp3, aac, m4a, ogg)
          ReplayGain works for flac (included in Winamp Essentials pack)
          Option to auto apply RG to ripped files (Prefs > CD Ripping > Output File Settings)
          PMP Devices only show in Prefs > Media Library > Portables when device is connected
          Media Library Dashboard wasn't in the betas
          Winamp Remote (Orb MyCast) wasn't in Online Services in the betas
          Gapless iTunes7 m4a/mp3 support (in Winamp and for iPods)
          A few more ATF updates (see notes in main post)
          Album Artist field in mp3 tag editor
          Newer AAC/AACPlus Encoder
          "Physically Delete Selected Files" added to ml_playlists > rem button
          Fixed 4x burning speed limit in Pro (for some cd drives)
          Fixed registry handling when disassociating filetypes
          better detection of video input plugins
          Fixed [dsp_sps] 24 bit fix
          Fixed [in_cdda] CDDB lookups clearing the ENTIRE playlist cache (this was a major bug which had plagued me for many months!)
          Fixed [ml_local] scheduled background scan always starting at startup
          Updated [enc_lame] LAME 3.97 final

          There's probably a few more, but those are the major changes between 5.25 beta b868 and 5.3 Final

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            Where did the iPod support settings page in the options window disappear to? (I do have all needed .dll files...)


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              Originally posted by YtseJam
              Where did the iPod support settings page in the option disappear to? (I do have all needed .dll files...)
              You have to have your ipod attached


              • #8
                That's kinda clunky...
                Oh well.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by YtseJam
                  That's kinda clunky...
                  Oh well.
                  It's so you can have separate configuration for different devices, e.g. a regular ipod and a shuffle.

                  Also let's us add in special preferences for particular devices (though i'm not sure if we're doing this currently yet)


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                    Originally posted by DJ Egg
                    PMP Devices only show in Prefs > Media Library > Portables when device is connected

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                      Yeah well that list is so flippin long you can't expect me not to miss it! huh!!


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                        That was a quote from my second post, ie. the one where I replied to your "Are there any changes between 868 and Final?" question, heh.

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                          Originally posted by Benski
                          Also let's us add in special preferences for particular devices (though i'm not sure if we're doing this currently yet)
                          pmp_usb has filename formatting, compatable formats and more in its special preferences,
                          and pmp_ipod has gapless scanner in its special preferences.

                          They show in the advanced tab.
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                            Originally posted by DJ Egg
                            That was a quote from my second post, ie. the one where I replied to your "Are there any changes between 868 and Final?" question, heh.
                            Fine, fine...

                            Okay, enough saying how great Winamp is...

                            Preferences >> Playlist >> Text Direction.

                            We had a short (few posts) discussion about this in one of the previous release threads.
                            What I suggested back then was better auto detection for RTL, so that playlists which are made of Hebrew files only, would display RTL completely.

                            Right now the options offered are very limited, because I'll have to toggle between RTL and LTR everytime I load a Hebrew playlist and afterwards an English one... Having it switched would be better.

                            It's minor, though...

                            Any thoughts?


                            • #15
                              thx to all for this fantastic version
                              i hope that in next winamp will be added our loved playlist sidecar (winamp3)