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Winamp 5.32 Released

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  • Winamp 5.32 Released

    Winamp 5.32
    Winamp 5.32 Full emusic plus
    Winamp 5.32 Pro (asks for key during install)
    Winamp 5.32 Full emusic/bundle (includes 'Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before' mp3)
    Winamp 5.32 Lite
    Update Pack available separately

    Winamp 5.32
    * New: [ml_local] new filters for three pane view (album artist, genre, publisher)
    * New: [ml_local] option to rescan metadata for selected files
    * New: [ml_transcode] Transcoding tool. Convert your files from one format to another.
    * New: [pmp_activesync] Support for Windows Mobile devices
    * Improved: send-to in songticker right-click menu
    * Improved: [ml_local] album artist, disc, replaygain, composer, full path columns
    * Improved: [ml_local] localized dates
    * Improved: [ml_local] folder browsing dialog
    * Improved: [ml_rg] lower thread priority to prevent system slowdowns
    * Fixed: classic skin playlist time drawing glitch
    * Fixed: slow load-time with playlist of network share files
    * Fixed: CD burning with Windows 98/ME
    * Fixed: flickering with non-overlay video display
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] treeview icons on Windows 98/ME
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] modern skin docked toolbar mode not remembered
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] listview flicker reduction
    * Fixed: [in_flac] crash when viewing info (alt+3) on non-existent files
    * Fixed: [in_mp3] incorrect length reported with Easy CDDA Extractor encodes
    * Fixed: [in_mp4] unable to play truncated M4A files
    * Fixed: [in_vorbis] crash with very short files
    * Fixed: [jnetlib] HTTP timeouts on streams with character 255 in HTTP headers
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] CD View sometimes causing flickering of all open windows
    * Fixed: [ml_history] crash when disabling & re-enabling view
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] corrupt display when scrolling
    * Fixed: [ml_wire] crash when parsing podcasts with badly formed dates



    Winamp 5.32 (

    -Re: New columns in Media Library
    For ReplayGain, Album Artist, Publisher and Composer values to show, you will need to reload the metadata for all files in the database. Rather than nuking the database and loading afresh, you can use the new rt-click "read metadata on selected items" feature for this, so you won't lose ratings and playcounts. For large databases, it's probably best to do it in batches...
    (Note, File Path and Extension columns don't require a refresh for values to show).

    -Replay Gain values
    There's an option to enable the "Album Gain" column in the Albums pane via:
    Prefs > Media Library > Local Media > Options tab: Show replay gain values
    (again, you will need to use the new "read metadata on selected items" feature first).

    -New Local Media Filters
    To switch from Artist/Album view to any of Genre/Album, Album Artist/Album, Publisher (Record Label)/Album, either edit an existing view (right-click > Edit View), or create a new one (right click Local Media > Add Smart View), then choose from the 'Filter Set' drop-down menu in the Filters tab.

    -Note that the Media Library (Local Media views & Playlists) still doesn't support unicode characters. Support is still in development stage and is coming eventually.

    -Please also refer to the 5.3 Release Notes for any further info / known issues.



    Updated Media Library Playlists plugin
    There is a newer version of ml_playlists.dll available, which fixes a couple of bugs (Time column size truncated, and 'Static' text for total tracks/time display).

    Download ml_playlists v1.06 | Info

    Updated AVS plugin
    There is also a newer version of the AVS vis plugin available, which fixes a 5.31/5.32-specific bug where some presets don't work properly:

    Download AVS v2.81d

    Both the AVS and ml_playlists plugin updates are now available in one installer:
    Winamp 5.32 Update Pack


    5.32 Essentials Pack
    Removed Transcoder (now part of 5.32 distribution), updated alac decoder,
    other minor updates (lite-n, killpredixis), improved installer.

    Download | Info | Info 2

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    The scary thing is, I just refreshed the page before I left the board just to SEE if a new version had been released... :X

    Thanks alot. Good job. That playlist loading bug has been annoying me.
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      nothing beats being surprised (i'd just got home as the new build was going up so was a nice surprise for me as well especially having to rush out the avs update since we'd forgetten about it )

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        Wow! Adlast! Thx DJ Egg for the news!

        Improved: [ml_rg] lower thread priority to prevent system slowdowns
        Great! Maybe now OS will not slowdown when Winamp and Opera are working.
        Sorry for my bad English
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          Woot. Great that the transcoder is bundled now. And the new panes are great as well.

          Kudos Winamp team uns SOOO many thanks (Y)
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            thank you to all Winamp team for SO MANY changes (in media library in particular)!

            I like very very much the new filters in edit view (simple view, artist\album, album artist\album, genre\album, publisher\album); maybe to build own filters could be an extra step (something like year\artist or year\album)

            a question: so far I don't use "artist album" field (so it's empty for all my files), but after applying "read metadata on selected items" I see in media library (not in file info view) the "artist album" column equal to "artist" column (all metadata guessing are disabled), in my opinion that column should remain empty


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              thx but why is the Updated AVS plugin not in this release? much easier and ok but will the Essentials Pack integreatet into winamp?

              now i dont now how to install it if i have a clear system. if i will do the 5.32 and and than the pack i will install an old version


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                DrO explains why the updated AVS isn't in, in the 3rd post in this thread.

                It is not recommended to install the 5.31 Essentials Pack over 5.32
                not unless you uncheck ALAC and Transcoder first, thus making sure that the 5.32 Transcoder and separately available updated alac.w5s aren't overwritten.

                There might be an updated Essentials Pack for 5.32 released, maybe tomorrow, which'll include the updated alac.w5s and no Transcoder...

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                  * Improved: [ml_rg] lower thread priority to prevent system slowdowns
                  Excellent! I wonder if my thread had anything to do with this...heh.

                  ReplayGain columns in ML is also great, I've been doing this in Foobar for a while, and was looking forward to seeing it in Winamp. Great release.


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                    Transcodeeeeer... thanx Nullsoft
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                      Genre Browsing? Genre Browsing! Yes! You don't! understand! how long! I've! Wanted this!



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                        <3 transcoder
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                          Sorry about the lack of essentials pack. My computer broke two days ago, and I have new parts coming in 12 hours. I'm sorry guys, but koopatroopa has me covered and should be posting it soon.

                          Anyway, hope you like the release (and the transcoder and activesync support, my two new plugins).

                          LATE BREAKING UPDATE: Download Winamp Essentials v5.32
                          * Removed: Transcoder (now in Winamp)
                          * Updated: ALAC support
                          * Updated: Lite-n Winamp Preferences
                          * Updated: Kill Predixis
                          * Improved: Installer. Woot!

                          Unchanged from v5.31
                          * Ogg Vorbis Encoder
                          * Skins in submenu
                          * Playlist Undo
                          * Find file on disk

                          Big props to koopa for doing this one for me.
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                            Love the replaygain values in the library!

                            thank you so much <3


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                              Missing ML Litein

                              Hi guys. Thanks for the new release. Its great. One thing that I have seen so far,,, The Essentials Pack will not install the ML-Lite-n plugin for some reason. All of the rest of them seem to install fine.