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Looking For plext XSPF plugin

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  • Looking For plext XSPF plugin

    I'm seen reference on to a Winamp plugin called plext, which allows Winamp to work with XSPF playlists.

    But I can't find the actual plugin anywhere. The link on just goes to a developer's blog. It looks like maybe there hasn't been any dev activity for awhile.

    Does anybody know if plext (or something equivalent) is still available anywhere??


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    I checked out the blog, a little bit down the page the developer links to this:


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      Doh! I'm just stupid!



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        Hello out there

        MMh I found that link too, and there was a 987 byte large file to download. It call a zip but it is not openable.
        If I renamed it I found a html dokument what say file-not-found.

        Is here someone who know a different link? I didn't found one. Would be nice if you can help me.

        Greetings Mathias


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          Winamp 5.5x XSPF parser, by Ben Allison

          Unzip and run the installer
          (which places xspf.w5s in the Winamp\System folder)

          Updated version for 5.57 available
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            Is that official now then Egg, or should it still be regarded as beta?



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              Good question. I'm not sure, to be honest.

              I've had it for a while, and I initially thought I got it from DrO.
              But he's just told me that it was Benski who made it, not him.

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                O.K. - Still very much a work in progress from what Benski's said.

                There's no GUI yet so it will only read xspf, not write.

                From what I remember, interpreted fields are limited to Location, Creator and Title.
                There were a couple of other probs, but can't bring them to mind ATM. (no album field so no way to distinguish different versions, it's first come first served, some quirk with 'The' as well ???).

                The Location field is not required if the track is already in the Media Library.

                As it stands, I guess the main point behind this was to provide some sort of relocatable playlist.
                Such a playlist is content based, rather than location based as with pls, m3u etc. i.e. tracks can be moved around on the disk, and as long as they are re-added to the ML, xspf will find them again, whereas pls, m3u won't.



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                  Thank you DJ Egg. You helped me much. Now I can listen to xspf lists too. It works fine.
                  After unsuccessful searching the net I feared that the format have no support anymore.

                  Thank you


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                    Update: 26th Dec 2009

                    XSPF Loader for Winamp 5.572 and newer

                    Installs xspf.w5s to the Winamp\System folder.

                    No nscrt.dll dependency

                    (now uses/requires msvcr90.dll, as included with Winamp 5.57 and newer)

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                    Last edited by DJ Egg; 20 April 2010, 13:43. Reason: Original attachment was lost in forum upgrade. Reattaching xspf_loader.exe

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                      Thanks Egg.

                      Should be a huge speed increase in content resolution over the previous release.