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Official Bento skin color themes thread

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    Minor iBento update: TitleButtonOrange now charcoal instead of aqua (more subtle).
    Willing to take colour suggestions. Selection is currently white because although it's difficult to read on the light gray in the playlist, it's easy to read on the pastel blue SelectionBg. Yellow also works to a degree, but does not flow with the theme.
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      have uploaded a first installer (features not the last 2 themes)
      i hope i gave everyone credit in the license page...
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        Winamp Classic theme updated (a bit more accurate than the one currently shipped)

        Requires Bento #092 update (or newer).


        The xml is actually even more accurate than the screenshot
        (I edited the xml again after taking the screenshot, but cba to redo the screenshot).

        Winamp Classic 2
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          Originally posted by DJ Egg
          Winamp Classic theme updated (a bit more accurate than the one currently shipped)

          [ url=][Image][/ url]

          Requires Bento #092 update from page 1 in thread.

          Winamp Classic 2
          Damn Eggy, nice. Break out the color dropper in photoshop?


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            Originally posted by DJ Egg
            Winamp Classic theme updated (a bit more accurate than the one currently shipped)

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              BlueGold update :
              SelectionBg + SelectionBg Inactive + NotifierBackground + minor changes

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                Originally posted by SLoB
                probably a bit late now but there are already thousands of colour themes for the modern skin, for consistency across the suite it would have been nice if the current stock of themes were able to be used in Bento, that way pretty much everyone can still use their favourite colour theme in the new skin, yes I know its a new skin but you will still get people wanting a similar colour theme to what they use in the modern skin, the only issue there is it will still look different due to the darkness of the skin compared to the modern, the other option would have been to control everything with an RGB picker
                I tried a quick conversion (trying to guess the best equivalent groups) but, as more or less expected, many themes are unusable and those that aren't don't look too good either.

                Oh well, if anyone's curious, here's the xml (and the conversion script in case someone wants to try to improve it):

                (doesn't feature the latest gammagroup additions, but I somehow doubt they'd help much anyway )
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                  Winamp Human Updated

                  This is a updated of "Winamp Human" Color Theme.

                  for Winamp Bento v0.7 #92

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                    If there's any particular Winamp Modern themes that anyone wants porting over to Bento, let me know which one(s) and I'll give it my best shot.

                    Nope. Just Color Editor and my eyesight :-)

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                      hi everybody,
                      I spent much time to update my themes and here it is:
                      my new theme package including some new hot themes, please have a look at it and tell me what you think.

                      you can overwrite the old file.

                      The file includes the following skins:

                      VooDoo` | Blue/Orange
                      VooDoo` | Blue/Silver
                      VooDoo` | Girlie Toy
                      VooDoo` | Royal Black
                      VooDoo` | Royal Blue
                      VooDoo` | Royal Lite-Blue
                      VooDoo` | Varsity
                      VooDoo` | Varsity Clone from Hell
                      VooDoo` | Win 95
                      VooDoo` | XP Blue
                      VooDoo` | XP Silver

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                        I've made this Evil Red theme based on the Default Red theme.
                        (I have a thing about black and red. :/)

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                          Martian Sunrise for Winamp Bento v0.7 #092 or better




                          EDIT: A minor bug fixed. If you have already downloaded the file, please redownload and override it.
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                            I've finally finished the colour theme I was working on. I tried to recreate the City Night theme from the Winamp Modern skin. I couldn't match everything up as many of the groups are different. Anyway, here it is:

                            Winamp Modern | City Night.xml
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                              Slight update to Winamp Classic theme
                              (was too late for Winamp 5.5 Public Beta Preview 2)

                              Slightly darker Frame_Borders, slightly lighter ComponentFrame
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                                Hmmm... what do you guys reckon to having the same shade of ScrollbarTrack as in the ML in Winamp Classic skin? Or should we stick to the current black one (as included with Bento in 5.5 Beta 2 and/or the attachment in my previous post)?

                                Which looks better?

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