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    I use Yannik's plug-in for cdg files. But the deal is I have some karaoke disks from a company called Sweet Georgia Brown with files in m4a format. These pieces are supposed to have the cdg embedded within the songs, but i have not been able to find anything to convert the music from m4a go mp3+g. While this doesn't have to do directly with Winamp, I thought this is as good a place as anywhere to go.

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    i don't think its possible to embed something like that within m4a files.


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      These files could have something embedded in the container as a private stream. You might want to try an MPEG 4 demuxer to see if you can get the karaoke files out and then see if you can use them with other karaoke plugins.

      You should checkout the FAQ below to see if they have any demuxers you can use:
      Winamp ATF ReferenceMy cPro timer widgetMy port of AVS
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