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Winamp 5.5 Beta Preview 2 (Build 1568)

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  • alas i've followed those directions and i still can't get it to lock up. i'm working through the plugin's code at the moment so will look at giving you a test build at some point in the next day or so inorder to get a better idea of where things are going wrong

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    • How many songs in your library/playlist (before you clear them)? My playlist actually had ALL tracks from the library in it. Also, is your winamp set to show in system tray instead of taskbar (mine is).

      Try this alternative method; clean install of winamp. Set it to run in your system tray instead of taskbar. Set it always on top. Now follow steps all the way to step 4. Before you do step 5, install the waveform wrapper plugin from the essentials pack, then load winamp. This is where winamp.exe hangs (99% CPU) for me every time (until I actually "End task" winamp.exe, uninstall the essentials pack waveform plugin, then all is fine again and winamp starts normally).


      • is 6000 tracks and i've followed what you've said but this seems very much like a stand on one foot and pat your head bug where only a few will be able to see the issue. i even tried it on the old p3 laptop i've got and that worked without a hitch as well.

        all i can guess for the moment is that either it's completely failing to load the in_wave.trb dll correctly or it's possibly failing in the detection of files to handle if a invalid name is passed (since winamp can at times send a fake filename to check support for things). i'll be able to get a better idea of what's going on once i've got a test build for working with

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        • Originally posted by DrO
          if you're not using ml_ipod to have that issue then you'll need to give us exact details on how to reproduce the issue

          The view was indeed ml_ipod, but that plugin has nothing to do with the issue. I simply screencapped that view because it showed the "Downloading..." text over buttons which made for a very clear example of the issue.

          This should be unambiguous: I disabled the ml_ipod plugin by removing it from the plugins folder. I then reproduced the error and captured a full screenshot in the ML view. See attached.

          Steps to reproduce: Download a podcast. Switch to another view.

          Also visible: Crazy font problem.
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          • Ok, you can send me a test build with lots of debugging code in it

            Also, I am having the dreaded Vista lockup issue as many others have stated. Maybe I can help track that down as well.


            • This ones regarding the Auto-tagger...
              When I select multiple files of an album and send them to auto tagger, it fetches the information, but some files have mismatched information. (Info for one file is shown for the other and so on.) Some files do get the correct information.
              However when I individually send each of such mismatched files to the auto tagger, it fetches the correct information for that file. So I guess its a problem related to the way it sends/requests the information... I've experienced this with 3 albums now so I'm sure it works wrongly only on sending multiple files.
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              • Originally posted by TheUniqueTiger
                Well, sad news DJ Egg... Another crash, this time with album art in GIF format, absolutely similar to the previous with PNG.

                [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                Please also provide a link to the faulting GIF.
                Use (mediafire borked on me last time).
                I didn't notice your edit earlier... The GIF is only 8KB, so I'm attaching here itself... I don't remember whether I sent you the report for this file, out of the 4-5 GIFs I have... so I'm attaching this most likely one. However it does crash on all those 5 GIFs.
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                You have only One Life... So before You are History, make sure you get into History books. - TheUniqueTiger
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                • Winamp Essentials Pack 5.5 Beta 3 released

                  Full Changelog

                  Downloads: | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

                  Changes since last beta:

                  * New: [Installer] PortugueseBR translation from Cleiton
                  * Improved: [Installer] installer shows compile date and time at bottom
                  * Improved: [Installer] removed credits from the section descriptions
                  * Fixed: [Installer] small typo in English Welcome Page (5.5 Beta related issue)
                  * Updated: Skins In Submenu to v1.9
                  * Updated: [enc_vorbis] to fit with the new Winamp translation system
                  * Updated: [Installer] Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French and German translations to v1.06

                  The new Beta includes an update for DrO's Skin In Submenu Plug-in. If you've downloaded one of the previous Betas, it's strongly recommended to install this version.

                  For more infos about the changes visit DrO's Website.

                  I'm still looking for translations, if you're able to translate the installer in your language, just take a look at this thread:

                  Looking for Essentials Pack translations.
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                  • @TheUniqueTiger
                    Reproduced the GIF crash. Report logged. Thanks.

                    @danburd & TheUniqueTiger
                    The autotagger mismatch bugs are now fixed for the next build
                    (see Known Issues/Bugs section of first post)

                    Hmm, I couldn't reproduce the "scrolling title in the taskbar" problem.
                    It seems to be working fine for me. Anyone else?

                    Hmm, I can't reproduce any problems with the Waveform Wrapper or Autoplay plugins from the Essentials Pack, so I'm honestly not sure what's going on there. Looks like DrO's dealing with it anyway, so I'll pass on this one.

                    Re: Vista lockup
                    We're pretty certain that most (if not all) these issues are caused by the DWM thumbnail support implementation for Modern skins. The code has been disabled in the latest internal builds, and if we can't come up with an alternative, it will have to stay that way until a better solution is found.

                    Hmm, weird. I can't reproduce the 'podcast - downloading display glitch' issue.
                    Note that the weird bold font bug is fixed for the next build
                    (Known Bugs/Issues section of the first post has been updated accordingly).

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                    • Yeah, I stumbled across the hang issue when clearing my library/playlist. I was actually trying to reproduce a bug xamphear had mentioned, but ran across a different bug in the process. Most people probably do not clear their library very often so this should not be a major issue.


                      • As for the scrolling problem in Windows Taskbar...
                        No problems for me


                        • I'm not seeing that one either, sorry ;\

                          Normally I have Winamp running in the system tray instead anyways. I tend to disable the Winamp agent as well.


                          • @soulstace

                            When you click the "Clear Media Library" button, and then OK the confirmation,
                            can you please confirm/clarify the following:

                            1. main.dat and main.idx in the "Winamp\Plugins\ml" folder are either deleted or reset to 0kb

                            (note that the location of these files depends on whether you setup Winamp to use shared or separate settings per user - shared is in the install dir, separate is in %appdata%)

                            2. Do any other files get deleted/zeroed in that folder?

                            I think it's also meant to delete the albumart cache, if it exists
                            (art.dat/idx, art_60.dat/idx, art_90.dat/idx, art_120.dat/idx)

                            I'm not sure if it also deletes the corresponding *.vmd files
                            (which are just the config files for each individual smart view, eg. columns present, column sizes, filters, panes, etc)
                            Or whether it deletes the references to those .vmd files in Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini
                            (eg. query1_meta=met4135.vmd)

                            The only other issue I can possibly think of is that maybe you've got the TimeRestore & Autoplay plugin set to autoplay (and possibly enabled some of the other settings for that plugin)
                            but you've wiped the playlist, so it's got nothing to play at startup....

                            I'm not sure how the TRAP plugin deals with situations like that, or even if it's an issue. Likewise for the Waveform Wrapper.

                            Please also note that the Essentials Pack isn't officially supported.
                            We're mainly concerned with the default 5.5 installation without any extra/3rd-party plugins whatsoever.

                            Of course, if a Winamp build breaks a whole heap (or certain types) of 3rd-party plugins, then it would be a fairly major concern (though I think that in most cases, it's just the odd plugin here and there which needs bringing up to spec to support new winamp features).

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                            • I will check.

                              The Time Restore plugin has nothing to do with winamp freezing though. It just makes the seekbar not getting colored sometimes in the Bento skin. DrO says this is actually something to do with the gen_ff plugin.

                              Edit -

                              Those files you mentioned, are still there. And when opening them with Notepad++ it appears to be lots of gibberish.

                              However, that doesn't appear to be the problem. I can delete the entire ml folder, and winamp still hangs at startup.

                              I will not worry so much about this issue. Even though I can reproduce it on a couple machines, it is probably not much to be concerned with. DrO may send me a test build and we can get it sorted out once other major things have been dealt with.

                              Please also note that the Essentials Pack isn't officially supported.
                              We're mainly concerned with the default 5.5 installation without any extra/3rd-party plugins whatsoever.
                              I fully understand. None of these issues resulted from a clean install of Winamp itself, which I think is a good thing. And honestly, I would probably not have used the essentials pack anyway, if it wasn't for me joining the forum and helping out with beta testing (I never knew about the essentials pack before).
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                              • I'm really liking the new Bento theme, but some things I want to ask - Is there a way to turn off the media library/video/visualization/browser tabs? Also a way to turn off the browser turning on when you click title/artist/album/etc in the file info view?