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Winamp 5.5 Beta Preview 3 (Build 1600)

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  • Too lazy to search.. here goes:

    Bento Easter Egg Game:
    - Goto Preferences >>> ModernSkins >>> Current Skins Tab...
    - Double click the background/credits... of you go
    - Seems to stop at level 12+-... And yes... I cheated. Hehe
    Would be cool if there was a video that pop up when you clock the game
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    • Originally posted by pjn123
      Too lazy to search.. here goes:

      Bento Easter Egg Game:
      - Goto Preferences >>> ModernSkins >>> Current Skins Tab...
      - Double click the background/credits... of you go
      - Seems to stop at level 12+-... And yes... I cheated. Hehe
      Would be cool if there was a video that pop up when you clock the game
      yep, it has been posted somewhere in preview 2 posts
      but... DJ Egg talked about another easter egg in the new winamp... where is it ?

      by the way, i guess 90 % of the people (me too) is complaining about Bento super huge buttons...
      bring back the "old" bento or include an option to have both...
      by the way, i'm still hoping to have cover art in the modern skin notifier...( i know, i know...its already in wishlist)
      and i guess would be nice to have a skin browser tab in bento with thumbnails of the skins to switch between skins.

      ps. can't wait for final version, and they still saying "...more to come...."


      • i am still missing a albung art window for classic skin i hope we get this for final!!


        • I'm joining too to the group that didn't got the Internet Explorer toolbar to work, same as other I click on it to activate it but nothing happens.


          • Hey...

            1. Any more information about the ML problem I have? Is it reproduce-able, or is it just me, so I might have to reinstall Winamp? Altough I can try to install it on my laptop first and see if I get the problem (because I have 5.35 there now, not the beta, and no ML problems so far..)

            I have talked about updating this skin earlier (for WA 5.5) (and you can do), but I might have a better idea...
            What about including this as a COLOR THEME into the original "Modern Skin"? That would be nice (more color themes) .... If not the color theme idea, I would be glad if someone could update it (they who made the skin)... If you look in the comments for that skin there might be some things that other people wants fixed too..


            • @Kn0tte

              I couldn't reproduce that one either, sorry.


              • Originally posted by soulstace

                I couldn't reproduce that one either, sorry.
                Ok... Then I might be trying to reinstalling Winamp tomorrow, or trying to install the beta on my laptop...

                As for the Bento buttons...
                What is wrong with them? I dont use Bento that much, but I have tried it and like the buttons as they are now (in beta3).. They are not to big.. There were to small in the previous beta... If it is to big for your screen resolution, you can try to adjust the scaling (if it is possible on Bento - I have not tried it myself)..


                • For all those that want the old Bento skin with the small buttons, here you go, straight from the 1568 installer (complete with any bugs):

                  You could try to re-create the christmas skin as a colour theme but it wouldn't have the lights and holly.
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                  • @J_Darnley

                    now, having both skins in my screen, i rather prefer the "old bento"...
                    anyway thankx! and what do you mean with "any bugs" ?
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                    • Ok... But I dont know how to do it... I suppose I could learn it, but that would take more than 1 day I think.. But I could try... Any special programs that I need to use to do it?

                      Is the skin to old (Christmas 2005) to be updated to 5.5?


                      • Originally posted by synthetiq

                        anyway thankx, and what do you mean with "any bugs" ?
                        Any bugs that were present in the Bento build that came with Beta 1568...


                        • Originally posted by TheUniqueTiger
                          The main player area and the file info area are now looking good. But what was the need to make the tabs showing Media Library, Video, Vis, Browser so large? I simply don't understand...
                          I totally agree, I am loving the new larger top area, but the old button sizes and tabs were a lot better.

                          I have an IntelliType Pro Multimedia keyboard and I am using the global hotkeys, every button works fine when an old style skins is active but if a modern skin is used suddenly the stop and "Play+Pause" button stop working.

                          This is both on the betas and earlier standard versions of winamp.


                          • playlist generator for long titles

                            Winamp 5.5 b1600 on Windows XP PRO SP2

                            when the title of the song is very long, it's not showed in Playlist Editor menu (shows only Play track similar to)

                            in most cases, Media Library doesn't have this problem


                            artist: A Silver Mt. Zion
                            album: He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms
                            title: Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning
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                            • Originally posted by DrO
                              see what happens with the version from
                              thanks for the quick update on this but it actually makes the things worse--only the very 1st track after the winamp launch is being scrobbled. then, no matter what happens, it stops scrobbling for good. the log looks as usual, no errors or anything with the very last line being "CScrobbler::ThreadCallback ReqID 1, New Interval is 1:".


                              • bigger buttons in bento are perfect for party mode, touchscreens, etc etc, a single ui skin is perfect for such uses, while who needs smaller buttons probably needs also a smaller skin, modern skin (or other skins) are for them, why complaining, bento is a big SUI, how can you caomplain about it being big?
                                I was thinking exactly that the old bento's buttons were too small, new buttons are not perfectly integrated in the graphic, but their size is now the right size for a SUI skin