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Winamp 5.5 Beta Preview 3 (Build 1600)

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  • When will U release final version, 2008?


    • Originally posted by vjacques
      thanks for the quick update on this but it actually makes the things worse--only the very 1st track after the winamp launch is being scrobbled.
      @vjacques: that's strange (though that's a build from a few weeks back when trying to see why the plugin failed to scrobble tracks above the 64k limit). i've just tried in my dev install and it's working with the few tracks i've thrown at it (am using the gen_ loaded instance and classic skin).

      do things change occur in the status info on the config dialog (since that's how i was double-checking things were being detected along with checking on my profile - DoctorO). if it's not picking up on that then i really don't know unless something else is present that's blocking the start of playback hacks in the code (i really really really want to find the time to get this thing rebuilt since it's a mess to work with and could be more reliable in start of playback detection without using the 2.x style hacks it relies on)

      @PC Gamer: it's already publicised on the internet, google or looking in the last beta thread will answer your question or you can just wait for the release as a surprise.

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      • Originally posted by DrO
        (am using the gen_ loaded instance and classic skin).

        do things change occur in the status info on the config dialog...[/B]
        ml_ instance with bento skin here.

        config dialog only showed the 1st track and no further tracks were reflected there on in log (the line "New song detected..." never appeared either).

        now back to beta preview 2, things are perfect with 1.1.11p5 or 1.1.10


        • just tried with the same and it's working correctly again (though in ml mode i've got corruption of the taskbar button text - guess i missed applying the subclassing fix for that). other than that if it's just not working then something has to be eating/blocking the messages before AS can get them.

          try it as the gen instance (i never held to the whole ml variant being more reliable then the gen version since they can access the same data). i'll see if i can find any time to look into this further but with final coming up soon i've got to concentrate on my work for that (and my main job as well plus trying to get some sleep) than 3rd party plugins (including my own which need 5.5+ updates + a load that still aren't even 5.34+ compatible)

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          • @Dr. O
            I've tried the audioscrobbler 1.1.11p5 with both the bento and classic skin and it seems to be working with only the classic skin. Everytime I try it with the Bento skin it either sumbits the first song or doesnt submit at all. I haven't tried it with the normal modern skin. But I can work with the classic skin for now. I usually have it minimized anyway. Hopefully when you get time you can get everything working with the bento skin also.

            I've just switched over to the normal modern skin and it appears it doesn't work when using the modern skin either. So it looks like the modern skins are causing the problem.
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            • Oh, hehe, sorry, i'm so lazy.
              Can U guys add video options 2 Winamp 5.5 like this:



              • confirming everything Zero2FiftyIn4 said above.


                • i have been working on a weird problem since installing build 1600. I installed this build over the previous beta, and later uninstalled and reinstalled, and installed over again. the problem is that every time i click certain items within the media library winamp crashes, stating a runtime error. However, i noticed that whenever i rescan the media library, it also crashes at seemingly random times, stating pure virtual function call...6025 and winamp also states it is unable to run the reporter.

                  After restarting winamp the media library is now just a grey screen and clicking on other items in the tree within the local media section yields just plain grey screens. the other directories seem fine (podcasts, bookmarks, history, etc.)

                  After some sifting through the windows event viewer i noticed that the crash involves the file nde.dll. I do not know how this file is involved but i both removed it from the winamp directory, deleted it, copied it back in, installed a new one from the installer, etc. and nothing seems to work.

                  I am not sure if this is even a winamp issue because i am getting runtime errors elsewhere and have already attempted the suggested solutions found in the thread runtime error I have no 3rd party plugins and am using vista ultimate. This is using the Bento skin and with several media library components not installed (transcoder, dashboard, now playing, cd rip & burn, and a couple others. can provide full list if necessary).

                  on further investigation, the grey screens also appear after simply closing and restarting winamp. the only way i can make the media library reappear properly is to restart my pc. i cant figure out why nde.dll or whatever is causing this.

                  edit 2:
                  ok evidently having 'audio' highlighted in the local media section while it is giving a grey screen and playing a file in the playlist causes it to crash too. also stating unable to run winamp reporter. i think this only happens when i click around in the local media section and then play a file after doing so.

                  edit 3:
                  ok after more tinkering i open winamp and the media library directory tree is now also completely grayed out. It crashed immediately, i restarted it and then it went automatically to the classic skin and crashed with this message:

                  edit 4: at this point after a clean install the crashes appear totally random...sometimes just starting winamp crashes it, switching color themese crashes it, compacting aftr rescanning ml crashes it; multiple runtime errors..i dont get it. maybe this is just an issue on my pc.
                  all these problems seem to be occurring under all the skins.

                  i managed to get a crash log if anyone wants me to pm them with it.
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                  • Love Bento!

                    i fuckin' love the Bento Skin still buggy on the ML, but i'll wait guys

                    and a petition for Album Art:
                    - an option search on a specific folder, i have a huge folder with my cover arts and all named like this Artist - Album.jpg



                    • How about let the user customize what the album art display like change the filename it looks for or add a list of filenames it looks for, wildcards and such.


                      • i know is on development but i can't browse my music (even on classic skin) and i can´t downgrade the winamp version
                        how can i fix the Media Library?



                        • im hating the way everything in the bento skin is now so big.. could there be an option to change between the way it was in preview 2 and what it is now?

                          also when it auto hides to the top of the screen. the bottom of the player is still sticking out on the bottom of the screen and when it is showing "unhidden" the bottom is cut off...

                          nice work on this though. loving it!


                          • matbonucci: dump your ml db. or do a clean reinstall


                            • The new beta crashed with a C++ Error: "Pure Virtual Call".

                              System: Windows XP MCE 2005 fully Patched
                              Intel Pentium M 725, 1 GB RAM, Radeon 9700 mobility

                              here is the crash file:
                              Attached Files


                              • Re: Love Bento!

                                Originally posted by matbonucci
                                and a petition for Album Art:
                                - an option search on a specific folder, i have a huge folder with my cover arts and all named like this Artist - Album.jpg
                                Pardon my ignorance, but I cannot think of a reason why this would be useful.

                                Is there a plugin or perhaps another program that utilises Album Art arranged in this way?