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Auto-Tag whole library with Winamp Auto-tagger?

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  • Auto-Tag whole library with Winamp Auto-tagger?


    I just registered and want to thank the developers for Auto-Tagger, it's amazing.

    One question,

    is there a way to auto-tag the whole library other than [selecting all songs in the playlist and press alt+3 and manually press autotag 1200 times]?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Use: Select all (in media library or playlist) -> Send to > Auto-Tag :-)

    Though, depending on how many files you've got, it might be a bit wiser to do it in stages, instead of all at once (eg. use Shift+click to select all files from from a-to-b, or Ctrl+click to select multiple individual files, then right-click one of the selected files, etc).

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      Thanks a lot!!

      But there is one "But":

      In Media Library, I don't see my songs:


      I've tried the same method you told me in "Playlist" but nothing happens when I send all songs to Auto-Tagger,

      Any ideas?


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        Re: no songs in library

        That's because you unchecked Core Media Library Components in the Installer Options,
        Local Media (ml_local.dll) in particular.

        Let's see a List Of Plugins, please
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          Thanks very much!


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            I just set this monster on my entire library, decided to trust it, and its ruined/incorrectly tagged half of them. Even ones that were properly tagged to begin with.


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              Bad idea.

              Should follow DJ Egg's advice.


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                Its good if you select many tracks at once for the auto-tagger since its faster that way... But before applying the new informations in tags, please check at least few tracks from each album, if not all, and then Apply changes.
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                  How does Auto-Tagger work exactly?

                  Is there a way of customising it? I would like it to read parts of the file name, as I always use the same way to name files.
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                    Auto-Tagger gets it's info from the Gracenote Database I do believe so if its wrong in their database then it will give back wrong information. Also not ever song is in the DB.
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                      Ok, thanks
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                        I especially have to be careful with foreign music (mostly latin and jpop in my case), soundtracks, and audio clips not from a standard CD. Does anybody know how it identifies songs, or if Gracenotes mines any info from all these requests it gets?


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                          Auto-Tagger Question and request...

                          So first, I'm curious as to how the auto-tagger actually works. I'm kind of amazed. A long time ago someone sent me a 20 second snippit of a song in wav format. Then back when Mp3's first became really popular...i'd say 96...i converted all my wav sounds, including this file to mp3 format and gave it a generic tag..."Unknown Artist" and "Random Title" because i didn't know anything about the song. I just had auto-tag check for it and it found the Artist, Title and Album. What the heck is it doin?

                          Secondly, i don't like sending all the mp3s to auto tag since i like to review the info it finds. When i see it has improperly i'd like to skip it and move on to the next song but there's no way to do that without pressing cancel,and having to select the group of songs again. Is there a way to skip songs? Can a "Next" and "Back" button be added so you can skip incorrect tag data?

                          Also, many times when auto-tag will pull data that is the right track and artist but wrong album...usually compilations. Is there a way to choose? Like you would with the album art.


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                            Album Art and Tag Data

                            Does anyone know where the Album Art and Tag Data is stored?
                            From what i understand iTunes writes the album art and data to the file rather than keeping it logged in a database. Is that correct?

                            With that understanding, there are files with album art in my iTunes Library but the same file has no album art when i look it up using the winamp "view file info" feature.


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                              The auto tagger analyses the audio and then matches it against a database to find the tags. Album art is stored in the containing folder or in file tags if you embed them with another program and tags are stored in the files.
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