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Modular Bento Skin?

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  • Modular Bento Skin?

    Anyone know if there is a version of or way to make the Bento skin modular? I love the design, but I wish I could minimize or expand certain sections. thanks in advance

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    I think the idea of Bento is to be a "SingleUI"...however you can collapse certain parts of it, if the space is an issue.

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      Bento is in fact a SUI skin, but If you (as you said) "love the design" of the Bento skin and want modular/ separate/ detachable windows, you can try a "Classic" version.

      Here ya go...

      Bento Classic Skin version | Forum discussion thread
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        I like the look and certain features of the new skin, but I like a small footprint on my desktop, so I just wondered if I could detach certain elements and move them around or close them... that's all. Love the winamp... user since 1999!