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  • 'recently added' = last updated

    Just wondering if anyone else thinks that the 'recently added' view should be just that. I've always found it a slight annoyance when a bunch of songs show up there simply because a ID3 tag was changed. It always seemed to me that an actual 'date added' field would be far more useful than a 'last updated' field. Perhaps it's just me.

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    I agree with you. Especially since I sync my Winamp to my iPod, I would like to see the recently added mp3s.

    And when I update the ID3 tags, it confuses the database.

    Hopefully we would be able to have that actual date added field.


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        I'd LOVE that function ..and i don't think its that hard to build in...or am i wrong??


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          Just adding my voice to this suggestion. It would really reduce a lot of annoyance because of a synced iPod or an edited mp3. Sometimes when I disconnect and reconnect my external HDD (which contains about 7000 mp3s), Winamp adds all those tracks to the 'Recently Added' list, which is clearly an annoyance (atleast to me).


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            Any updates or work arounds for this.

            Just recently joined the dark side and got an ipod. When I update my smart playlists it sees these files in the "recently added"


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              May be the developers could add a column to the library database which stands for 'time_added' and the functionality too.
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                Cheers, Pete

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                  Yes I agree as well.


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                    Yep, got my vote.


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                      Oh and mine


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                        i just add a column with file time and fixes it for me. easy
                        Cheers, Pete

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                          I've always been frustrated with this, but found a "sort-of annoying, but works" way of doing this.
                          If you use a batch-editing / renaming program to set the mp3's modified date back to its created date, then it will appear in winamp as the date you downloaded/created the mp3s.

                          This is what I do (for recently added songs in the last 3 months):

                          Do a search in your music folder (in windows or whatever you use)

                          Search for all mp3's (or other music files) modified in the last 3 months

                          (Older version of winamp had that dropbox thing where you could drag the playlist into the dropbox, then from there into an external program, but winamp got rid of this... it was a little easier that way)

                          Drag the found files into a batch-editing / renaming program (I use "Flash Renamer")

                          Set the Date Modified to equal Date Created

                          Go back into winamp and select all files in the Recently Added playist

                          Rightclick>Read Metadata on selected items

                          Refresh Playlist

                          ...It might sound a little painful, but it can be done in less than a minute when you know what you're doing and you only have to do it once in a while (unless you're constantly modifying other files)


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                            One thing to note though.
                            This can't really work for ipods because you can't really adjust the dates of the actual files on the device.
                            And even still the files on the ipod's created date, would be the date you added it to the ipod, not your library...
                            Best way is to make a Recently Added static playlist (not smart playlist) that you just update with the smart list I mentioned in the post above


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                              I came here specifically looking for a solution to this long-standing annoyance.

                              Is there any chance of getting this fixed? I'm desperate to see this feature implemented correctly.

                              It's such a pain losing track of the real order in which items were added to the Winamp Library.