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Winamp or AIMP?

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  • Winamp or AIMP?

    i tried aimp, a new audio player and i think that finally now winamp has a great competitor
    what do you think, which one has a better audio reproduction?

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    well it is one among others.
    it has a nice playlist (although the main layout is from winamp).
    as pro i would say it has a nice skin editor.

    All in all i would never switch from winamp to another player - so...
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      naa this other skin doesnt have much. site is a joke! Join us in making these skins, Artist and coders wanted!


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        yep, the site is a real joke.
        i think it's ok that they offer it translated to russish, but if they want an international userbase they should make english the default language.

        5 points for Winamp, yay!
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          So I installed it...

          I didn't bother checking out any extra skins, but I couldn't resize the playlist to make it wide enough to show all the metadata I want:
          Artist - Album - ## - Title (Year).

          There's no support for "Album Artist" (or Publisher) metadata fields, which is no good for me, because I set all compilations to:
          Album Artist = Various Artists
          Artist = %TrackArtist%

          No tooltips on the buttons at the bottom of the playlist.
          I was afraid to click the two middle ones incase it wiped the playlist.

          The ML window is a bit ugly and clumsy to use.

          I added all songs to the Media Library (about 35,000), which took about as long as Winamp, maybe longer... but there's no background scanning, and the progress dialog stays on screen with the ML window underneath, and with the main player window inaccessible...
          then after eventually working out how to get it to add all songs from the library to the playlist, it then took an eternity to read all the metadata into the playlist and calculate the total filesize, whilst constantly using about 40% cpu.

          Can't disable scrolling text in taskbar icon (can disable showing the info, but not the scrolling)

          No --alt-presets (or newer equivalents) for the mp3 encoder

          No support for .m3u8 playlists

          No video support

          No ReplayGain support

          No acoustic fingerprint / dynamic playlist generator

          No portables support

          It looks like just yet another Winamp clone.

          And no, I don't think it sounds any better than Winamp.

          Other than that, yeah, it's not too bad ;-)

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            I also think it sounds much worser than winamp.
            And no, it simply does not kick the llama's ass
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