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Album Art Viewer Plugin v1.03 (17/12/2013)

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  • Version 0.7
    • Fixed crash on screen resolution change / resize.
    • Skinned menu that pops up when you context(right)-click the album art window.


    Had to "upgrade" the original source project to MSVC2010 so I've included it with the source.
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    • Hi all, I've been a winamp user since I don't even remember and was never satisfied with any other player... My library is quite large, full of album art and info so...

      Is there a way (I have 1.1 version) to increase the font size in the album art window? It's nice that the pic scales to the windows size, but the text remains tiny... I'd like to put that window on my TV screen while we listen to the music in the background and want it to be readable even from a few meters...

      Is there a possibility to also display the track name in addition to the other fields (and maybe remove some fields, like Rating)? In other words, how can customize it?


      • impressed TT, kinda shocking windows can get a BSOD from a winamp plugin / resolution issue tho.
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        • Here it is December 2022 and I just install 1.03 on the final Winamp version released earlier this year. Amazed the plugin still works though I have written two myself that still function. Guessing the API has not really changed.
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