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    @ martinsj, will it work also with Windows Vista? I didn't read "Windows Vista" on Your page now, also not, if it will work with both bit-versions, 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows Vista & Windows 7). My Workstation PC has Windows Vista 32-bit...
    For my Main Winamp (installed in the default location) I have the desktop client from here (International Link), although I use mostly YouScrobbler in Mozilla Firefox and Scrobbler for Chrome & Chrome Scrobbler in Google Chrome ( doesn't seem to work in both browser anymore). My Cloud Player and the platform Mixcloud can scrobble now, too. The desktop client from works with my Main Winamp very fine, but I have fears, they will change the API very soon (15th January or later), and then it will not work anymore. They have already a beta version from a next scrobbler-software (German Link). An uninstall of the "old version" is required before installing it, and I have also some Further Winamps in another location, not only my Main Winamp. I want to keep my very nice Winamp Family, of course. If the new scrobbler-software is also for different media players like the old one, then the .dll will land into the wrong Winamp, I know that. I could move the .dll, of course, that will not be a problem. But alternatively I could use the plugin from ...
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      Hi, can anyone reupload the plugin from this website ? Because it seems this website is offline :/


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        I'm using the original Scrobbler, it works great with winamp.
        The only thing I don't like is that it won't terminate when Winamp is closed...

        for this issue I've created a plugin that terminates the scrobbler process
        (the process name is editable in a config file)

        if anyone is intereseted: Scrobbler:
 shutdown winamp plugin:

        Kind regards
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          Originally Posted by ravermeister View Post
          I'm using the original Scrobbler, it works great with winamp.
          and then you say you have to do hackish things to have it work correctly - so it clearly doesn't work all that great. and that's not forgetting about how most of the standalone builds crash when trying to edit their settings and other issues it causes Winamp...
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            you're right it is a hackish thing,
            but for me it is working, I don't say it is the best solution,
            but the other scrobblers I've tried so far had still used the
            deprected v1 api...

            p.s.: by the way the source code of the plugin and other resources
            are available at github. sadly I don't have enough C skills and time to
            contribute this functionality, but maybe it is of interest:
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              I wrote my own scrobbler called "JustScrobble" a few weeks ago. You can find it here:

              Before I did that I used the scrobbler mentioned above, which website is down now? That one freezed Winamp for several seconds if no internet connection was available.

              And before that I was using the following:

              Worked mostly, but I didn't liked it.


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                I wrote my own scrobbler called "JustScrobble" a few weeks ago. You can find it here:
                This is pretty bare-bones, but works. It scrobbles and that's it. It puts something in the system tray though, and the only thing is I'd rather it didn't do that. Still, better than the plugin.


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                  Just coming here as this is pretty high up on google list for people looking for a solution.
                  You don't need the plugin, or any external program. This works with Winamp 5.666.

                  Search for DrO's gen_audioscrobbler.dll, and place it in the Plugins directory.
                  After a restart you'll see it in General Plugins, don't try to configure it, it will crash.

                  Copy the contents of below to a .reg file and run it. Replace your username in it, also paste in the MD5 hashed version of your password (link in below for that - and yea, its not too secure to store your pass in the registry like this, but thats what it is).
                  After this, you should see scrobbles popping up.

                  Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

                  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Audioscrobbler\Winamp Plugin]
                  ;md5 pass from here:
                  "password"="MD5 PASSWORD"












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                    There is no problem with the scrobbler if you download the older version. It still works, though it is worth manually updating the OpenSSL libs
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                      Cool. I didn't hear about this plugin


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                        Does anyone use this in conjunction with ml_ipod?

                        I find that when the ipod is connected/synced, that this will only scrobble the last 10 songs played (sometimes 20).

                        The log file seems to imply that 50 cached songs get "successfully" submitted at a time, but only the last 10 cached songs submitted are actually posted to

                        Does anyone else have this issue?

                        Is it at all possible to change the configuration somehow to only submit 10 cached songs at a time?


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                          If you are playing the file in winamp it should be scrobbling right away.
                          The default in the official scrobbler is to submit a scrobble at the 50% mark of a track not in batches.
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                            This stopped working correctly since version 5.9


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                              The new Winamp 5.9.1 from Dec 2022 can scrobble with the legacy desktop scrobbler and its old plugin again. Probably the update has fixed the issue with crashing Winamp 5.9. You can download the legacy desktop scrobbler on the Track My Music page of
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                              See also the Winamp Scrobbling FAQ on the support forum and a related thread:
                              The legacy desktop scrobbler version 2.1.37 and its old Winamp plugin still support the latest version 5.9.2 for Winamp from 2023 and also the new WACUP version which gets updated regularly, see their website and support forum for more infos. The new desktop scrobbler version 3.1.xx does not support Winamp or foobar2000 anymore, only iTunes/Apple Music and the old Windows Media Player without plugins. The important detail is that you have to move or copy the installed pl...

                              I've encountered massive problems with the new Winamp version 5.9 since the first RCs and after some trial and error the source of the crashes lead to the Scrobbler. With the scrobbler activated and the Winamp plugin installed, Winamp is crashing constantly, sometimes I can't play 2 songs in a row. I don't have any hopes that the staff is fixing the scrobbler, because it's the old scrobbler 2.1.37. There is a newer version available, but there is not even Winamp support included. So my ...
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