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Winamp 5.55 Beta Preview 2

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  • Winamp 5.55 Beta Preview 2

    Winamp 5.55 Beta, Build 2353

    Winamp 5.55 Beta Full (US English version)
    Winamp 5.55 Beta Full (Multi-national installer)*
    Winamp 5.55 Beta Pro (US English version, asks for key during install)
    Winamp 5.55 Beta Lite (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player)
    * (French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese & Romanian)

    Winamp 5.55
    * New: Turkish, Portuguese & Romanian installer translations and language packs
    * New: WBM system for lazy-loading of *.w5s files
    * New: [Bento skin] Playlist tab (optional)
    * New: [ml_impex] iTunes-compatible Media Library database import/export plugin
    * Improved: [gen_ff] Faster & no flicker when loading/switching skins
    * Improved: [gen_jumpex] New 'Add to Library' shell menu item & other tweaks
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Optional alternating row colors for list views
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Optional skinned menus
    * Improved: [in_mod] Experimental ExtendedRead support (transcoding, burning, etc)
    * Improved: [in_mod] Now uses global Playback config for thread priority
    * Improved: [in_mp3] APEv2 tag editing/creating tweaks
    * Improved: [ml_local] Media Library searches now ignore diacritics
    * Improved: [ml_local] New 'Category' and 'Lossless' database fields
    * Improved: [ml_online] New toolbar and various other tweaks & optimizations
    * Improved: [ml_online] Support for 3rd-party Services
    * Improved: [vis_milk2] Pixel Shader 2.0 & 3.0 support tweaks
    * Improved: [vis_nsfs] Unicode title display for currently playing track
    * Fixed: Accessibility fixup for Format Info string in Alt+3 dialog
    * Fixed: New version check can't be disabled when anon statistics is enabled
    * Fixed: Rare crash when closing vis window
    * Fixed: Small memory leaks in in_wm, gen_dropbox, ml_local, ml_pmp and tagz.w5s
    * Fixed: Various issues when starting/stopping/switching vis plugins
    * Fixed: [enc_flac] 24-bit FLAC encoding
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Shell Options, B Hotkey, Send To menus & other misc bugs
    * Fixed: [gen_ml] Library button resize glitch
    * Fixed: [in_cdda] Potential cddb Disc null pointer crash
    * Fixed: [in_flac] Track restarts when updating metadata
    * Fixed: [in_mp4] Empty genre metadata field (eg. when transcoding from flac to m4a)
    * Fixed: [in_mp4] Long hangs on slow network drives
    * Fixed: [ml_disc] Potential crash on exit
    * Fixed: [ml_local] Broken 'Create Playlist' button functionality in local media
    * Fixed: [ml_local] Remove missing files broken with some older/corrupt databases
    * Fixed: [ml_wire] Columns sometimes hidden in Downloads view
    * Fixed: [ml_plg] Multiple 'Failed to initialize' error messages
    * Fixed: [ml_pmp] Crash when deleting playlists/files from a P4S portable device
    * Fixed: [out_ds] Logarithmic volume control dB display glitch
    * Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Deletion of non-existent files from database
    * Fixed: [pmp_ipod] Reading of Play Count statistics
    * Misc: More miscellaneous general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
    * Misc: New "Send Feedback" item in the Help menu
    * Misc: Note that changes made to the ml database are not backwards compatible!
    * Misc: Removed some older Milkdrop presets and added some newer ones
    * Misc: Separated vlb.w5s and nsvdec_vp3.dll decoders from in_mp3 and in_nsv
    * Misc: Separated timer from gen_ff into timer.w5s
    * Updated: Gracenote CDDB/MusicID v2.6.0.6
    * Updated: Sonic Burning Engine v4.10.32.502
    * Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.0.3
    * Updated: [in_mp3] Fraunhofer Decoder v4.3
    * Updated: [lame_enc] LAME 3.98.2
    * Updated: [vis_avs] AVS v2.82


    Winamp 5.55 Beta (build 2345) to Beta 2 (build 2353) changelog:

    [browser] Fixed search queries w/ spaces ended up with + in search field
    [core] Fixed genre not being saved with Autotag feature in Alt+3 dialog
    [enc_flac] Fixed 24 bit FLAC encoding
    [gen_dropbox] misc updates (w.i.p.)
    [gen_ff] Fixed songticker titles not displaying correctly at startup***
    [gen_jumpex] Fixed text on groupbox on skinned JTF dialog looking out of place*
    [gen_jumpex] Fixed buttons on JTF dialog changing to uppercase (related to 1.0.2 fix)*
    [gen_jumpex] Fixed resizing of skinned JTF dialog not always hiding buttons correctly*
    [gen_ml] Fixed using keyboard cursors with skinned menus*
    [gen_ml] Fixed skinned menu glitches (conflict with Windows scroll effect, etc)**
    [gen_ml] Fixed skinned menus on some fonts & sizes truncating part of first character*
    [gen_ml] Fixed data cd view not respecting skinned menu config*
    [in_flac] Fixed track restarting when updating metadata
    [in_mp3] Category mldb field now written to ID3FID_CONTENTGROUP ID3v2 field (TIT1 frame)*
    [ml_impex] Added BPM field to import/export
    [ml_local] Added Category & Lossless to documentation in Advanced mode of Smart View Editor*
    [ml_online] Fixed infinite loop bug with manually created omService_*.ini files (as reported by Ujay)*
    [ml_plg] Fixed multiple 'Failed to initialize' error messages
    [ml_wire] Fixed columns sometimes hidden in Downloads view
    [pmp_ipod] Fixed some 'variable not initialized' errors
    [pmp_ipod] Fixed some iPod playback issues
    [timer.w5s] Script controller fix for Timer maki object*
    Various translation updates
    Various misc minor tweaks/fixes etc.

    * = 5.55 beta-specific
    ** = Requires reboot to take effect, if feature was used within Windows session
    *** = Temp fix. Causes Notifier to appear at Winamp startup. Will fix for 5.55 Final (ps. blame Kn0tte)



    1. Improved: [ml_local] Media Library searches now ignore diacritics:
    For example, a search for "Einsturzende" will now return results for both Einsturzende and Einstürzende;
    a search for "Bjork" will return results for both Bjork and Björk, etc.

    IMPORTANT: Winamp 5.55 makes changes to the Media Library database that are not backwards-compatible with previous versions. If installing on top of a current installation (as opposed to the recommended clean/test install), then you should make a backup of your local ml database files incase you want to revert to 5.541 and still be able to use the same database. The files which need backing up are %appdata%\winamp\plugins\ml\main.dat & main.idx

    2. Re: Online Services
    This is a work in progress and you should expect to see various serverside changes occurring in real-time.
    Some of the new features/services are not yet available in this public beta preview.
    More info about creating/submitting 3rd-party services here.
    Help for the new features can (temporarily) be found here.
    Note that the config/settings for each service are now saved in the "%appdata%\Winamp\Plugins\ml\omServices" folder, where omService_{10100}.ini is usually for SHOUTcast Radio...

    3. Re: New: [Bento skin] Playlist tab (optional):
    Bento skin -> Options menu -> Appearance -> Show Playlist Tab

    4. Re: New: [ml_impex] iTunes-compatible Media Library database import/export plugin:
    Library button -> Import Database / Export Database to import from or export to an iTunes-compatible xml file.

    5. Re: Improved: [gen_jumpex] New 'Add to Library' shell menu item & other tweaks:
    Winamp -> Prefs -> File Types -> Shell Options
    Highlight "Add to Winamp's Media Library" in the File/Folder Context Menu lists.
    Note: Requires the 'Jump to File Extra' plugin to be installed (i.e. don't uncheck it in the 'User Interface Extensions' section on the 'Choose Components' page of the Installer Options)

    6a. Re: Improved: [gen_ml] Optional alternating row colors for list views:
    6b. Re: Improved: [gen_ml] Optional skinned menus:
    Winamp -> Prefs -> Media Library -> Appearance tab
    Hopefully, skinned menus will eventually be globally available...

    7. Re: Improved: [ml_local] New 'Category' and 'Lossless' database fields:
    Category field = editable via 'Edit Selected Item(s) (Ctrl+E)' in the local media views right-click menu.
    Category is a custom field that can be used for virtually anything,
    eg. Night/Day, Party/Alone, Rock (for all types of Rock), etc.
    Lossless is not a humanly editable field.
    You can search the ml for ?lossless=1 to show all lossless formats (flac, alac, lossless wma, etc).
    You may need to use 'read metadata on selected items' from the rt-click menu
    for this function to work on pre-existing databases.


    Reporting Bugs:

    Please report any issues with the beta in this thread only!
    Make sure your report is complete, according to the sticky threads in Bug Reports, ie.
    Clean install, no 3rd-party plugins, list of plugins, full step-by-step method of reproduction, relevant system specs, exact error messages, screenshots, which skin (one of Classic, Modern, or Bento only, or all three), links to sample files.
    If error reports, screenshots, sample files, etc are smaller than 200kb, then please attach them to your post here. Otherwise, please upload to one of,, or and post the url here (no rapidshare or imageshack or similar links please).
    Note that incomplete/lame bug reports may be totally ignored.


    Known Bugs/Issues:

    1. Some AVS presets may not work properly with AVS v2.82

    2. Notifier appears at Winamp startup (Beta2-specific, will fix for Final)


    Updates & Extras:

    Winamp Essentials 5.55 Beta 2 | Mirror1 | Mirror2
    * New: [ml_enqplay] 'ML Enqueue and Play' plug-in for media library
    * New: [in_wv] WavPack decoder, a free lossless codec
    * New: [f263.wbm] As part of new 5.55 WBM system for lazy-loading of *.w5s files
    * Updated: [alac.w5s] ALAC Decoder (now with ReplayGain support)
    * Updated: [in_wav] Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper to v1.0.3 (adds localization support)
    * Removed: ML Database Import/Export plugin (now bundled with Winamp 5.55)
    * Misc: Various UI tweaks & translation updates
    * Full changelog
    * More Info | 2

    Color Editor for 5.55

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    so now let the fun begin...

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      Kudos to the Dev team for all of their hard work and patience.

      Thank you for the wonderful software.


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          at last. thanks !


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            Sexy build
            ClassicPro - Enhanced Winamp
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              Just a few notes related to the Essentials Pack:


              * New: [in_wv] WavPack decoder, a free, lossless codec
              WavPack is a really nice, free lossless codec and it's really worth to ship it with the Essentials Pack. Adding this was planned for more than a half year. Hopefully it will help spreading the format a lil' more.

              The decoder is full functional, it supports the unified tag editor, transcoding, the library etc.

              The only thing we still miss is localization support. Prelimary support is already present, but it's still not complete. A few issues need to be sorted out, I hope we have a full translatable build for 5.55 final.

              I'll inform you when it's ready.


              * Misc: [Installer] disabled all incomplete language files, because of compatibility reasons
              A few things were added in the last example file and some of the files were too old.

              The installer wasn't really nice with these incomplete language files. So I've disabled them, sorry. You still can provide an update for the installer translation in your native language.


              Translation example files enqplay_auto.ini, in_wv.lng and in_wav.lng will be made available for non official translators too. I'll try to sort this out within the next few days.
              Last edited by Koopa; 22 January 2009, 18:53.
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                Yep thank you dev team


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                  i hope some of you enjoy the playlist tab
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                    Yay, Big Bento doesn't take up my whole desktop anymore.
                    Thank you Martin, you are a dream wizard.


                    Bento Browser bug: Any multiword search ends up with "+" instead of spaces in the query. (eg. searching for "jon brion" in the default Web Search becomes jon%2Bbrion in the web address and therefore "jon+brion" is the query, which generally doesn't work.)

                    Minor ML bug(?): Album pane disregards "The" whereas I think only Artist should disregard it. (eg. I have an album called "The Anthology" and another called "ANThology" yet selecting ANThology brings up both.)

                    All I've noticed so far. Keep up the great work!
                    Last edited by osmosis; 22 January 2009, 21:20.
                    Request: A little SmartView Query Language love.


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                      Yupi new build

                      // EDIT

                      But could you something with File Info, I mean that if none changes were made and OK button was pressed it shouldn't update the file (for ex. you just wanted to more info about the file, no changes and pressek OK).

                      And something else, why shortcuts like z,x,c,v,b,r,s etc doesn't work in main window (you must select Playlist to use them)?
                      Last edited by Serpher; 22 January 2009, 22:04.
                      Sorry for my bad English
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                        This has been a quiet forum for a beta! I am impressed. I know that you guys did a bunch of pre testing, but I have found just a few small issues.

                        Skinned Menus: When I have skinned menus on, it will ‘corrupt’ for lack of a better term. See screenshot. And it will do the same thing to all of the menus on my computer. Once I run the mouse over the menu, then I can read everything, but there is still corruption where the dividers are. I have to turn off the skinned menu setting and restart to get everything back to normal.
                        Let me know what you need from me to troubleshoot this. I have two Nvidia geforce 6600 video cards with a dual monitor system. Driver version 181.20. 1280x1024. 32 bit color depth. Windows XP SP 3 Home 32bit color. The same thing happens with 24 bit color.

                        [Bento skin] Playlist tab: When you enable the playlist tab (very cool), and click over to the playlist tab, the playlist goes away. But when you click back to the media library tab, the playlist does not come back automatically. You have to pull the divider back. I would think that you would want the playlist to come back automatically because many people would not know to pull the divider back.

                        pmp_ipod: And the last thing that I have found so far… I know that this is a issue that is beaten to death and I am not sure about the priority of this, but pmp_ipod is not transferring album art to the ipod correctly. You can see the album art in cover flow, but you cannot see the album art when the track is playing or in the playlist.


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                          same problem with the skinned menus here(XPpro SP3,GF8500[181.20],1680x1050)
                          but very interesting: with an other accont on the same machine its OK!
                          on Vista HP32 its also OK.

                          Will we see sometimes the other menus also skinned?
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                            One bug is still there though, when I use Winamp and I click the Open file(s) button, I right click a song and choose 'add to Winamp playlist'. Winamp then freezes for like 10 seconds, and the song isn't being added to the playlist.

                            Using this beta on Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 with the Modern Skin.


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                              Great to see Winamp is still alive, at least.
                              I read foobar, foobar every day, but almost nothing about Winamp. :/

                              (However, Winamp still rocks the shit ^^)
                              Winamp user since v1.something.