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Winamp Essentials Pack information

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  • Winamp Essentials Pack information


    I was hoping someone could either explain to me, or point me to a page with detailed information about, the Winamp Essentials Pack and what it is.

    I see people mention it in their posts all the time, and notice that it is updated pretty regularly along with the main Winamp program. However, the main page that comes up when doing a search for it on the plugin site doesn't go into too much detail for exactly what it is or what the plugins it contains actually do.

    I installed it and have noticed a couple of additional features in my Winamp that weren't there before. They seem pretty cool, but I'd like to make sure I know exactly what the changes are so I can take advantage of them if I'm so inclined.

    Thanks for any info...


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    It explains more when you go to install it.


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      Winamp Essentials Pack

      Download | Changelog | 5.571 EP Details

      Installer made/packaged by Christoph Grether (Koopa)


      Plugins (installed to: Winamp\Plugins folder)

      1. Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper (in_wav.dll / in_wav.trb), by DrO - Complements the default Waveform Decoder (in_wave.dll) by adding decode support for extra formats such as riff-wav (embedded mp3), .aud & dsp truespeech

      2. WavPack Decoder (in_wv.dll), by David Bryant - Provides support for Wavpack playback (*.wv files)

      3. Nullsoft Ogg Vorbis Encoder (enc_vorbis.dll) - Lets you rip CDs and transcode other formats to .ogg (uses AoTuv b5.7)

      4. Playlist Undo (gen_undo.dll), by DrO - Adds features to undo any changes to the current playlist.

      5. Find File on Disk (gen_find_on_disk.dll), by DrO - Adds right-click "Find on disk" feature to playlist entries.

      6. Time Restore & Autoplay (gen_timerestore.dll), by DrO - Adds options to make Winamp autoplay on start, and/or restore playback position.

      7. Lite'n Winamp Preferences (gen_nopro.dll), by DrO - Adds options to hide pages in Winamp's Preferences dialog. Settings accessible via: Prefs -> Plugins -> General Purpose -> gen_nopro -> config.

      8. Skins in Submenu (gen_skinsubmenu.dll), by DrO - Organizes the Skins menu into Modern and Classic subsections.

      9. ML Enqueue & Play (ml_enqplay.dll), by DrO - Adds an "Enqueue and Play" action to items in the Media Library.

      10. Kill Predixis (gen_killpredixis.dll), by DrO - Deletes all files associated with the old Predixis MusicIP plugin

      Extra Decoders (installed to: Winamp\System folder)

      11. AC3 Decoder (a52.w5s) - Used by in_mp4, in_avi & in_mkv to decode any MP4/M4V, AVI & MKV videos with AC3 audio content.

      12. ALAC Decoder (alac.w5s) - Used by in_mp4 & in_mp3 to decode any MP4/M4A or AAC files encoded with the Apple Lossless Audio Codec.

      13. H.263 Decoder (f263.w5s) - Used by in_flv, in_mkv, in_mp4 & in_avi to decode any FLV, MKV, MP4 or AVI files with h.263 video content.

      Winamp Modern skin modification (installed to: Winamp\Skins\Winamp Modern folder)

      14. Playlist Sidecar, by Martin Pöhlmann - Adds a playlist sidecar feature to emulate old Winamp3 multiple playlists feature.

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        Thank you very much, DJ Egg. This is exactly what I was looking for.


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          Additionally to Egg's great descriptions:

          1. The installer has a nice welcome page, which describes, what features the pack includes.

          2. The installer has section descriptions, which describe, what every component does. Similar to Winamp's installer.
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            Originally posted by Koopa
            Similar to Winamp's installer.
            but the EP installer is much nicer

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