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Playing an audio file in a loop using its embedded loop information

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    Infinity and forever

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  • Playing an audio file in a loop using its embedded loop information

    Hi !

    How do I (easily and accurately) loop-play (in any player) an audio-file (in any format)
    using its embedded wave-loop information (without (much) user intervention)?

    For example, using a track like this:

    Which contains an intro part:

    And a 'main loop' part:

    The player (such as WinAmp) would then play the intro part once, and the 'main loop' part in a loop:

    Some audio-samplers can play wave-files (.WAV) containing looping information,
    where the wave-file can simply contain 2 markers in it to define the loop.

    The same algorithm is found in (module) trackers (or MikAmp)
    playing tracker modules, containing samples with (forward, backward or ping-pong) loop-points.

    A similar approach, for whole 'tracks', is used in (old) module formats (.MOD files) which,
    if I remember correctly, is already decently supported in WinAmp

    It doesn't really matter to me which format or player is required.
    What does matter is that:
    - the audio-file contains the loop-information,
    - it can be played looping without user intervention,
    - the actual audio can be a CD quality track of 1 hour (or longer)

    I've often found myself re-editing CDs, mixes or tracks
    in such a way that it would fade-in or start off easily,
    and after a while repeating from somewhere at the beginning,
    and then playing in an infinite loop,
    until it is desired to stop playing (final intervention)
    For example during exercises, meditation or coding

    But this creates humongous tracks (if high quality is desired)
    when playing, like, 6 times the same 60 minute track;
    e.g. 6 x ~300 MB (high quality) = ~1.8 GB

    Maybe there's a plug-in out there for WinAmp which I have missed,
    or perhaps another program that I'm not aware of,
    which can perform this, to me, fairly simple task

    Thank you for reading