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Plugin for playing youtube videos

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  • Koopa
    Impossible, YouTube contents is copyrighted. Also Winamp has no h.263 license, this is why the codec is shipped in Essentials Pack and not in the main distributation.

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  • niuniuch
    started a topic Plugin for playing youtube videos

    Plugin for playing youtube videos

    Any chance on someone making a Winamp Plug-in such that I could stick a YouTube URL into Winamp and have it automatically start playing the video through winamp?

    This would be nice so that I could use Winamp's features to use on any YouTube videos I might watch.

    Anyone know of anything like this?

    I know that you can download video from youtube and play it in winamp, and I know about the Minitube plugin which plays youtube videos for mp3s you play in winamp.
    The problem with this plugin is that you need to have a mp3 with a song to play a youtube video, and I would like to play videos directly from youtube.

    Seems much easier to create such a plugin, but I can't find anything.
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