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    Winamp Icon Packs are a collection of icon libraries that contain a set of predefined icons. This icons are displayed for files with extension that describes file types associated with Winamp. Winamp Icon Libraries looks nice especially in modern Windows operating systems where it is possible to display icons with very big size (256x256px, depends on Windows File Explorer settings).

    To use Winamp Icon Pack, you must have installed Winamp v5.58 (or higher) with the 'Jump to File Extra' plugin (JTFE v1.1).

    To change the default icon library in Winamp, open Winamp preferences (Ctrl + P), navigate to the 'Jump to File' > 'Extras' page and select the "Enable 'File Types' preferences page additions" option. To change or select default Winamp Icon Library use dropdown list that contains all installed icon libraries.

    Additionally you have to move the 'File Type Icon' & 'Playlist Icon' sliders to bottom. These options can be found on the 'File Types' preference page. On the same preference page you can preview the available custom icons from current icon library shown for files associated with Winamp. You can open any folder in Windows containing Winamp-associated filetypes and see the icon(s) change in real-time.

    Winamp 5.9 Notes:
    To use Winamp Icon Pack in Winamp 5.9 you need to do the following:
    1. Install Winamp 5.9
    2. Install Jump to File Extra (JTFE) v1.33 plugin (copy dll to Winamp Plugins folder)
    3. Install Winamp Icon Pack

    Winamp Icon Pack Installer should set all settings to make it work.
    - Winamp Preferencies: File Types -> File Icon and Playlist Icon -> both sliders to bottom
    - Winamp Preferencies: Jump To File -> Extras -> Enable 'File Types' preferences page additions

    Winamp Icon Pack functionality is NOT officialy supported in Winamp 5.9.
    JTFE plugin is not designed for Winamp 5.9 (it is designed for 5.666 Build 3516!).

    To make it work, go to Windows System Settings -> Default Applications
    and SET WINAMP AS DEFAULT PLAYER. It should now read Winamp Icon Pack icons.
    If not, Select Icon Library to use, via Winamp Preferences: Jump To File -> Extras (you should allow it with UAC).

    I have prepared several icon packs so far. Each of them contains a lot of different icon libraries, which differ in pattern, color or theme. You can download them using below links or learn more about each of them. Icon Pack installer will automatically install the selected icon libraries and configure the system to use chosen icon library as default. You can always change default icon library via the Winamp preferences.

    WINAMP ICON PACK :: More info | Download Winamp Icon Pack

    WACUP ICON PACK :: More info | Download WACUP Icon Pack

    THE FIRST ICON PACK :: More info | Download The First Icon Pack

    LLAMA ICON PACK :: More info | Download Llama Icon Pack

    COSMIC RHAPSODY ICON PACK :: More info | Download Cosmic Rhapsody Icon Pack

    MAGIC COLOURS ICON PACK :: More info | Download Magic Colours Icon Pack


    xpAlto Winamp Icon Pack: More infos & download

    iG Winamp Icon Pack: More infos & download

    Modern I: More infos & download

    Modern II: More infos & download

    Please post ideas, your opinions about existing and future icon packs. If you have time and skills,
    post here your icon packs.
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    Polski Pakiet Językowy Winampa (WINAMP


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    great post, altho i like the choices available without enabling the extras.

    however, is it possible to have animated icons?
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      Wow, great guide, Pawel.

      Since it's a bit tricky to enable icon packs with all the settings, a lot of users will be happy to read such documentation with a bunch of pictures.

      Well done.

      I guess we should move or copy it to TS greatest hits or maybe add it to the Winamp docu (that wiki page) ?
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        Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
        is it possible to have animated icons?
        not that i'm aware of as only cusors allow for animation support and Exploer/the shell will only support icon files to my knowledge.

        if it's ok, i'll include a copy / reference to this on the page over the next few weeks.


        p.s. Pawel: i saw your pm and will look into it as time allows when i'm back from holiday
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          @DrO: Thankd for JTFE fix.
          You can of course include this text where You want.

          Only icons.

          Thanks. Will see what happen.

          I have updated this thread. I hope, that this will be a thread, where users will post own icon packs...
          I know it tooks much time to create an icon pack, but I am sure someone of you will do this and show this to us.

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          Polski Pakiet Językowy Winampa (WINAMP


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            Quick note: When I did an "install on top" of Winamp v5.6, it did not keep my icon choices.

            Before the update, I had the "Llama Grey" icons selected. Updated Winamp and saw different icons for all my MP3s, etc. Looked into preferences, it still showed "Llama Grey" as selected. I wiggled the choice of icons to "Llama Green", then back to "Llama Grey" and as I pressed "Close", all my icons came back.


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              @Pawel: Extra info... Win Vista PC used here. Let me know if more details required. All icons fine now I have toggled the selection within preferences.


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                the Winamp installer when it is run will reset the associations (if set during the install stage) back to what it knows as being it's valid settings. as the jtfe plug-in is using some tricks to override this behaviour, it sadly doesn't know about the setup stage and isn't really able to do anything about it.

                however i had thought jtfe would try to rebuild the icons when Winamp properly starts (am wondering if that is what is leading to some of the UAC on start-up prompts) but until i get a new psu for the dev box i build jtfe on i'm somewhat clueless as to what is going on (has been some months since i implemented it).

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                  I cannot remember 100% of the exact details of what I did during installation. Everything worked well, so I didn't pay attention. Just noticed the change of MP3 icon for a file on my desktop.

                  MP3 icon had changed to a Greyish "Play" symbol. A Triangle and a Bar. Odd thing is, I now can't locate which icon pack that was in. Or did it come from the KLite Mega Codec Pack? (Generally I aim Winamp at Audio, KLite\Media Player Classic at Video)

                  Noticeably - the JTFE plug-in page did show that the "Grey Llama" pack was the one I had last used as it was showing it as the selected option. Once I selected something else, and then reselected "Grey Llama" all my icons were corrected.


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                    the plug-in basically keeps a record of the last pack which was selected to use which accounts for the prefs page being correct. i really had thought that it would do a required update as needed but until i can try things out with code i'm not 100% sure at the moment (haven't seen it happen though i've allowed Winamp tp maintain associations and due to some things i have to use, i've also disabled UAC so i never get the prompt).

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                      Pawel old buddy old pal , any chance you could update your icon packs to have a different 16x16 icon for playlist files than for audio files? It's the one thing I sorely miss when I use them, as it's difficult to tell them apart from the rest of the files in a directory in details view. Thanks so much for all the excellent work on the icon packs and functionality!
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                        My favorite by far is your "Winamp Icon Library - Black" pack. Been using it since you first released them
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                          Kiedyś były chyba jakiś set ikon które były całe czarne, z rozróżnieniem oczywiście na rozszerzenia plików... Miałem ten set u siebie ale odinstalowałem winampa a teraz nie mogę go znaleźć .. Kojarzysz Paweł ? To chyba Twojego autorstwa ikony były...

                          Edit: This is english forum. Please post in english.
                          Quick translation:
                          There was set of black icon... I had got that, but I uninstalled Winamp and I cant find it... Do you maybe know Pawel what was that icon pack? It was yours probably...