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    How to connect through wifi? When i try to configure the nullsoft wifi device plugin (pmp_wifi.dll, under Portables) it doesn't respond at all. Any other setting that needs to be set? Logs to check?

    Using a desire with froyo and pc with vista.

    The nullsoft android device plugin does respond and i can set it to M: (wich is my android ofcourse). Connect drive then nothing happens. I connected the M-drive through the option of watching another folder. After that it recognizes the m-drive being an android phone. So it works but with a workaround.

    Plenty of restarts allready.


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      FWIW, I had the same issue (crash in ml_online.dll on startup) and was able to resolve it by changing





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        The file definitely exists (see attached screenshot). Also attached the plugin list.

        Just changed the NeedReg from 1 to 0, I can now open Winamp. It is crashing every time I go to open the Preferences now though.

        Edit: Now preferences are working on reboot of Winamp.
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          NeedReg is allready set to 0 (by default).

          any other setting i should activate before wifi works? I have never configured WinAmp much even though i've been using it for many years now. Normally i just use the explorer and drag in some files and the thing starts playing. Can't find anything on the forum about it.


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            Hmm, interesting....

            The plugin list says "Loading test failed" next to both:

            Do you use Winamp Remote?

            Try moving ml_orb.dll out of the %ProgramFiles%Winamp\Plugins folder.

            Maybe it's some old version of ml_orb that you've got there?
            Older versions of ml_orb.dll required/used nscrt.dll (which we no longer ship).
            I was advised not to make the Winamp Installer cleanup/delete ml_orb.dll
            because the Winamp Remote Uninstaller does it instead.
            Maybe I was given bad advice though....?



            People are still posting issues with Winamp For Android here.
            Sorry, but it's not my area, so I can't personally respond to those.
            This thread is for Winamp 5.59 Beta issues only.
            As noted in the first post of the thread, there's a separate thread for Android
            and there's now even a new Winamp for Android forum (also linked to in 1st post) :-)

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              Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post

              I'd expect bad things to happen if trying to use Online Services (ml_online.dll) without ombrowser.w5s present
              (error log shows that the crash is in ml_online.dll)
              I added my error report too...

              I have checked my file for ombrowser.w5s and it is there.. providing this is the same problem as Trocks797


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                Important: Please post any issues, related to Winamp Android in the Winamp Android features/bugs discussion thread only!!
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                  Had the same problem with the install crashing, running win 7 pro x64. I was installing the remote and the program and this was the problem. I did a clean install with just the winamp player and none of the extras, worked like a charm...


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                    Is it possible that something similar to the Android features are going to be expanded to other platforms? Specifically WebOS?


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                      Originally Posted by jlbusch View Post
                      Had the same problem with the install crashing, running win 7 pro x64. I was installing the remote and the program and this was the problem. I did a clean install with just the winamp player and none of the extras, worked like a charm...
                      Ahh! Now there's a thought....

                      Methinks the Winamp Remote installer is also trying to install ombrowser.w5s
                      but it's an older version than the one included with Winamp 5.59

                      Time to update the Winamp Remote installer.... oops....

                      You can tell just how many devs/qa/beta-team people use Winamp Remote, lol

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                        Great! Installing now
                        Try it now.


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                          For all of you who are checkmarking Winamp Remote in the installer and are getting a crash in ml_online.dll during setup or on Winamp load....

                          Please reinstall 5.59 Beta, but this time, uncheck "Winamp Remote" on the "Get the most out of Winamp" page,
                          then see if Winamp installs and runs okay.

                          You can then separately install Winamp Remote, if you wish, from here:

                          This installer includes the same omBrowser.w5s as Winamp 5.59
                          so there shouldn't be any problems with it now....

                          Let me know how it goes.

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                            Originally Posted by astetic View Post
                            Right click on the device and go to Preferences. Then select Advanced. You can select the right folder from there. It will try to scan the whole sd-card though but at least your files will be in the right place.
                            This works for USB connection, but for wifi there is no tab Advanced, so there is no way to select a folder.


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                              Please fix "playlist generator failed to initialize" bug which exists for almost 2 or 3 years.


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                                Syncing to my Android phone via USB is working great except for most (not all) of the album art is not being synced. The album art is attached to each .mp3 file and not a library or folder. The Winamp app or any other music player on the phone is verifying that no artwork is being pushed. If I sync with Mediamonkey the artwork shows up in the Winamp app and other music players. Wifi sync is pretty much trash on my phone. It wants to send my entire library instead of a playlist. If I choose autofill, it says there are zero songs to transfer.

                                Windows 7 64bit
                                Winamp 5.59 beta
                                no plug-ins

                                Droid X 2.2 Froyo