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How to en queue FLAC files from Squeezebox web link?

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  • How to en queue FLAC files from Squeezebox web link?

    Hi All,

    I've been trying to figure out how to use a Squeezebox server web link in Firefox to en-queue files to an on-the-fly play list. I can play them after they "download" but I'm looking simply to add them immediately to a current play list.

    It would seem on the Firefox side I need to send to Winamp directly without first downloading but then on the Winamp side the file needs to queue up but not disrupt anything currently playing. I don't seem to be able to find a combination of settings to make this work. (I'm familiar with changing Winamp behavior to enqueue rather than play immediately but this only seems to apply when adding files via Windows Explorer.)

    Once browsing music via the web based Squeezebox interface it is a simple matter to click on the song choice, which then displays song detail and the link pointing to the file location. This is the link I intend to use to enqueue in Winamp.

    The reason for all this is that I will be playing music at a friends birthday party next week and have copied much of my existing FLAC collection to a laptop, where I have installed a local Squeezebox server so I can operate independently from my home network. Read that, no network will be used in this application.

    Any ideas to make this work would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Some personal background...

    I love using Winamp with a crossfading application and Audiostocker - this greatly simplifies allowing people to request songs while killing gaps and keeping levels steady. Winamp is such a simple but elegant solution. I'm currently using lite version 5.21.

    At home though I strictly use Squeezebox for critical listening. Thus I'm all about Squeezebox. I'm not into Windows Medial Player, Itunes or any other bloated application consuming my desktop space and forcing ads in my face so I do not and will not use them as "solutions".

    We all have our preferences, don't we?
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    Almost there for anyone interested in same

    Okay, things are working pretty well now. I went back, got the right boxes ticked in Winamp and now can add to a play list on the fly, using link data from a Squeezebox server web page.

    If you've never tried this combination you should.

    I'd still like not to have to click "Ok" every time I "download" the file from Firefox but I'm guessing I'll find a solution to that soon too. For now I'll be rolling and can focus on helping with the rest of the party. Your wife's friends' 50th comes once in a lifetime.

    Now maybe to alter code in the Squeezebox server web page to make a button to play in Winamp...