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Winamp 5 Playlist editor like Winamp 3 Playlist editor

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  • Winamp 5 Playlist editor like Winamp 3 Playlist editor

    Does anyone remember how the winamp 3 playlist editor had a pane on the right of the playlist items with other playlists in it? I think technically this functionality resides in the media library, but I don't use the media library. I just want my playlists in my playlist editor.

    Any suggestions?!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Do you have the Media Library anyways? You can have multiple playlists in the Media Library in the Playlists section. In the main playlist editor you can switch between the ML playlists by...
    Click Manage Playlist (or List) button (right click if using a classic skin) > select "Open playlists from Media Library"

    As of Winamp 5.5 (and up) there is a WA3 style multi-playlists sidecar style feature. It is part of the new default Bento modern skin. It is available in the multi-content panel (top middle panel) and it is called 'Stored Playlists'. The "sidecar" uses the ML Playlists. There is a Modern Default skin sidecar is available for download. Just run the installer when Winamp is not running for the Winamp Modern Skin sidecar.
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      Hey JonnyMac,

      I wasn't able to get the Bento skin to do it in the subtle way I was hoping... however, I did get it rocking with the default skin sidecar you linked. That's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I've gone since WinAMP 3 without my favorite thing and now it's back! WAHOO!!!

      Sincerely - thank you very very much!

      PS - if there is any way to get this functionality in other themes, please let me know!