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  • Playlist Management - looking for system

    hello people,

    I've been using winamp for many years. I'm in the habit of using a file manager (total commander), browsing my hard drives, double clicking files to make playlists (I use enqueue when double clicking). I've never used media libraries, maybe I'm too old fashioned for that
    So, when I'm throwing a party or whatnot I have to browse all my zillions of mp3s and click all the files I want to play. This is a rather time consuming process.
    What I am looking for is a playlist management system, where I can make playlists for certain genres/moods etc., that keeps track of how often a file gets played, where files can be rated, that can be integrated in winamp perhaps, it would be great if it could 'learn' from how often files are played in winamp. So far I have not been able to find something like this. does it exist?

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    Maybe you should look closer at Winamp... especially the Media Library.

    Once you have a playlist made up in the manner you are doing it, SAVE IT using Winamp. It is then there for the next time.

    As long as you have your MP3s tagged up with their genre, etc you can sort the Media Library on Genre. Ditto on the play counts. (Click on the column headers)

    Even better - play with the SEARCH options. You can now filter your large music collection based on keywords. For example - start by typing JAZZ and those tracks of that genre will appear. Now type other key words and your media library shrinks to show you just those tracks. That search is GREAT for what you are trying to do.

    Remember to save another playlist. Notice how they are now stacking up on the left hand side for easy access next time?

    Ratings - in Winamp and compatible with the XP\Vista\Win7 ones you see in Explorer.

    And - for bonus points - the Smart View. Have to get your head around the syntax of the language, but this can be tuned to do all kinds of tricks with your library.

    You are never too old to learn new tricks. There will be many people on this forum giving you a run for your money in the age stakes.