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Soundcheck tags, how to add?

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  • Soundcheck tags, how to add?

    so i already use RG tags for myself. but if you load my songs into itunes or an idevice or whatever apple thing, it ignores RG tags.

    apple uses "soundcheck" tags, and my understanding is it only puts these values in files it personally rips, otherwise its only stored in the itunes DB. the value, again ttbomk, is only for the track, there is no album tag. it goes into the "comments" tag, but i believe the way they do it is by hiding it into a 'second' comments tag. so a null character or something like that splits the frame in two, and the value goes into the second "hidden" one.

    what i would like, is a utility that examines my already existing RG tags, and adds the itunes soundcheck tag the way itunes wants it, so itunes and idevices will actually use it, and not need to analyze the file and store the value [only] separately.

    i found these:

    and they seem like they might do what i want, but i'm not sure. basically, i don't need the files re-analyzed, i just need the existing RG values converted to soundcheck values and inserted, (without removing the RG tags either obviously)

    i am interested to hear anything anyone might know about any of this?
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