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A way to change a song's start time?

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  • A way to change a song's start time?

    I just recently (As in, a couple of hours ago) migrated here from itunes, and am having trouble finding this option, if it's available. I already scoured the stickies and FAQs using ctrl+f, however I have not found a solution. Thanks!

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    Hi Jdeez,

    I'm aware of an old plug-in that lets you do this (among other things), but if you are using an OS more recent than XP there are only 2 ways to use it.

    The plug-in needs to store data in the Winamp plugins folder. With the default installation location, this is a restricted folder in the newer OS versions. So in this case, Winamp must be run under Administrator mode to allow the plug-in to work.

    The other option is to install Winamp in a non-restricted location (like directly off the drive root or as a sub-folder of the user data folder). This could interfere with other 3rd party plug-ins that expect Winamp to be installed in its default location.

    The plug-in is called "Pepper" (link below). Look in the section called Spices. I've been trying to contact the developer to ask him to do a compatibility update for the newer Windows versions. No luck yet.

    Winamp v5.9.2.10042 - Quinto Black CT v3.8 skin
    Windows 11 Home 64-bit v22H2 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system