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Winamp 5.7 Beta 13, build 3444 (with Winamp Cloud Beta)

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  • which is present in build 3402
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    • @Dro...I am unable to exit through the normal way... The replay gain window wont close unless i click save track data..the cancel button wont respond and it remains in a "Always on Top" state...


      • then don't use the feature until a newer build is released. I only mentioned what worked for me with a classic skin but it'd also depend on the skin and where you started it from. either way it's fixed internally for the next build.
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        • Ohh Cool Thanks


          • If you turn off Windows with working Winamp, then OS will be a long shutdown referring to Winamp.
            I`m using Windows 8, x64. Winamp 5.7 Build 3402 Beta (x86).
            Please, solve the problem.

            And, please window do "About" over main form Winamp or on top of all window. This will be very convenient.


            • you need to provide a plug-ins list to determine what else you may have in your Winamp install as a plain Winamp install should not normally take so long to cause Windows to list it like that.

              I'm not following the point about the About dialog as that's what it already does on first display before it now reappears in its last position.
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              • Just installed the latest beta on top of the previous beta. Two issues spotted:

                First - TWO Downloads folder (podcasts)

                Usually my Downloads Folder is off-set underneath "Podcast Directory". Today I also have another one popping up lower down between Online Services and Winamp Add-Ons.

                Not sure if this was there on a previous install.

                Just combed through the Preferences. I thought there was some setting about this somewhere, but can't find it.

                ARGH! Update.... Just exited Winamp after the first run since installation and now there is just the one Downloads folder again. And it is not under the Podcast Directory where is logically should live.


                BUG number two: I use an ancient classic skin (Nucleo_Nlog_v102). Opened the Media Library window. Opened the "Online Services" page. This launced the built in browser window to show Online Services choices on the website. While this was displaying, I selected Preferences. Z-Order then failed as the Preferences Dialog briefly flashed on screen and then was hidden behind the Media Library window. Cannot access it as each time I try and grab it, the main Media Library window is forced back on top.

                Note that this does not happen with other sections of Media Library. Those pages allow the Preferences window to sit on top. Only the Browser based pages are doing this (Online Services and Winamp Add-Ons).


                • Window "About Winamp" is behind the main window. It it isn`t very convenient.
                  I installed the other plugins. Sorry, i forgot.

                  Could you do format support '*.cue'?
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                  • molecular: will look into the about window thing though do you have always on top enabled. also a full plug-ins list from koopa's info tool is what I meant than taking screenshots of the pages.

                    cue support is on the wish list but no one wanted it badly enough when I offered to do it for a small charge in 2010 so it's not been considered since. maybe that will be looked at again as something to add post 5.7.

                    Batter Pudding: the double download window is something that crops up every now and then and despite looking into it a while back (so at least it didn't make things crash) I think there's an odd timing issue on loading which can cause it to happen.

                    though it shouldn't have caused the placement to have changed (which is a hidden INI entry I don't remember at the moment). is probably something we should expose in the preferences as it helps de-clutter the tree a bit since it was intended as a general place for downloads to be viewed though is primarily used by the podcast support.

                    not quite following the second part though will see what I can replicate when I'm not doing replies on the phone.
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                    • Hi DrO

                      The Downloads folder only appeared twice on the first run after reinstall on top of older beta. On second, and subsequent runs, I am back to just one instance.

                      It feels as if on the first run it read my choice of position (under Podcast Directory) and ALSO then puts it on the left hand side on its own. Hence two copies appearing.

                      Then when it saved the setting it has now decided to only have it on its own (Not under Podcast Directory).

                      I am pretty sure I haven't seen it go walkies on any other previous beta.

                      IMHO that seems like some kind of issue when the setting is written out to that hidden ini file setting.

                      Bonus - I didn't know you could drag the sections around on the left hand side... nice.

                      The second issue is easier that I described.

                      1\ Open Winamp and select a Classic Skin.
                      2\ Select the Online Services or Winamp Add-Ons
                      3\ Open Preferences (CTRL+P or Right Click menu)
                      4\ Preferences now BEHIND the main winamp windows and cannot be accessed.

                      This feels like something in that browser type window is insisting on being on-top.


                      • what's meant to happen is, the podcast support can still provide it's own downloads view (like it used to do) but if the common ml_downloads is present then it's version will take precedence and be used. from what i can tell the few times i've seen it, there's something with the timing of the checks which can cause both instances to incorrectly appear.

                        the setting which manages the position is read-only so unless some weird corruption has happened in the ini file, it shouldn't have done as you saw where it changed from one position to the other.

                        i'll re-check the loading handling to make sure we can better deal with quirks in the loading order i.e. one plug-in loading before it is expected from the other (even though we've generally got a fixed loading order when it comes to the ml plug-ins so they'll appear in the desired order on new installs).

                        i'm still not able to replicate the prefs window thing with the steps mentioned. which sounds the same as molecular's one about the About dialog (which i've tried to reproduce as well and still no luck to replicate).

                        only thing i can think off is to take a winamp.exe from the installer before the position saving stuff was introduced and see if the issue still occurs or not with just that for the prefs window (since that's where it's generated by).
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                        • Downloads: weird thing is for something "hard coded" it is now constantly out on it's own instead of tucked in underneath Podcasts.

                          I have just grabbed yesterday's gen_ml.ini from the Win7 Pro Previous Versions thing and compared before and after install. As I can't spot any obvious difference I guess the setting wasn't stashed in there.

                          Certainly odd to watch.
                          Before update - downloads is a sub folder of podcasts.
                          First run after update - download appears twice. Both on its own and under podcasts (same content listed in both cases)
                          Second run after update - now it is left on its own on the left.

                          ARGH!! And what do you know... but that pesky Preferences Dialog is also behaving.

                          This is bizarre. The various oddities I saw this morning were all during the first run after installation. And now they are behaving!


                          • i think it's just Winamp trying to make you crazy(ier) than normal

                            with Winamp stopped, in %appdata%\Winamp\Plugins\gen_ml.ini, add / set podcast_parent=1 in the [gen_ml_config] section and then it should be parented back to the podcast node.

                            will add a UIoption to control that on preferences -> Media Library -> Tree Options

                            maybe it is all from after running the installer, though as it's then run on a normal user access (the UAC stuff is from parts being elevated as needed which are then run separately) then there shouldn't be a difference between running just after install and any subsequent runnings, though maybe we're missing something, but i really don't know.
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                            • This is getting freaky... yes you are right something is trying to confuse me here with some level of possessed electrons.

                              Loaded up copies of gen_ml.ini from the 14th and 11th June. Can't see that setting in either of them. Quick skim through in notepad++

                              So added podcast_parent=1 into gen_ml.ini and saved it.

                              Started Winamp - and it goes into some Reindexing Library message! Never seen that before.

                              Eh? Now I find TWO sections in here of [gen_ml_config] in the same ini file after exiting Winamp. Probably explains the reindex and why the Media Library appeared in an odd sized window. It can't have liked the previous [gen_ml_config]. Only logical reason I can work out.

                              Maybe worth splitting these notes of mine into that other thread. I am about to do some experimenting. I must be causing this madness somehow. I think I have a corrupted gen_ml.ini as this is getting bonkers... never seen TWO identical sections in an ini file before!

                              Edit: Okay... I am dealing with some very possessed electrons here. Each time I close winamp. Swapped back in the gen_ml.ini from two days ago. Then started Winamp - it would reindex and reset everything. (I thought it was my editing of it... but it wasn't that. Just the old file)

                              To get this as I want... I closed Winamp then copied the values from under the OLD [gen_ml_config] section at the top down to replace the new settings in the newly created [gen_ml_config] section at the bottom. Added podcast_parent=1 and then saved this new, clean gen_ml.ini

                              And now it all behaves correctly with less madness. Have attached the "odd" gen_ml.ini to this post in case you want a look at it. I'm going to turn off this PC and drink some beer and find a film to watch...
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                              • Originally Posted by molecular View Post
                                And, please window do "About" over main form Winamp or on top of all window. This will be very convenient.
                                Originally Posted by DrO View Post
                                I'm not following the point about the About dialog as that's what it already does on first display before it now reappears in its last position.
                                having re-looked at what was said, this is working as expected for classic skins and any modern skin with multiple windows (so not Bento) as the dialog is parented to the 'main' window but that does not mean it'll keep it above other windows. this also applies to other dialogs e.g. preferences when you click away to part of the media library, etc.

                                sure we could try to do something about it (circumventing normal behaviour of the Windows window manager) or force certain styles but we then get into a state where we can overlap unrelated windows e.g. other programs when it shouldn't and that's even worse.

                                if you open the About dialog and then have to go to another view, move it to a part of the screen where it won't overlap is my only suggestion. and i had seen this when i tried earlier, but since it was working as it has always worked, i didn't interpret it as what was trying to be described.
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