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Winamp 5.7 Beta 13, build 3444 (with Winamp Cloud Beta)

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  • Originally Posted by DrO View Post
    molecular: will look into the about window thing though do you have always on top enabled. also a full plug-ins list from koopa's info tool is what I meant than taking screenshots of the pages.

    cue support is on the wish list but no one wanted it badly enough when I offered to do it for a small charge in 2010 so it's not been considered since. maybe that will be looked at again as something to add post 5.7.

    Batter Pudding:
    not quite following the second part though will see what I can replicate when I'm not doing replies on the phone.
    Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
    The second issue is easier that I described.

    1\ Open Winamp and select a Classic Skin.
    2\ Select the Online Services or Winamp Add-Ons
    3\ Open Preferences (CTRL+P or Right Click menu)
    4\ Preferences now BEHIND the main winamp windows and cannot be accessed.

    This feels like something in that browser type window is insisting on being on-top.
    I've been using the Bento skin for quite a while now (and Winamp Modern before it), so I'm not sure how long it's been like this.

    Prefs & About dialogs only stay on top of the main window,
    which is why it appears to be always on top with the Bento SUI skin,
    but they will disappear under the classic Playlist, EQ, Viz & ML windows.

    I assume it's been like this for quite some time
    so is probably expected behaviour.

    You'll also notice it more now (with classic skins) when you move the dialog, because those dialogs used to always open in the same position in the top left corner of the main window...

    [edit] Ahh, Dro beat me to it by a few minutes, lol [/edit]

    How much were you looking at? I'm willing to pay you a reasonable fee right now to get native cue support :-)

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    • Little update...

      Ignore my "Podcast Downloads Folder" issues. Am pretty sure now that some kind of corruption had got into gen_ml.ini or something. Or just possessed electrons.

      BUT... the Preferences Dialog is certainly misbehaving when I am looking at Online Services or Winamp Add-ons. USING A CLASSIC SKIN.

      I understand that the classic skin allows every window to be totally independent. Each moving in it's own right. Each one coming to the front of the Z-Order when clicked on. Which is REALLY handy when trying to organise the screen space.

      Trouble is there is something different about the web page based Online Services and Winamp Add-On pages. My guess is that something is constantly refreshing on the page.

      This is a Classic skin. I open the Preferences page. Now as I swap among the sections on the left hand side, the Preferences pages obviously dip below the stack of pages. Any time I click on the visible edge of it, the preferences page jumps back front again.

      UNLESS I am on the Online Services or Winamp Add-ons sections. Now every time I click on that Preferences Dialog the main Media Library Window keeps jumping back on top. It is insisting on staying on top in such a way I cannot access the Preferences dialog at all - unless I drag it alongside the Media Library window.


      As a test, I swapped to Big Bento. No issue there. So I swap back to my Classic Skin - and the issue has now gone away. The Preferences dialog will sit on top of any window again.

      No logic or pattern to this yet. I even tried to exit Winamp and restart with my Classic Skin - and of course it is all working fine now.

      It is so daft. Almost as if the "first run of the day" is the one that gets upset. Maybe the electrons sulk overnight when it is not being used? Sleepy pixels?

      Bonkers really. Don't spend time on this as it is not a show stopping crasher - just odd. If I can get a method to reliably repeat this issue, I'll let you guys know.


      • DrO, Full list plugins
        Attached Files


        • is what was wanted rather than screenshots (since the tool provides everything needed and is in the sticky threads).

          oh well, no need to bother with that now. the screenshot shows you've a number of 3rd party input plug-ins. is unlikely they're doing anything which should delay Winamp closing but i'd try removing _any_ input plug-in which is not showing as 'Nullsoft' at the start of the plug-in name shown.

          though it could also be something to do with the size of your library, what view you have open at the time, the size of the main playlist editor (if it's very large then when that's re-saved on exit, it could be hindering things).
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          • Originally Posted by molecular View Post
            DrO, Full list plugins
            you could also try "safe mode"
            PENN STATE Radio or
            BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
            Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
            Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


            • Dro, because of the plugin "gen_crasher.dll" OS long off. I think, it`s normal. And i know, this plugin willn`t be in stable version.

              I don`t want uninstall plugin. If i find the bug in the programm, i can create report.

              I`m using Windows 8 x64.

              PS: Sorry for my bad english.


              • that shouldn't be doing anything on exit unless there is a crash which might be happening due to the 3rd party input plug-ins you appear to have installed. hence my recommendation to disable them (move out of the plug-ins folder) and see if that makes a difference (or run in safe mode).

                I have made a change for the next build to attempt to only save the copy of the main playlist if there was a detected change to it instead every time you close Winamp which for large playlists saves a few MB of data having to be written out on close (which could be slow on system exit).
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                • DrO, i deleted other plugins, but "Error feedback" don`t uninstalled. Windows still waiting and can`t be turned off because the Winamp.

                  Another installed of plugins:
                  "gen_jumpex.dll" (I tried work without it, the same problem)
                  It all.


                  I can`t choose other soundtrack in MKV-files. When you play a video has brakes (MKV 11MBit). In the other video-players this isn`t observed.
                  Not all video-files are played.
                  I understand, Winamp not for video, but why did support video?

                  It the best for music!

                  My configuration:
                  Intel Core-i3 2130 3.4GHz
                  nVidia GT440 DDR3 2Gb
                  RAM 8Gb DDR3
                  ASUS P8P67M-Pro
                  My screen resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)

                  PS: Well that developers optimize Winamp)


                  • /me bangs head on desk

                    i said only to remove the input plug-ins (or use safe mode), nothing else.

                    gen_jumpex.dll is a plug-in by me that's been shipped with Winamp since February 2004.

                    people wanted video support and so it was added in v2.9 but is true it's never been great but to be a media player, you have to support video. and most of the issues come from not having the codec support to do it (which can often be resolved by installing the codecs (and only the codecs) from the Essentials Pack or using 'Pro' for the H.264 support (which is like that due to licensing).

                    without an example to check to see what is going on, there's little i can advise.

                    and i'm going to move your posts into their own thread in the next few hours as we're going off topic for this thread.

                    and i don't get what you mean by your p.s. comment.
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                    • Possessed pixies are back... this morning greeting me with two Downloads folders underneath the Podcast Directory. Yep - a variation on a theme this time. Those same possessed pixies don't like the Online Services and Preferences as that bug where the Preferences goes behind the main screen shows up at the same time.

                      In the last day or so I think I have seen this bug pop-up once in about six starts of the program. No clear pattern yet. I know if I now close Winamp, turn around three times, stand on my head, then restart Winamp the problems will have gone.

                      I am going to seek out Father Merrin see if I can get these possessed electrons some peace...


                      • Winamp 5.64 Released

                        New 5.7 Beta build to follow shortly

                        Will edit & update this thread accordingly....

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                        • Winamp Essentials Pack 5.7 Beta 3 is available, same changelog like for the brand new 5.64, only the minimal required Winamp version differs and the build/version number differs for now.

                          I have updated the download link and the posting on the first page of this thread.

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                          Own Projects: | Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack v3.5.3 | Winamp Backup Tool v3.6.0 | >> Winamp Info Tool v6.1.0 << |
                          German Translations: | Offizielle Deutsche Winamp Sprachdatei v5.66 | Offizielle Deutsche Winamp Sprachdatei Plus Version 5.666
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                          • Winamp 5.7 Beta 9, build 3402 to 3416 changelog

                            * New: XSPF playlist support (read only support, write support to follow)
                            - (adds: Winamp\System\xspf.w5s - an updated version of the one available on forum)

                            * Fixed: Not playing the first song next when clearing then adding items to playlist
                            - (a ~15yr old bug/issue finally bites the dust!)

                            * Fixed: [Bento Browser] Potential security vulnerabilities (thanks Julien Ahrens,

                            * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Potential security vulnerabilities (thanks Julien Ahrens,

                            - Fixed classic EQ flashing onscreen at Winamp startup when using a modern skin

                            - Installer now removes gen_crasher so it's not present in final builds
                            - (i.e. beta & final installers both remove it first, but only the beta build then installs it after)

                            - Don't save winamp.m3u(8) on exit if no changes have been made to active playlist

                            - Added version info for DLLs (nsutil, tataki, zlib, libmp4v2, nde, libflac, etc)

                            - Added version info to w5s components

                            - [gen_ml / ml_downloads] Added option to group Downloads node under Podcasts (Prefs > Media Library > Tree Options tab)

                            - [ml_history] Added error message to "reset database" on corruption (same behaviour as ml_local)

                            - [ml_disc] Fixed sending songs to burner (was broken in last few builds); Plus other misc tweaks/fixes

                            - [ml_pmp] Fixed "All" setting not being remembered in Prefs > Portables > (device) > Podcast Sync tab > Sync > most recent episodes of *

                            - [ml_rg] Fixed: Cancel button & not saving position of results dialog in all scenarios

                            - [gen_crasher] Tweak to help keep the crash dialog above crashed Winamp instance

                            - [nde] Fixed a rare mem leak; plus a possible fix for random wiping of db files...

                            - Various crash fixes from crash reports

                            - Various other misc tweaks/fixes/etc.

                            * Winamp 5.7 beta only (not in 5.64 final - sorry, the reminder & fix came too late)


                            What with the release of 5.64, I wasn't sure what to do with this thread at first,
                            but have decided it's best to preserve everything and just edit the first post accordingly (i.e. with the 5.64 & 5.7 changelogs).

                            The only real difference between this new 5.7 beta build and 5.64 is the presence of the Cloud components (ml_cloud / pmp_cloud cloud.w6c), and of course, beta-only features, such as the Error Reporter / gen_crasher.

                            Obviously, we needed to put out a new release, mainly for the security fixes.

                            A big thank you to all beta testers who have helped us to get the 5.64 release out.

                            We will continue posting 5.7 beta builds here, as before.

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                            • wow, some intriguing bits there. is all that in 5.64 too, except of course the cloud stuff?

                              what was the nde fix?

                              I don't understand about crasher, on one line you say its removed on another you suggest its still there?

                              thx for the history fix! I saw that EQ bug too (using bento) just hadn't reported it yet, glad to see it fixed as well.

                              gonna try it out right now!

                              PROBLEM: your DL link is still to 3402!!!
                              PENN STATE Radio or
                              BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
                              Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
                              Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing


                              • @MrSinatra, the same happened to me, when I wanted to download the Winamp 5.7 Beta 9 build 3416 in Google Chrome. Suddenly I had the previous build...
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