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Winamp 5.666 Released (Build 3516)

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  • Winamp 5.666 Released (Build 3516)

    Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 ( - 12 Dec 2013

    Fully patched builds

    Winamp 5.666 Full (US English version)
    Winamp 5.666 Full (Multi-national installer)
    Winamp 5.666 Lite (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player)


    More installers - Unpatched
    French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, Indonesian

    Important: Update Patches for Unpatched 5.666 builds only


    Winamp 5.666
    * Improved: Added a Reset button to clear history in the Open/Add URL dialog
    * Improved: Added an option to disable the mouse wheel from altering the volume
    * Improved: Added more commandline switches (run: winamp.exe /? to see full list)
    * Improved: All menus now use the skinned style when option is enabled in ML settings
    * Improved: Disable all online features when no internet connection selected in Prefs
    * Improved: High DPI & text scaling compatibility fixes for dialogs & library views
    * Improved: Increased notification area tooltips up to 128 chars (instead of 64)
    * Improved: Library views now optionally group the 'Play' and 'Enqueue' buttons
    * Improved: Mass metadata editor from library now also available in Playlist Editor
    * Improved: Retry UAC prompt if user previously selected "No" (for relevant settings)
    * Improved: Speed-up of Winamp shutdown process
    * Improved: [gen_ff] Added a setting to control show/hide time for docked toolbars
    * Improved: [gen_ml] Drag & drop handling tweaks
    * Improved: [ml_downloads] Added 'Size' column
    * Improved: [ml_history] New options for resuming playback (for podcasts or all files)
    * Improved: [ml_history] Added a 'Play Offset' column with right-click option to clear
    * Improved: [ml_local] Added Podcast, BPM & Rating fields to Ctrl+E metadata editor
    * Improved: [ml_local/history/pmp] Added F8 to refresh current search
    * Improved: [ml_nowplaying/wire] Added support to use alternative services
    * Improved: [ml_playlists] Option to use source file instead of database-managed copy
    * Improved: [ml_pmp] Added a simple view to match Local library support
    * Improved: [pmp_android/usb] Added <disc> support to File Name Formatting
    * Fixed: Agent not using Winamp window if a clone is already running (eg. KMPlayer)
    * Fixed: Fallback issue with lang packs when loading accelerator tables
    * Fixed: Length not being read when set to read titles on load
    * Fixed: Ratings-related freeze on right-clicking large selections in playlist editor
    * Fixed: Saving to wrong extension for the 'Save As' action in the Alt+3 Artwork tab
    * Fixed: Unicode characters not displaying in taskbar when some old plugins are present
    * Fixed: Various issues with aero-peek and docking of freeform skins as an appbar
    * Fixed: [gen_ff] Docking to bottom/right when windowframe scale is anything but 1.0
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] 'Jump to File' window not always visible when pressing 'J' or 'F3'
    * Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Broken 'Add to Library' shell menu item
    * Fixed: [gen_tray] Lockup/double-start issues when using the 'Prev' action
    * Fixed: [in_flac] Removal of embedded artwork
    * Fixed: [in_midi] Memory comparison crash with badly formed .kar files
    * Fixed: [libmp4v2] Crash due to invalid pointer check on corrupt files
    * Fixed: [ml_local] Search filters with unicode characters not being remembered
    * Fixed: [ml_playlists] Remove invalid characters from playlist name on export
    * Fixed: [pmp_android/usb] Crash on bad path
    * Fixed: [pmp_android/usb] Use filename if no metadata available to generate filepath
    * Misc: [installer] Added a "Winamp (Safe Mode)" option to start menu icons
    * Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations (lots of them!)
    * Updated: [enc_fhgaac] Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16
    * Updated: [enc/in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.1
    * Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32
    * Updated: [in_wave] libsndfile 1.0.25



    The Pro & Full installers are the same for this release (No OpenCandy/Emusic/AOLSearch/Toolbar).

    This is the best release of Winamp ever, imo, but let's just hope & pray that it's not the last...

    However, this will be the last AOL/Nullsoft release of Winamp :-(
    See the download page for more info.

    A big thank you to all our users, former team members, beta testers, moderators, translators, skinners,
    plugin developers, preset & color theme designers, community members, everyone... for everything...


    Known Issues

    Some mp3 files might cause Winamp to crash.
    If you experience this issue, then please use in_mp3.dll from build 3512 instead (Info | Download).

    Weird black pixels on corners of Bento & Modern skin notifier. Fixed png files available here.


    Update Patches - for unpatched Winamp 5.666 build 3516 only

    JTFE v1.33 build 1216 (16 Dec 2013)
    gen_jumpex.dll - fixes skinned window setting not being remembered

    in_mp3.dll from 5.666 build 3512
    Fixes a crash with some id3v2 tags (more info)

    Old Winamp 5.65 Released thread

    Buckets of rain, buckets of tears
    Got all them buckets coming out of my ears...


    5.66 to 5.666 full changelog

    Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 ( - 12 Dec 2013

    - [Winamp] Added upd_mode=1 ini only option for pledit Shift+E editor to not also add new files when updated to the ml (default value = 0)
    - [Winamp] Added no_video=1 support to winamp.ini for force disabling all video support/features/menus/prefs
    - [Winamp] Fallback to out_ds then out_wave if specified output plugin can't be found. If no out_ds/wave present then show error msg and abort playback
    - [Winamp] Fixed bad 'Find more languages' link in Prefs
    - [Winamp] Fixed classic songticker not updating back to the current title (for short titles, or with auto-scroll disabled)
    - [Winamp] Ignore "ELEVATECREATEPROCESS" and "#" values for the "running in admin mode" checks
    - [Winamp/ml_local/pmp] Disable the Update button on Edit Metadata dialog until any changes are made
    - [gen_hotkeys] auto-resize the combobox widths of the hotkeys in config (helps with lengthier translations)
    - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1213 - Fixed search delay setting not being saved
    - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1214 - Added a few more string param checks to mirror winamp changes
    - [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.32 b1215 - Disabled skinned mode on lite / non-ml setups to quickly deal with reported skinning issues
    - [gen_ml/ml_*] Fixed ml play & enqueue actions not showing the correct default action on different menus
    - [gen_tray] Fixed bad 'Get icon packs' link in Prefs
    - [gif.w5s] Fixed crash with specific gif files and color table quirks
    - [in_mp3] Fixed crash on missing genre string with pledit shift+e dialog
    - [ml_disc] Fixed buffer size issue + null object crash fixes from crash reports
    - [ml_local] auto-resize the combobox widths on the add/edit view dialog
    - [ml_local/history/pmp] Added F8 to refresh current search
    - [ml_local] Fixed weird character display in EditQuery > Choose Time dialog menu
    - [ml_local] Fixed .vmd path handling incorrectly dropping the initial 'm'
    - [ml_online/omBrowser] Fixed lang pack issues with the custom online services support
    - [ml_playlists] Fixed issue with deleting playlists via ml tree
    - [ml_playlists] Fixed reported enqueue selection issues
    - [ml_playlists] Remove invalid characters from playlist name on export
    - [UnicodeTaskbarFix] v3.6 to fix display issues with some output plugins (e.g. out_burst.dll)
    - Misc: General buffer init tweaks
    - Misc: A plethora of extra param checks & various crash fixes from crash reports
    - Misc: Various other tweaks/fixes/optimizations
    - Lang Pack updates: General cleanups for all lang packs (removed unused hash sections, accelerator tables, dead plugins & png resources)
    - - Spanish & French: Fixed Accelerator tables (e.g. zxcvb keys not working) & drag+drop to Local Media views
    - - Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Romanian: Fixed Drag+drop from Explorer to Local Media views
    - - German & Swedish: Fixed Drag+drop from Explorer to Local Media & PMP views
    - - German, Japanese, Polish, Russian: General updates

    * * * continued below * * *
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    5.66 to 5.666 full changelog (continued)

    Winamp 5.666 Build 3512 ( - 26 Nov 2013

    - [in_mp3] adts (mpeg-2 aac) crash fix from crash reports
    - [Pt-Br.wlz] Updated Portuguese lang pack
    - [tagz] Fixed reported crash with some of the ATF methods (info)
    - [whatsnew.txt] 5.666 changelog properly alphabetized :-)
    - [Winamp] Fixed classic vis oscilloscope line mode being incorrectly drawn in dot mode

    Winamp 5.666 Build 3510 ( - 25 Nov 2013

    - [gen_jumpex/
    Winamp] Fixed reported issues with 'Enqueue in Winamp' shell menu item
    [gen_jumpex] Fixed broken 'Add to Library' shell menu item
    - [gen_ml / gen_ff]
    Crash fixes from error reports
    - [in_mp3 / in_swf / in_wm]
    Crash fixes from error reports
    - [jnetlib] Crash fix due to bad request result
    - [ml_disc] Clip the text buffers for ripping to better ensure we don't end up with bad filepaths
    - [ml_disc] Crash fix from error reports
    - [ml_local] Fixed search filters with unicode characters not being remembered
    - [ml_local] Crash fix from error reports
    - [ml_pmp] Possible crash fix
    - [ml_wire] Crash fix from error reports
    - [Reporter/gen_crasher] Fixed uninstall
    - [UnicodeTaskbarFix] Updated to fix reported issues (with ml_local processing & gen_freeze plugin, etc.)
    - [vis_nsfs] Re-enabled on Win7 (still disabled on Win8)
    - [Winamp] Added build number in About dialog for release builds
    - [Winamp] Fixed fallback issue when loading accelerator tables in rt-click menus
    - [Winamp] Fixed input plug-in loading issue
    - [Winamp] Fixed memory issue with large file extension lists from input plug-ins, e.g. in_vgmstream.dll
    - [Winamp] Fixed localization issues with updating metadata dialog
    - [Winamp] Fixed reported compatibility mode detection issues
    - [Winamp] Load in_flv.dll after in_dshow.dll to give back older playback behaviour
    - [Winamp / Wasabi / dlmgr] Crash fixes from error reports
    - Various lang pack fixes/updates
    - Various other misc fixes/tweaks/optimizations/etc.

    5.65 to 5.66 full changelog

    Winamp 5.66 Build 3507 ( - 20 Nov 2013

    - Added 'Ctrl+Enter' to reset the playlist editor font back to default (which has now been changed from 11 to 12 on new installs)
    - Added a Reset button to clear history in the Open/Add URL dialog
    - Added ability to register non-embed windows as a psuedo-embed window (so plugins like Enhancer can dock properly in Classic Skin mode)
    - Added allowcompat=1 support to winamp.ini for always blocking the app compat message
    - Added an option to Classic Skins prefs page to use alt. font for songticker in double-sized mode
    - Added an option to disable the mouse wheel from altering the volume (installer deletes DrO's deprecated gen_mwblock.dll plugin)
    - Added an up/down spinner control on the Playlist prefs page for altering the font size
    - Added basic means to profile how long the in, gen and ml plug-ins take to unload on exit (ini only option via profile=1 to generate profile.txt in settings dir)
    - Added config option for an 'Always On' nag-free Safe Mode in Plug-Ins Prefs
    - Added more commandline switches - to see full list, run: "%Path_To%\winamp.exe" /?
    - Added pre-loading support for input plugins (so 1st-party ones take precedence and are loaded first)
    - Added some extra parameter checking on the autotag aspects
    - Added workaround to better ensure missing localized preference page resources will use the English version...
    - Allow /unreg (uninstall) to work with expired beta builds (redundant)
    - Allow for folder-only language packs in the Lang folder
    - Allow for loading of .zip files as lang packs if in the Lang folder
    - ATF Help now embedded in winamp.exe instead of serverside (localized versions included in (some) lang packs)
    - Block registering of image file formats (jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tif/f, png) as associated filetypes (can use block_img=0 in winamp.ini to disable)
    - Changed plug-in prefs pages to use a listview instead of listbox
    - Check the default language if we're not able to get a match when building the menus
    - Detect and warn if Winamp is being run in OS compatibility mode (use /ALLOW_COMPAT_MODE switch or winamp.ini->allowcompat=1 to override)
    - Dev: Implemented IPC_GET_PLAYLIST_EXTLISTW support (4 modes for getting extension & OpenFilesDialog filter list for other plug-ins to use)
    - Filter out duplicate file extensions from File Types prefs/setup pages
    - Fixed dsp plug-ins being re-loaded when clicking on the dead area; Enabled double-click to open config
    - Fixed hang when right-clicking large selections in pl editor, due to reading of ratings (Ratings menu on large selections has also been speeded up dramatically!)
    - Fixed incorrect style on Classic Skins options page
    - Fixed invalid app compat warning message due to "IgnoreFreeLibrary"
    - Fixed length not being read when set to read titles on load (5.64-specific)
    - Fixed loading a folder only language pack not having a localised skin
    - Fixed possible crash issue on the Vis prefs page (based on crash reports)
    - Fixed reported crash & selection issues with new vis & dsp prefs pages
    - Fixed saving to wrong extension for the Save As action in the Alt+3 Artwork tab
    - Fixed screen previews in setup dialog not showing for WAL files
    - Fixed some settings not being saved when Prefs dialog is still open on Winamp close
    - Fixed: Various issues with aero-peek and docking of freeform skins as an appbar
    - General 'exit' tweaks/speed-ups
    - High DPI & text scaling compatibility fixes for dialogs & library views (and JTFE)
    - Improved the "Invalid registration key" message and added a contact support link
    - Improved: Mass metadata editor from library now also available in Playlist Editor
    - Lang packs: Fixed temp files not being deleted; Exception crash fix
    - Loads of other minor tweaks/fixes/optimizations/refactoring/etc.
    - Localization optimizations (ml prefs parenting, load failure fixes, load time speedups, dsp plugin selection fix, security issues)
    - Misc changes to File Types & Classic Skins option pages
    - New "Send feedback" url's (Help menu & Uninstaller)
    - Plug-in API changes for in, ml & pmp plug-ins to remove duplicate processing & messages being sent on loading (backwards compatible with older plugins)
    - Preserve the last artwork selection on the Alt+3 dialog
    - Remember last playlist type selected when saving playlists (no longer need to keep changing it from .m3u to .m3u8)
    - Retry UAC prompt if user has previously selected "No" (should help with failed Pro registrations etc.)
    - Skin/Lang pack install message localization fix
    - Tweaked the handling of messages for streams staying in the songticker
    - Tweaks to ensure volume/panning changes are indicated in the classic skin songticker
    - Various bug fixes from crash reports
    - Various fixes with plug-in uninstalling via Prefs pages
    - Various other misc tweaks/optimizations/fixes
    - WinXP64 lang pack loading fix
    - [Bento Browser] Fixed Options->Browser search menu (is now same as Browser Search button menu)
    - [Bento/Modern skin] Disabled sc-tv button in video window:-(
    - [enc_fhgaac] Updated Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16
    - [enc_flac] Fixed crash if libflac.dll cannot be found
    - [gen_crasher/Reporter] If present, Crash Reporter now works with release builds
    - [gen_crasher] Added a button to open folder containing if email can't be sent
    - [gen_crasher] Auto append Winamp GUID to email title
    - [gen_crasher] Changed default smtp email address
    - [gen_crasher] Moved prefs item to bottom of tree
    - [gen_ff/wasabi] Crash fixes from received crash reports (vis + playlist + script error related stuff)
    - [gen_ff] Added a 125% scaling option
    - [gen_ff] Added a setting to control the show/hide time for docked toolbars
    - [gen_ff] Delay the loading of the fonts lists on the 'Font Rendering' prefs page so the page loads quicker (like the rest of them)
    - [gen_ff] Direct wheel mouse support for the Font Mapper slider in Prefs
    - [gen_ff] Fix crash if the main window is hidden when the main window is in windowshade mode (and possibly normal mode as well)
    - [gen_ff] Fixed buffer size issue with some localizations
    - [gen_ff] Fixed crash due to loading the wrong gen_ff prefs window (trying to load the modern version when using a classic skin)
    - [gen_ff] Hide the colorthemes prefs tab if a modern skin isn't loaded
    - [gen_ff] Made text in new dropdowns on Prefs pages visible when too long
    - [gen_ff] Revamped the "Modern Skins" Prefs pages
    - [gen_hotkeys/Winamp] Prefs loading behaviour fix
    - [gen_jumpex] Enqueue and play adjusts (oops!)
    - [gen_jumpex] Error checking fix; fixed incorrect version info in the resource; window postioning fixes
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed 'Jump to File' window not always visible when pressing 'J' or 'F3'
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed issue with loading of the jtf window if flip mode (search->manage) is enabled
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed queue display not working properly in the main playlist editor
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed reported icon pack association issues
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed search results option in Prefs
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed some quirks with icon packs and installing Winamp updates
    - [gen_jumpex] Fixed various gui / display issues
    - [gen_jumpex] High/Custom DPI compatibility changes
    - [gen_jumpex] Improved unloading time
    - [gen_jumpex] tweaked a prefs message + fixed icon pack stuff not working on XP
    - [gen_ml/ml_disc] Color theme change fixes
    - [gen_ml/ml_local/playlists] Drag+Drop handling tweaks
    - [gen_ml/ml_local] Misc buffer fixes
    - [gen_ml] Added a Restart Winamp message (for relevant prefs changes to take effect)
    - [gen_ml] Remove 'virtual' ml plug-ins from showing on the ml plug-ins list e.g. JTFE ML mode item
    - [gen_ml] Support for toggling combined Play/Enqueue button
    - [gen_ml] Use the correct default for the group button checkbox on Prefs page
    - [gen_tray / in_midi] Set the Prefs dialog name in resources instead of from plugin description
    - [gen_tray/winampa] Added double-click to focus & unminimize the Winamp window
    - [gen_tray/winampa] Improved reliability of tooltips to be up to 128 chars (instead of 64)
    - [gen_tray] Fix incorrect url link
    - [gen_tray] Fixed lockup/double-start issues when using the 'Prev' action
    - [h264/libmp4v2/in_mkv] Fixed crash in h.264 decoder // other optimizations
    - [installer] Added a "Winamp (Safe Mode)" option to start menu icon
    - [Installer] Fixed missing header string in uninstaller
    - [installer] Remember previous selection for Winamp Detector browser plugins
    - [installer] Removed all bundled promotions (OpenCandy, Emusic, AOL Search/Toolbar)
    - [in_dshow] Added 3GP to family list (now has same file description as in_mp4)
    - [in_flac] Fixed a quirk with BuildExtensions(..)
    - [in_flac] Fixed issue with embedding artwork not working correctly
    - [in_flac] Fixed plugin name/version in About dialog
    - [in_flac] Fixed removal of embedded artwork
    - [in_midi] Fixed a crash issue with badly formed *.kar files
    - [in_mp3/vorbis] Fixed a dialog parenting issue
    - [in_mp3] Fixed display issue with APEv2 tab
    - [in_mp3] Remember the position of the stream info dialog
    - [in_mp4] Report .mp4 as type=video (instead of audio)
    - [in_vorbis] Fixed info message formatting
    - [in_wave] Updated libsndfile 1.0.25
    - [in_wm] Fixed crash when calculating mediahash for badly formed wma files
    - [in_wm] Fixed potential crash when handling metadata
    - [libmp4v2] Fixed crash due to invalid pointer check on corrupt files
    - [misc] Added UnicodeTaskbarFix.w5s to distro (from EP)
    - [misc] Disable all online features (plg, autotag, online services, etc) if no internet connection is selected in Prefs
    - [misc] Removed 30-day expiry for beta builds (redundant)
    - [misc] Removed Winamp Labs node from ML tree (for beta builds / redundant)
    - [misc] Removed: ml_addons.dll
    - [misc] Shaved a few kb off some png files in plugins\freeform, modern/bento skins & osd
    - [ml] Reworked the skinned view handling to use skin font & generated height for buttons etc.
    - [ml_*plugins*] Display quirk fixes
    - [ml_autotag] Dialog display tweaks
    - [ml_devices] Discover button sizing fix on Win8
    - [ml_disc] Fixed reported ui alignment issue with CD info block
    - [ml_disc] Follow ml_local's 'Display Show Info' setting
    - [ml_downloads/wire/gen_ml] Altered handling of internal messages sent to remove some subclassing in ml_downloads specifically
    - [ml_downloads] Added 'Size' column
    - [ml_downloads] Changed the downloading string in the status area to use more appropriate sizes instead of just kb
    - [ml_downloads] Fixed potential crash on load
    - [ml_history/local/pmp] Button sizing tweaks for lang packs (also centred Clear Search button text in ml_local)
    - [ml_history] Added a 'Play Offset' column with right-click option to clear
    - [ml_history] Fixed database reset not working
    - [ml_history] New options for resuming playback (for podcasts or all files)
    - [ml_local/plg/impex] Limit the "View/Display tracks..." messages to 40 chars for artist/album/title
    - [ml_local] Added "No rating" string to the Edit Metadata dialog
    - [ml_local] Added IsPodcast, PodcastChannel, BPM & Rating fields to Ctrl+E metadata editor
    - [ml_local] Artwork view improvements based on tester feedback
    - [ml_local] Changed root node back to a Simple view
    - [ml_local] Fixed 'clear library' not working
    - [ml_local] Fixed integer overflow issue from the realsize changes for upper panes (5.64-specific)
    - [ml_local] Hide 'Generate Playlist' button if ml_plg not present
    - [ml_local] InfoPane now hidden by default
    - [ml_nowplaying] Added 'Prefs' item to right-click menu for opening Online Services config
    - [ml_nowplaying] Added support to use an alternative Now Playing service (that supports the Winamp js API / config in ml_online prefs)
    - [ml_online] Fixed deleted services still showing in Setup subscribed list
    - [ml_online] New 'Service Management' context menu
    - [ml_playlists] Ensure we update on user edits as well as now playing updates
    - [ml_playlists] Fixed 'Import playlist from file' not working if relevant lang pack string is missing
    - [ml_plg] Extra param checks to deal with failing files...
    - [ml_pmp] Abort loading if no pmp_* can be found / loaded
    - [ml_pmp] Fixed 'other' Filters+Panes menu item opening to wrong prefs tab
    - [ml_pmp] Fixed 'Sort' button being in wrong place in some lang packs (de, fr, hu, id, it, nl, ro, sv)
    - [ml_pmp] Fixed menu accelerators not being sync'd correctly
    - [ml_pmp] Fixed uninstall plugin message title
    - [ml_pmp] Remember search filters
    - [ml_transcode] Fixed uninstall message
    - [ml_wire/downloads] Crash fix
    - [ml_wire] Added an 'Update All' item on the subscriptions node
    - [ml_wire] Added support to use an alternative Podcast Directory service
    - [ml_wire] Fixed 'select all' in item list
    - [ml_wire] Fixed some display updates & sizing bar handling in Subscriptions view
    - [ml_wire] New Send-To menu
    - [omBrowser] Config now remembers last position
    - [omBrowser] Fixed error pages not showing translated versions
    - [omBrowser] Online Services crash/load fixes (5.66-internal-specific)
    - [out_disk] Fixed various localization issues
    - [pmp_android/usb] Added <disc> support to File Name Formatting
    - [pmp_usb] Implemented display/transfer of artwork (assuming the device supports it)
    - [tataki] Potential fix from crash reports
    - [vis_nsfs] Disabled on Win8 and higher
    - [wasabi/gen_ff] Fixed docking to bottom & right when window frame scaling is set to anything but 1.0
    - [Wasabi] Added support for System.onViewPortChanged() (so things like monitor size changes and Win8.x snapping should work)
    - [Wasabi] Allow holding down shift to drop the center snapping action in modern skins for the eq sliders
    - [Winamp/gen_ff/gen_ml] Made all menus use the skinned style (when option is enabled in ml settings)
    - [winampa] Fixed Agent not using true Winamp window if a clone is already running (eg. KMPlayer)
    - [zlib] Fixed version info

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      <place holder for DrO - more to come as things progress with this release>

      There is currently no Essentials Pack update (have spent too much time working on the bug fixes, etc in v5.66 vs updating my own plug-ins) so in the coming day or two, there'll be an update for any of those plug-ins which were part of the old Essentials Pack whose functionality is now not natively part of v5.66.

      So do keep an eye on this post and also for coming plug-in updates which will work well with this newer v5.66 release.
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        ...then let's download and conserve this release.

        Thx for the great years w/ you!
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          Thank you.

          Winamp - this is my first music player. I very like it. I started using it since 2000.

          Sources Winamp will be available?


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            Thanks for all this years... It was and it is the best media player all over the world.
            I hope it will be developed by someone else... Just can not belive it is the end.

            Edit: For all Polish Winamp Community.
            Winamp PL will be always available on my site ( I hope my work was useful and using Polish version of Winamp was the best experience...
            Dziękuję wszystkim polskim użytkownikowm Winampa. Najnowsze tłumaczenie i inne usługi związane z Winampem znajdziecie zawsze na mojej stronie internetowej. Mam nadzieję, że moja praca jako oficjalny tłumacz oraz betatester była przydatna, a używanie Winampa w polskiej wersji językowej było najlepszym doświadczeniem.
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            Polski Pakiet Językowy Winampa (WINAMP


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              Thanks for everything.
              Can't believe it's over.
              Appreciate all you've done, everyone, since I joined The Internet...


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                I've tried to fix/tweak as much as possible in the German language pack.

                The external language pack, Winamp Backup Tool and Winamp Info Tool will be always available from:

       (as long as Egg is hosting it, hehe)

                And I take my chance as well, thanks to DrO, Benski, Pawel, CraigF, Egg and all of the other people for all these years and moments. < 3.
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                  Thanks for everything. Been using Winamp for 10+ years now (even registered in the pre-AOL era).


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                    Will this also scrap the SDK update?
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                      What's the reason for the ending? Can't find any info about it.


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                        I've a question... Will we still be able to use the Gracenote database to get track/album/artist info for CDs we rip? (album art isn't as huge an issue, as a simple Google Image search usually gets those).


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                          A life without Winamp is not a life...
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                            Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
                            Will this also scrap the SDK update?
                            hopefully not, is still on my list of things to complete as part of the v5.66 release.
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                              Oh damn... so it finally happened.. have so many questions.. I hope someone can answer as much as possible:

                              01 - Why? Lack of developers? Lack of profit? Lack of interest from AOL?
                              02 - What happens to the source code? Is it available to be openly buyed? (for example, if I start a kickstarter campaign)
                              03 - What happens to the skins / plugins sections? I see they are still there but...
                              04 - What happens to the forums? Will there be any support in here at least? (well... this is sorta´ question like "DrO will you stay here and keep answering noobs and idiots questions?" haha)
                              05 - The download page says " and associated services will no longer be available.." does it mean Mac and Android version won´t be available too? Or that refers just to the " online service"? (from an Android phone "" only shows me the "Winamp for Mac" version..)
                              06 - ... (thinking)
                              07 - Will this be shamefully left as a mistery like the previous buy from AOL was? (only partially "discovered" a decade later by an Ars Technica article)

                              08 - If none of my previous questions can be answered, can I least know who to ask to? (PM is accepted..) I´m not interested in making it public, just for my peace of mind (yes I´m selfish, if you take my candy I NEED to know why! haha)
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